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Convert to shorts!
You can easily remove the darts from your shirt. Just get it and use your seam ripper.
Go back thru the thread, someone got that jacket. I think that fabric was offered last time around, too.
Mike, quick question on fabric weights of the: Greycast Cocoa Wool/Cashmere Cream/Goldenrod Wool/Cashmere Tattersall Clay-Tobacco Large Houndstooth Sand with French Blue Windowpane Rust and Pale Blue Exploded Check Or, all of them if you've got time Trying to decide based upon what's in the closet now...
I'd recommend ordering at the same time to ensure that your fabrics are from the same dye lot. Otherwise, you risk having a trouser and a jacket that are just slightly off and will not match. While it's not common, it can be a concern.
As I do my own trouser hemming, you don't need 3x the length of fabric. I do the same inseam, so let's use 34 as an example. For a 2" cuff, you want 34" + 2" (inside of cuff) + 2" (outside/visible fabric of cuff) + 1" or less to finish the hem. Total of 39" or less max. I think that Brooks Brothers trousers ship with a 39" inseam (unfinished) and that's enough to do a 2" cuff with a 34" inseam. In fact my left leg is approx 1/4" to 3/8" longer (or I have a high hip),...
Mike and others - should I order a belt that's sized TTS or should I modify based upon my actual waist measure (36") ? I take my 36 Walts in approx .5" to .75". Thanks!!
It should not. The measurement is likely outseam minus inseam to find the rise.
You can... but will be FREEZING cold from the waist down.Seasonal fabrics are great, use them as such.
They are both light weight.The open-weave are just that - rougher because they are open-weave and will feel a little more breezy. The tropical wool are very light weight and will be very smooth.
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