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Thanks for the responses canstyleace and racknac. I received a WWM Maine Guides jacket (melton wool version) in the mail an hour ago. I assume the jacket will not be as warm as a down-insulated jacket with windproof shell, but I'm hoping with an undershirt and button down shirt (a sweater on really cold days) it can keep me warm enough in 10-20 F weather. It's in the 40s this week in Chicago, but once it gets colder, I'll post with an update about how warm the jacket...
Can anyone please tell me if they think the Maine Guide jacket is warm enough for a winter coat in Chicago? I'm guessing a layer underneath would always be required.
Renners Fine Boots & Shoes http://www.rennersbootsshoes.com/aldenshoes1.html Renners has a decent selection of Alden shoes and boots and their customer service is great.
I have a pair of 403s (10D) that I just received in the mail on Tuesday, and I just wore them for the first time today. The bottoms got a little dark (I have walked about a mile in them), but the tops look new. I have a receipt and the original box. The reason I'm looking to sell them is because I think I prefer the 405 boot. If you're interested, please let me know and I can take some pictures for you. Also, tell me what you would be willing to pay for them. I would be...
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