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Refresh my memory - were the golden hopsack a wool trouser? I thought they were listed as linen???
Also looks like your pants are not pulled up high enough and there is too much break. But again, tough to tell due to the quality of the photos. How tall are you? What is your chest measurement? What is that suit size?
The navy hopsack would be your best option. Anybody can wear a navy jacket with (nearly) anything.
Order placed last week on Thursday for some items and I also sent him a note. I got a tracking number 5/3, indicating delivery today. He also responded to my note on 5/4. So, I know he's around and is a one man shop with another job and a family, so cutting out the forum is probably a good place to find some time for the other things in life.
I have the same issue with my jackets due to my upright stance. The upper back of the sleeve wrinkles when standing still.You'd need to have a tailor remove the sleeve and reattach it, rotated slightly backwards. PutThisOn had a great animated .gif of "sleeve pitch":http://putthison.com/post/31733049740/sleeve-pitch-styleforum-member-tailorgod-has-aIt can be an intensive surgery that could cost a lot.
Instead of complaining here, you should enter a chargeback on your card.Before you do that, reply to your original order confirmation. I find that I have good luck when I do that.
Both from 36 waist, (edit to add) measured from crotch seam to top of waistband.Wool Serge HY - 11.25" (11" published)FF Epaulet trouser - 10.25" (12.5" published, from Epaulet site - "Rise is measured from the lowest point of the crotch (laid flat) to the top of the waistband.")OK, so it's an inch different. The FF may have some variance, as well. I found that these serge fit a bit large compared to others. For example, I fit in the lambswool flannel in navy, size 34,...
There is no way that they are 2" different. I can measure tonight to be sure, but I'm pretty sure that the actual Epaulet measure is not what is published.
They are narrower than Barrie lasted Aldens. I am an 11.5D Barrie but there was no way I fit an 11 in the HY suede captoes.The Epaulet and HY trousers are made by the same company, so the fit is very similar. I would say that the HY are closer to the Rudy up top and taper a bit more like the Walt.
It really helps point out my lack of summer shirting and ties...The 42L is just right for me, usually a slim 42 or 40 in more "traditional" brands. The 3/8 lined jackets are both a little tight across the back at the top but I can live with it.
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