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Generally, people are trying to make THEMSELVES money. When someone starts talking about making YOU money, they're bullshitting you. Pretty simple.
I think this is the best look from your first set of photos. First thing to jump out is how the ticket pocket immediately classes things up. Who made that jacket?
Vintage Hickock Shell Cordovan belt. Made for a buckle without a pin though. To punch an oblong hole? or not to punch one?
asking price dropped to 400.
For Sale is one Suit by Lone Costume of Jun Wook Jun (more recently of JuunJ). Asking $350 shipped to CONUS. OBO. It is a glossy, silver single button, impeccably detailed. Pick stitched, double vented, and peak lapelled. Apart from a couple gentle wrinkles, it is in perfect condition. Front pockets are still partially-stitched closed. After a pressing, it should be "as new". I can't read Korean so I don't know the materials. See photos if you know someone who can...
I thought this thread had been long forgotten. Most of the ties on this page are now either sold, or up on my ebay. Sorry for the inconvenience. As usual, any styleforum members can have up to $8 off towards shipping on any items. Just let me know after the auction is over and I'll send an amended invoice. Thanks
Price drop. Now asking $50 Each. $150 for all 4.
Price drop. Asking 100 Shipped.
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