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I hope the dude bought Apple care. Apple care could cover this...right? lol.
[[SPOILER]] Saw this last night. The movie is dope. Was planning on reading it, but why do that when I can watch it?Anyway. It's good. Does part 2 come out this year or next spring?
via 9to5mac;Poor guy. I'd be so pissed at my dog. [[SPOILER]]
Jesus Christ, you're right. So many similarities.
I'm definitely going to upgrade. The iPhone 4S was outdated the day it came out (as it is with most tech) and I definitely knew (surprise) that Apple was cooking some much sweeter behind the curtains, but I bought it anyway. I can honestly say that buying an iPhone was one of the most satisfying purchases I've made in the past 4 months and I feel like the next iPhone will not disappoint. I feel like the next iPhone's going to be sold out for weeks, maybe months, and that...
For me: The Dark Knight > Batman Begins > or = The Dark Knight Rises
^ that was like "oh shit" moment for me. Bane put the fear in that guy.
Cool. I didn't know that.Want to know how TDKR crew made the Bat sound effects? [[SPOILER]]
Agreed. Gyllenhaal's Rachel seemed to have real feisty attitude.
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