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What's not great about it?
Joining the club :/. This shit sucks.
JNCO jeans...I remember those :/
Totally what I meant. The comic is more than like 20 years old haha.Yeah man. Miller did a fantasic job.Have any of you guys read Hush? I think that's what it's called. It's the story where Batman takes a nasty fall and cracks his skull.RFX45, you probably have.
That True Religion story is horrying.
The Dark Knight Returns Pt. 2 is already out. You guys HAVE to see it. It's fuggin bad ass.
You should give the card back to your sister lol. Just kidding. I like Gap better than BR. Their outerwear stuff is not too bad. It is overpriced, but since you've got a giftcard that you don't particularly care about, I say go for it.
Damn. Sorry to hear that. There are some really f'd up people out there.A few years ago a guy nicked my parent's car door and I told him to be careful. He looked at me unpleasantly, but I didn't think much of it. An hour later, I came back to find that "someone" had keyed the driver's side door on our car. I was so furious. I wanted to kick this dude in the head because of I thought he was such a pussy for scratching our door. Jeez. I hope he's had terrible luck since then.
Wondering how this turned out for the OP. Anyone?
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