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Thanks for the photos! I don't think it is quite as dark as I might like and there are others on my list that I'd prefer instead.
Does anyone have the Oatmeal Harris Tweed made up into a sport coat? If so, do you have photos? I could swear that someone had posted it. Trying to decide if it's dark enough for my liking once made up...
Picked up a pair of NWOT HY white cotton canvas USA fit for $19.xx on ebay.
Navy Wool-Cotton-Cashmere ordered... how long will this round be running (other than the 23rd where everyone else gets dibs)? Also, the chocolate POW check - it looks more like a copper than a brown, or is it my monitor? Ordered 4 from the last run, thinking of another couple on this run..... Great offerings this time around!
You could have your tailor redo them in a thread that isn't so bright. Or, you could learn to sew and DIY.
I ordered on the 19th, shipping notice that night, package arrived Sat. the 21st.
What browser are you using? I have not had problems using Firefox... Maybe try compatibility mode or something like that?
I'm pretty sure that Jamison lives uptown somewhere. I have been to his office on 37th (?) or somewhere around there...
They were a bit tight on me to begin with. So, my measurements may be off. Either way, I'd recommend sizing up one if you plan on washing. Plus, linen will stretch out a bit with wear.
There is no Mr. Yount.You may try jamison@howardyount.comWhat are your questions, we may be able to help... Or look at the garment measurements on the website.
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