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Quote: Originally Posted by jinx sorry whats mjk? Michael J Krell hes a forum affiliate who sells great quality clothes
Quote: Originally Posted by Cali The worst I ever saw was a guy in my freshman theology class who came to the final in a bathrobe because he lived upstairs in the same building. There are limits to the casualness of college wardrobe. thatd be funny to see. I usually just wear a t-shirt and jeans or sometimes a button up shirt. Just wear whatever you feel comfortable with
i have to vote for sauce. The dress with aviators is hilarious.
Stock polo APC Converse
Quote: Originally Posted by capnpyro I can't tell from teh picture to much but it looks like the shoulders might be a bit to wide, but I really like it! Who's the suit/shirt/tie by? thanks, its a custom tailored suit, custom shirt, and im not sure of the tie brand. My dad gets all of his stuff custom made so I asked him for a suit for my last birthday.
H&M AA APC Converse and a bonus suit pic, disregard the part of the dress shirt hanging out, it was tucked it when I was wearing it, but a friend wanted me to send them a picture so I sent it before I changed.
H&M APC Nike
I've got to go with Rye on this one since he always pulls off his fits, and since Sauce won before.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bergdorf Goodwill Which APCs are these and what size do you take? I like the fit a lot, and I'm in the market for some new jeans. thanks, they're size 29 new standards. i sized down two. they were a little hard to button the first day but after that they kept stretching and I wear them a little low now.
BDG AA APC Converse
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