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I got my first two FF jackets today - the tobacco and the sand multi houndstooth. Awesome! Now I want the cold weather to hold on a little longer..... Awaiting the next two that I ordered that are spring/summer weight!
The first batch of sweaters had two tags and the newer ones have the single tag. There are some that appear of a thinner gauge on the website. Some are listed as being thicker (like your denim blue and others). Your guesses are good, and I saw a shipping box at his store with a UPS label, though it wasn't clear what actually came in the box and it might have been recycled/reused for a different purpose. So, you might be correct or might not be correct. To be sure -...
I'm sure that he'll be happy to refund/exchange.Reply to your original Order Confirmation - I have good luck when I do that. He'll make good on your order.
Ironing can cause this on cotton trousers. That's another reason why you need to wash first so they shrink, then get them tailored, else you'll end up with these same crease marks around the bottom.
+1 on this one, I have the 9016 and they have really softened up for me and are very comfortable now. You should keep them if you want something to kick around in the snow/rain/get dirty but still looks like a work boot.
Could you post up measurements that match what Epaulet posts? I was afraid to do it since my 36s tend to be tight in the thigh when I am sitting.Thanks!
Those shirts with the flap pockets are older and have a different fit. The orange seersucker would be the newer, slimmer fit (I believe).
Ordered Walt golden linen (hoping that they're more tan than golden) and russet nailhead. Site is up and working now.
Cross-posting from the Alden thread as this is BB related - Quick question for owners of the BB unlined penny - will they stretch at all? I purchased TTS but down 1 width, 12C, and they are fine in the length and in the heel but tight across the strap. They feel like they've stretched a touch in the five minutes that I've worn them but want to make sure before I return and backorder an 11.5D. Thanks!
Thanks for the advice, I'll continue wearing them on carpet. I have a narrower heel and it is very loose in the larger lasts if I size down to take care of the slight difference.
New Posts  All Forums: