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Looks good. I have a true 32" waist and made the mistake of buying tagged sized 31 PS. They stretched out to approximately 34". Had to wear a belt at all times for them stay on my waist.
It most likely is BS.You can buy 3 CM shirts for the price of 1 Gitman Vintage if you use a student discount. That's very enticing when you're building up your wardrobe.
The shirt is awesome and is reminiscent of w+h ss 12. I've never seen the shirt in store before. If anyone is selling one, I'd gladly kop it. Need a Medium.Agreed.Wait a minute. You were able to use your student discount on a sale item? CM employee told me the other day that he could only give me student discount on non-discounted stuff. They need to establish some consistency with their pricing.
my bad guys. Well, is it possible to get some details on it? Looks really nice.
cm as in?
Finally bought a french press . Trust me, it's nothing fancy, but I am very satisfied with it. It's a nice little bodum I picked up from Target and I am currently experimenting with a few coffee flavors.
cool shirt. is it a classic, or slim fitting shirt?
- made $20 in 10 minutes. don't ask. - 2 months w/ new gf. things are going very well
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