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^ +1 really need to see these
PM sent
Really want to get some oxfords and possibly a tasmanian suit. What's the general consensus for these suits?
if only this was a 31
Calm down.+1 on finding out where CPs are made
I can't imagine someone not bathing AND not wearing deodorant That's just gross.Anyway bathing is necessary, wearing deo is not. That's my personal opinion.
No. I wear deo. I'm just saying it's a matter of preference, but I've known dudes (even girls) that insist they don' t need it when everyone in the room thinks otherwise. I use cologne sparingly.
err good point. I am curious because someone mentioned being 250K in debt and was wondering if they would've been happy studying something less costly.edit: I made the mistake of assuming they weren't happy.So to rephrase my question without all of those hackneyed options;Why did you choose to go to medical school? What goal do you wish to accomplish with your career?
thanks! what would you speculate?
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