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With the needsupply 15% discount, they can be bought for $138 (including taxes). Not much of a discount, but if you're buying it anyway I guess it counts for something.
Chris, can you confirm the size for a small gitman vintage cambridge oxford in blue? Thank you!
Nice fit.
Thank you. Isn't it odd that the better shirt has a lower retail price?
Checking out Roden Gray. Does anyone know the difference between a classic oxford BD shirt and a cambridge oxford BD shirt? Each are $150 and $145 respectively. Thanks guys!
alright...better transfer some $$ to le paypal
What's the inseam for your PS raw? Not interested in the black.
Just spilled water on your jeans?? FUCK. [[SPOILER]]
Need to get a new pair of PS in 30. I miss their weight.
oh really?
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