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I am thinking it may be another groom. In which case, I really cannot say, yet I am intrigued.
Usually pants coming off are associated with such fantasies. However, I am not objecting.
Wear a suit.
I don't mean to be harsh, but this got more love than it deserved because you are new and have great taste in watches. The tie is kinda meh and the mountain range square fold sends the wrong kind of message. Still, I think it is solid overall. I hope you keep posting, welcome.Kent, you frequently make your (incredibly nice) accessories look weird. With the gloves, the hat and the summery shirt and lack of a jacket - I don't know if I should invite you in for a cold glass...
Foo's "The OneChainmail"
No, I remain assistant to the regional manager.While I still have my proclivities for rakish, #menswear ensembles executed with inimitable aplomb, I tend to post only the more conservative fits in this thread.
I mourn for the children. Does no one think of them?
I want to like this, because I think you are usually pretty well-dressed and seem like a cool guy. But this, this I simply cannot abide. Is that some kind of hat on your head?
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