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French blues would look great with a pair of black derbies IMO.
Looking for wingtips like the ones pictured below Would these fit the bill, and are they "good" shoes?
So, what gives better results, sizing up and bringing the waist in, or sizing down and letting the waist out?
+1.What am I supposed to do if I wear a size 31? Based on the measurements, none of the trousers would fit my 32" waist
Awesome shirt. I was able to check it out in real life and the color is something you have to see with your own eyes to fully appreciate. There's a greenish-blue one as well, though IMO, doesn't look as cool as this one.
Excellent work there . Your pants look great. What's the cuff measurement, more than 1 1/2"?
Texas heat
Thanks guys! The floral shirt looks stellar. I need it in my life!Edit: Wow. There are a plethora of great looking shirts on the site. Daaaaaaaamn. I can see where my money is going to go this summer
Can anyone tell me if the measurements on their site are accurate? And what do you guys think of this shirt? [[SPOILER]] I only recently (today) started looking at floral patterned shirts and stuff like that.
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