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Im looking for a guy that can buy me a jacket from a paul and shark store and ship it to norway. I will ofcourse pay for it!
Hello. Does anyone know about a Paul & Shark store in the US? Im looking for a jacket from the new collection.
Any one knows about an proxy from China? Need to send some few items from China to Norway.
Looking for a UK proxy me too. I need to send a package to Norway. Contact me.
There are a lot of clothes i want to buy from the new collection for Gant. Can you get me this, and ship to Norway? I pay you extra! PM me
Hi guys, ive been trying to find online stores in the US where i can buy the new collection from Gant, but i cant find anyting. Someone knows where i can find it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Antatra Hi I'm looking for a proxy anywhere in the US, who can repack and ship some PRL items to Norway. PM me please. Also, I can ship to anywhere from Norway. Looking for the same! PM me
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