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great ties and quick response from the seller
PM about Navy tie
What are the measurements on the JCrew sweater? How much has it been worn?
What size did you get?
Post some new pics
^^ I agree. Literally only takes 2 minutes. Link is the starting post of the thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by Deep Classic The reason that the posting of prices without VAT is prohibited by law is exactly as expressed so well in this e-mail chain. It is misleading to the consumer who believes that he is paying the VAT during his/her purchase, only to find out later that the VAT difference has been pocketed by the merchant. Yes, a buyer could read the fine print, but that is why we have consumer protection laws so that buyers can make...
The sleeves need to be shortened, but I haven't had time for that yet
No. If you buy from the British site, pockets cost extra. Quote: Originally Posted by zerostyle Does anyone know if Charles Tyrwhitt or TM Lewin shirts come with pockets? (I personally hate pockets, but haven't been too happy with MTM stuff lately)
Is it possible to get a shirt let in on the sides and have the arms slimmed down? Will this cause problems with other parts of the shirt? and How much would that normally cost?
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