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There is no way that they are 2" different. I can measure tonight to be sure, but I'm pretty sure that the actual Epaulet measure is not what is published.
They are narrower than Barrie lasted Aldens. I am an 11.5D Barrie but there was no way I fit an 11 in the HY suede captoes.The Epaulet and HY trousers are made by the same company, so the fit is very similar. I would say that the HY are closer to the Rudy up top and taper a bit more like the Walt.
It really helps point out my lack of summer shirting and ties...The 42L is just right for me, usually a slim 42 or 40 in more "traditional" brands. The 3/8 lined jackets are both a little tight across the back at the top but I can live with it.
No pics, but mine has flapped patch pockets, was expecting open patches. Nothing that my seam ripper can't fix. Now that all 4 of my jackets are here, I'll be off to the tailor one of the days coming up.
3-roll-2 SB peak lapel jacket? Some things look nice but are quite expensive... Made in USA, though.
+1 Received the Ice Plaid Silk-Linen yesterday and got this email today
FF Sportcoat order 3 of 4 is being shipped! Just awaiting my Napoli
Mike, I really like the scans of the fabric on the card that denote the weight and the origin of the fabric. I was going to make a suggestion but you beat me to it - photographing the fabrics in natural light and/or at an angle. Especially in the latest Rivet Factory Find mailing, you get a REALLY good sense of the depth of the colors. Thanks for photographing the MTO fabrics at an angle. Awesome!
I did get a tracking email. They're both the Weller model, so maybe the factory is set up for one model, then the next, etc.?
I got my first two FF jackets today - the tobacco and the sand multi houndstooth. Awesome! Now I want the cold weather to hold on a little longer..... Awaiting the next two that I ordered that are spring/summer weight!
New Posts  All Forums: