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That was me, and I should be getting the bag (and an Archival Clothing field bag) tomorrow, assuming weather doesn't interfere. I hope haiglarsen is right. I won't know how the Unionmade compares to regular Filson as I don't currently own any Filson. Either way, I'll definitely post some pictures and impressions of both bags.
Has anyone seen the Unionmade Filson Large Briefcase in Indigo in person? I ordered one and it should arrive on Friday. I'm hoping the bag is on-par with regular Filson products as far as quality goes. If the Briefcase is like the tote, I'm guessing the leather will be inferior and that the canvas will attract dust, like tomatic mentioned? I also have an Archival Clothing Large Field Bag ( in Black...
With the 257 and 258 computer bags, have any of you had issues with the zipper scratching your laptop or electronics? I'd like to use either the 257 or 258 to carry a 15" MacBook Pro, and also to put a camera insert inside the bag. My concern is that when I'm taking my camera or laptop in and out of the bag, the zipper could wreak havoc on the aluminum surfaces. If that's the case, I know I could avoid scratching by carefully removing and inserting my gear into the bag,...
$115 -> $105
$130 -> $115
$150 -> $130
$160 -> $150
I am selling a pair of Allen Edmonds Brooker penny mocs, size 10D, brand new and never worn. I bought these 6 months ago and never got around to wearing them, and now I want to sell them to get money to put towards some new things for my road bike. I am asking for $105, and I will ship them for free (UPS Ground) in the original shoebox (in another box). I'm new to Style Forum, but I do have a link to some feedback from my first...
Does anyone know of a jacket that is very similar to the Maine Guide jacket but that has a more substantial lining? I really like the look of the Maine Guide jacket, especially the round collar that fades into the button area, but I want something that feels less bare bone. Also, please let me know if this question should be taken to a new post.
Have any of you had quality issues with Woolrich Woolen Mills merchandise, or the Maine Guide jacket specifically? I received a Main Guide jacket today and one of the buttons has already fallen off, and many of the others are about to. When I pull on a long hanging thread to check to see if a button is likely to come undone, the thread starts unraveling from the button.
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