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Anyone have the email to someone in Head Office? The customer service in the London store is unacceptable. Last time I'll be spending my money on EG's.
Antibes loafer in Racing Green!!
Nice. I think I saw that on eBay.
Reply from Barbour. Good Afternoon, Thank you for your message. With reference to your enquiry, we do where possible try to keep the manufacture of our classic styles within the UK on checking for you the Border Jacket is currently being manufactured in Bulgaira. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind regards D
Shame the one I bought from the Barbour Store didn't
I tired buying it new. I called/emailed Barbour, the online store and asked at the partner store in Regent Street. No luck purchasing a Borders which was made in England. They had other models which were M.I.E but not the Borders. I even bought my wife the Bendnell which was 'Made in England' from the Regent Street store. Even if Barbour sold the Borders at a higher price because it was M.I.E, I would of still purchased it. I had no choice but to purchase second hand.
Proxy? - that's quite a trip from London.I just won a 'Worn Twice' Made in England Border for £97
Return it :-)Have no issue with products made in China, but when a brand promotes their wax jackets being made in England, the sales assistant tells me it's made in the UK but when I get home I find out its made outside of the UK; damn right I'm returning it. I'm better off buying a used Border on eBay.
Learnt that it might be made in Newcastle, UK. Waiting for a reply from head office.
Good to know. Thanks.
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