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I kind of like the look, but also agree with Foo bot at the same time.
Thanks Manton. Foo, would you change the shirt or the square?
Suit is charcoal.
Suit is charcoal.
I am way anti logo, but I make an exception with polos. My impressive physique means the custom fit PRLs fit me well enough off the shelf.
I did this too a few years ago. I am back to Polos, however. Wearing coat & tie during the Winter in a business casual environment is one thing. In the Summer it is pushing it.
The mystery around Victor's profession has been solved.
It's okay man, relax.
You know, if you did your job in WAYWRN, you wouldn't need all the legislation.
I don't believe #1. But if it is as you say, part of me would be proud, even through the pain.I am pushing the envelope from time to time. I really don't see that I am ever really out of bounds, and I generally try to put what I perceive to be my better fits here, as opposed to WAYWRN. I confess to thinking the premise of this thread is pretty hilarious, but when I post here I am generally trying to play ball.
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