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This is very nice.
[[SPOILER]] Everything about this is great. Isolated, your little tie trick is almost comically corny, but in the context of an otherwise excellent, if relatively boring/conservative outfit, qualifies as tastefully whimsical.
I once owned an incredible cashmere robe I would wear for refreshing spring morning walks with my sporting hounds while breakfast was being prepared by one of my attendants. It was a lovely garment that I must confess even inspired occasional erections when a light breeze would send its cool, buttery smooth hand languidly sailing across my dangling manhood.One morning, after being serviced by a visiting Czech nanny, I reached for that robe only to discover - to my...
Rare tie day.
Even the tie is wrinkled. Baller.
The mark of the woolly beast.
Novices need not apply. This is the exclusive domain of expert dressers.
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