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Do these jeans stretch much?
+1 need to know how +J trousers fit, but I haven't seen anything conclusive yet.
Gonna proxy asap., they used to be like $60. Don't quote me though.
Do my eyes deceive me? +J wool tapered pants are priced @ $30?
Context Clothing has always been reliable with measurements and if you are uncomfortable, I would recommend calling their store. Blazer looks nice. Being cotton and linen, I think it's going to wrinkle like crazy.
Interested in the black denim. Can you PM me some pics? And are they selvedge?
Looks good. I have a true 32" waist and made the mistake of buying tagged sized 31 PS. They stretched out to approximately 34". Had to wear a belt at all times for them stay on my waist.
It most likely is BS.You can buy 3 CM shirts for the price of 1 Gitman Vintage if you use a student discount. That's very enticing when you're building up your wardrobe.
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