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Hi Botolph,On "They're a little narrower than Brooks Bros Advantage Chinos" -do you sport the brooks Clark or Milano fit? Just wondering if by narrow you mean the rude's are slightly tapered? I think my brooks are around 8" opening, are the rude's like 7.5" or something like that?Btw, I like the slant front pockets on the rude, -does that lay flat while wearing, or does that gape a little like the brooks?Thanks for the info
Looks good, -Hoping to see the product of your labors soon! Please update the thread when you meet your milestones etc.Thanks for that, Ive been looking at this to re-open for a year... I need some oxblood 11i Hawkins & hope that they sell those things for less then the pay & ship I regularly get from over the pond
Loake makes them for British Boot Co. if you want more info, the link is on Brit boot cos front page.
I was after a chunky waffle knit cardigan but didn't want to spend allot as I generally layer with sleeveless jumpers (in Southern Cali its hotter then hell 9 months out of the year). As stated, Mikkel & a few others offer those, but they can be pricey. So I took McDermott's advice from page 343 of this thread, researched the label and found it at Viper London on sale for £19.99. "Like" Viper on facebook and they send you a first purchase 20% off code. Ended up grabbing...
Hi Anthony,I cant answer for the originals, but I have the St. character tattoo & got it when I was a kid. Tattoo's can mean anything to anyone, but basic reason was that I liked the look of the emblem & it was readily recognizable by most people. In the 80's it was considered a throw-back to earlier times, & with additions to the icon (like red boots or whatever), that type of update tends to give it your own twist that would be recognizable by most people that run in...
Thanks Cerneabbas, yeah I'm pretty happy about it Quick heads-up: Brooks Brothers started the Veterans Day Sale today through Monday. Web has 75% off on a bunch of select stuff. In-Store has 25% off everything. Im picking up 4 more pairs of their sta-prest Saturday (Milano Advantage Chinos).That is all, Ill be back in about 500 pages
Hi Everybody! Wow man, up to 1065 pages... Even though I haven't posted to this since pg.584, I've kept up my weekly reading. Nice to see all the contributors still going strong! Anyhoo, while reading the recent deals people have picked up, I wanted to throw this one into the mix: Last weekend I was in an outlet store looking to see if they had some of the dress socks sold at retail, -& they didn't. So on my way out, I strolled through the shoes to scope out my size...
Same story for me. As a 46 year old, I hate ironing which is funny because in my younger years I was the guy that ironed every outfit every week, -and at any outing I basically refused to sit down. Didn't matter where I was, sitting was not an option because that would potentially flatten a crease
For those looking to possibly score some Brown boots (paging MoM), Mikkel Rude updated his 1969 line with some Solovair built brown. Its worth a look (although relatively expensive). I'm not sure if the pic is true to color as I havent seen these in real life, the link is HERE.
Hi Markus, Assuming your questions are serious, I would say that if you are concerned with strolling around and being identified as a skin, then do that. I.E. wear the uniform no matter what. If that’s not what your deal is, then just wear what you want and take elements of this and incorporate that into your own style. With that stated, I never really got into the mindset that skinhead is a movement, to me it’s many things, but movement is not what I classify that as....
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