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^ Tough love.
She is fun. I've always thought she could be a little more mature, but screw it. I guess I need to grow up before I ask that she do the same.Very nice. Her phone's resolution sucks, but it wasn't too bad of a shot.UPDATE: gf said she didn't want to argue and just wants to be happy again so things are back to normal. I still have a mini panic attack when I'm flipping through my pictures though lol.It's a good thing you didn't have sex. I think she would've been a devastated...
I asked to see them and wasn't really expecting a picture. I guess I was bored. Dude I deleted the pic immediately after she saw it.We were going through my phone together. Looking through pictures, what sort of apps I had on it, what the iOS5 update was like, nothing really too intrusive IMO. I got the picture like 2 weeks ago and completely forgot about it. I deleted it from my photo stream, but the pic was still freaking saved on my camera roll It is. She's told me...
Not sure if this is the right place, but screw it. Girlfriend found a picture of this topless chick we both know on my phone. She is shocked that I would do such thing. I've said I'm sorry and we sort of made up last night. It's a big deal to her and therefore a big deal to me. Can anyone tell me what to expect in this sort of situation?
Summer pants? APC 155 USD at context clothing
damn. boots look really nice. how do they fit? 1/2 larger than tagged?
Oh that's right! Fuuuuudge. I usually can't find my size though.
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