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Really want to get some oxfords and possibly a tasmanian suit. What's the general consensus for these suits?
if only this was a 31
Calm down.+1 on finding out where CPs are made
I can't imagine someone not bathing AND not wearing deodorant That's just gross.Anyway bathing is necessary, wearing deo is not. That's my personal opinion.
No. I wear deo. I'm just saying it's a matter of preference, but I've known dudes (even girls) that insist they don' t need it when everyone in the room thinks otherwise. I use cologne sparingly.
err good point. I am curious because someone mentioned being 250K in debt and was wondering if they would've been happy studying something less costly.edit: I made the mistake of assuming they weren't happy.So to rephrase my question without all of those hackneyed options;Why did you choose to go to medical school? What goal do you wish to accomplish with your career?
thanks! what would you speculate?
It's a matter of preference. Just like wearing deodorant.
Encouraging words for someone aspiring to get into medicine.What is the primary reason people put themselves through medical school? I've heard good things and bad things, but I'd like some input from people who have actually attended or are attending. Is it the prestigious title, job security, great pay, the desire to help mankind and help fight disease or something else?
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