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I like the suede base, but otherwise it doesn't move me. For similar money you could probably pick up a Filson duffel at discount. That's what I'd do.
Hello SF. A few years ago I picked up a belt in a thrift store that quickly became my favorite. Rare is the day when i reach for a different one. Sadly though, I can't ID the manufacturer. I was hoping someone here might recognize their logo so I could buy another in every color. It is truly the perfect belt. Thanks!
Awesome nettleton longwings with Gum soles - 11B - $50 If nobody wants these do you thing they're worth me buying to flip em? J Press black and red dotted tie - $25 Pendleton Tartan Wool Tie - $20 Weird Romano Martegani Oxfords - 9D - $75 Teal Lloyd Baker leather embossed passport case - $28 - Great seller who I have done business with before
Mint Andrew Marc leather jacket in my size. 16 bucks!
A few etsy finds. New Polo RL Jodphur Boots - England - 9.5 D - $165 Peal Co Loafers - 9 - $65 Great sculpted shoe trees. 8C - $10 Zegna Coat - Barbour Style - $75 Ugly Opening Ceremony Shoes - 8M - $40
Here's some more then!Great price on French Creek shearling. $150Daks Windbreaker - $18Shlesinger Brief $100Frye Leather Folio Bag - 65Vintage Gucci Frames - 15$Navy Ostrich Leather Shoes 9.5 - Not my steez, but crazy. $75 (a pleasure to deal with this seller)Awesome Heraldic Enamel Links $35Another awesome Heraldic Enamel Links $45Gieves Sweater XL - $48ET Wright 12D - $7 (money order only)AE Daltons 8D - $15 (money order only) (also dealt with this seller. reliable and...
I can't believe I missed this. SAB brief for $200! http://www.ebay.com/itm/SWAINE-ADENEY-BRIGG-LEATHER-BRIEF-CASE-MADE-ENGLAND-/160716063103?pt=US_CSA_MWA_Briefcases&hash=item256b6c817f#ht_488wt_1363
Today Belstaff Cargo Pant Mauro Grifoni pants in my size mint black leather Panerai Watchband. Too bad the watch wasn't with it.
PICS! Thats awesome. I've never found a decent watch thrifting.
Great list. Thanks for the help.
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