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Thanks guys! The floral shirt looks stellar. I need it in my life!Edit: Wow. There are a plethora of great looking shirts on the site. Daaaaaaaamn. I can see where my money is going to go this summer
Can anyone tell me if the measurements on their site are accurate? And what do you guys think of this shirt? [[SPOILER]] I only recently (today) started looking at floral patterned shirts and stuff like that.
If it is, I wasn't aware.Are white chalk buttons...any good? I mean I know what they are, but know nothing about them. [[SPOILER]]
I tried on a polka dot shirt at Barney's yesterday and was surprised to learn that it did not have MOP buttons; instead the shirt had plain white plastic (?) buttons, smh.
Slim cotton chinos look pretty comfortable. http://www.clubmonaco.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12473623&color=1174748&cp=12243591.12280933.12454397&ab=ln_men_apparel_pants Anyone ever try them in person? I'm expanding beyond denim and the few pants I have. I figure these chinos would be a good "filler" piece for my wardrobe.
good question. maybe they could give the discount if you provided an email address ending in .edu.
Woke up earlier Did not get to work on time fuck it though, my is boss if off
time to get ready tonight I think I'll stay in have to read for class
Placed an order for some rag & bone denim
I'm curious to see this trench. Would a 40 be the equivalent of a size M? I've got a small APC trench coat that fits a little tight in the chest.
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