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Oh that's right! Fuuuuudge. I usually can't find my size though.
I don't have a problem with blood. I get a little queasy when I see a torn off arm, or something.
That's exactly what I was told. Another thing; the exam will make a full transition from paper to computer.I don't want to seem trite :/Good thing I have time to refine my reasons. Any suggestions on how to make a solid personal statement, besides the ones offered?
I don't see why not. ^
Thanks guys. All enlightening responses. I love biology too and am, at this point, interested in going to med school for 3 reasons.1) I've always been curious about how our bodies work and how resilient they are. It blows my mind how something so minuscule, like a gene, can have a tremendous affect on life and its processes.2) I decided there's really nothing else I'm interested in that I could see myself doing in the future. It took me a while to get my thoughts together,...
For those taking the MCAT in the years to come; the format will be changing. Testing time will increase by like 2 hrs and the essay portion will be scrapped because "no one really cares about it." Additional questions will be added to to other sections, which is nice because I'm a very good test taker, but a little deficient in writing. I won't be taking it until another 2 years, but it's nice to know ahead of time what I'm getting myself into.
Gonna start cycling soon, non competitive, so that's going to replace whatever pathetic amount of running I do now.
Could be an indefinite hiatus.
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