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Lapel bowing courtesy of camera phone arm.
This is really excellent.
Thank you. He is young, so he is not yet acrid. There is still hope.
Well in that case, family shoe circle:
Acridsheep and Oscarsheep:
I know I'm not one of the ordained, but I want to play. You should put that square back in the garage where you found it, . I really like all the other elements, but the ensemble doesn't work as well as a lot of your other fits.I don't love that jacket either, but I'm biased against most warm-colored odd jackets because they usually look dated, so perhaps my opinion is not valuable. I think that square is terrible, but Foo's cream square would make the look work, overall.
The tight jeans look ridiculous. What's wrong with you?
I was once egged in Schenectady.
I am thinking it may be another groom. In which case, I really cannot say, yet I am intrigued.
Usually pants coming off are associated with such fantasies. However, I am not objecting.
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