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Voted for HF. Spoo was #2, but in the end I felt like his jacket would have been better as a suit.You're welcome for not entering.
This is my standard. It is the perfect middle ground between disappearing in a crowd and looking like a cockwagon.At least in my business.
The linen jacket is more of a rust color. It is HSM.
Congrats GMMcL!
Poll closes in 8.5 hours.
Just a cheapie that hugs the curves. She has a hundred. Dresses. Not curves, just the right amount of those.
Thanks Manton. In hindsight, a pale blue shirt would have been better. Every time I try to put a sock on with my loafers my feet curl up like a witch's. But duly noted.
Looks like GMMcL in a landslide so far.
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