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My ode to Kappelan:
Alright girls, get 'em in.
If you haven't already selected your senior member muse, you have two more days to do so!
This itself is a pretty good InStitches DTO. I think we have our first contestant.
New challenge announced: http://www.styleforum.net/t/343661/waywrn-friday-challenge-12-april-2013-member-doppleganger/0_40
The winner of this challenge will be the person who most accurately mimics another member in terms of some combination of style, pose, etc. While I will stop short of issuing an edict for how a vote should be compiled (though it is unequivocally within my woolly purview), I suggest ample consideration be given for those crafty contestants who select a member with a style markedly different than their own. I conducted a social experiment where I did something similar and...
Yes. Details coming later today.
New Posts  All Forums: