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Anyone know a place you can get CPs in Australia? Just moved here and would like to grab some more after my arctic boots. I'm in Melbourne, if somewhere sells locally. But anywhere in Oz if they have an e-shop would do nicely.
To add to shumail, authentic raybans also have the 'RB' logo engraved subtly somewhere on the lens, that's quite a small detail which fakes may normally miss.
Sorry Hobbs, no idea, this is my first pair of CPs.
I think the discount was 30%. Altogether, including express shipping (they got here in 5 days, and I'm currently in Australia), was I think $440. So I would expect them to be around $400 shipping within the US.
Thanks chaps. Correct, the boots on the side are my 3 year old Alden cordovan captoes on the plaza last (also from LeatherSoul). Closer look - MSSneaker - I got size 43 (I'm normally a 44 in other trainers).
Just got my brown arctics through, great service from Leathersoul as always. Just a quick pic as I have to head out, initial thoughts are: very comfortable, great leather, need to experiment to see what they match with. Would have preferred the blacks but they are out of stock *everywhere*.
Quote: Originally Posted by alexanduh wtf shut up 2 post noob. everyone knows true religion is best. how else could they justify a $500 price point. This. The only other logical conclusion is that True Religion are a company of cynics preying upon people's ignorance and uncritical appetite for conspicuous consumption. But frankly that's slander and I'll have no part in it! Great quote by the way sir .
Cool cheers Slack, I'll report with pics as soon as they arrive!
Hey chaps, I normally wear a 44 in most trainers (in the UK, so UK brands like Nanny State), and have just ordered some CP Arctic Boots in 43 as they were the only size left at LeatherSoul. Will they be too small or do CPs run a bit larger than your standard trainer?
Quote: Originally Posted by madmadigan Is Slack's navy? For some reason I thought his was "charcoal" or "grey"... It definitely has a charcoal/grey/blue tinge, but it's listed as navy.
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