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Let this be a lesson to sock lovers everywhere, it is better to wear no socks than the wrong ones.
I like this trend of tying sartorial selections to produce. It is perhaps the most styleforum thing I've seen since foo's wallet.
I am learning to love linen.
I also prefer the shawl collar. You can wear peak lapels in tons of situations, why miss the chance?
Brown shoes (or walnut) would be much better, as previously mentioned, and the turtleneck needs a chunkier, looser collar. I would not tuck it in so much as ditch it in favor of one with a more visually interesting collar.
I don't understand why we have to be so hard on the boy. He's not wrong. Only a cursory glance reveals this forum rewards, with approaching masturbatory vigor, each and every attempt to look 40 years, a dozen boxes of mothballs and a new hip older.A slightly hipper Mr. Rogers without the primary colors. Which is not to say I don't like it. Mr. Rogers, along with the Fonz, David Hasselhoff and Hugh Hefner were instrumental in my rearing.Well-executed middle-aged dad mode....
Aside from my wedding and as a sexual restraint, I haven't worn a tie in over two years.
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