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Hermes, forest green calfskin.
Yellow monsters should be under your ass, not strapped on your wrist:It's a watch, not a violin.
I am under house arrest, currently.
Dim lighting as the wife and I prepare for a holiday extravaganza.And later, bringing down the house with an impromptu karaoke of Digital Underground's Humpy Dance, said by many to be superior to the original. [[SPOILER]]
If anything is clear in the last few pages, it's that you don't seem to have a shortage of time.
Combining them with a grey jacket is in fact the easiest way to wear navy pants.
In fact I am.
If you think navy pants are hard to wear, you do too.You're not wrong, but you could have selected better examples. They abound.I speak for expert dressers everywhere. Navy pants do not require years of apprenticeship nor a particularly notable amount of bravery. There are several cowards here who wear them well.
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