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Would be in for an NST in that grained country calf leather with Commando Sole...
I have ordered thru my local tailor shop with 0 tie space, so it is possible to change that parameter. Some of the IS options are "hidden" and must be requested.
I always thought they were on Barrie for some reason. That must be why the unlined bluchers in 12D fit better. I just thought it was a lined vs unlined thing.So, does anybody want brand new 1492 dark brown chukkas, size 11.5D, in a slightly beat up box (with Alden shoe bags) for $400 before I return them to the retailer?
Unlined Suede Chukka question - do you size up 1/2 size for them? I have unlined bluchers and unlined penny loafers, but both are 12D (Barrie and Van). Otherwise I'm an 11.5D Barrie, 12C Van, 12D Hampton, 12D Aberdeen when models are lined/structured. Trying to decide whether to keep a pair of 11.5D unlined chukkas in 11.5 or size up to 12D. The are VERY tight now, and probably won't stretch out much... Thanks for feedback
Dry clean the wools - there are websites out there that will tell you what to do if you need to spot-clean wool with something (I've used corn starch to remove oil from a pair of wool Walts).Linen is a very tough fabric. Again, look at a website on how to get something specific out of linen. I vaguely remember getting coffee on a linen shirt and used a specific ratio of warm water to vinegar (?) for a soak, then scrub, then launder and it worked great. The shirt was/is...
Which collar will these have? The usual longer-ish points or will these be scaled small like the Gitman?
I think that I had asked how many wears were on each pair of trousers - didn't catch that answer. Just curious, are those 3 pairs that are the only ones in your rotation? And being in NYC, do you walk for your commute?Just an assumption here - you state you had them for 1-2 years. I have never walked around enough to blow out a crotch but from what I understand, when you get a suit made, you get 2 trousers in the same fabric for when the first pair of trousers wears...
Which fabrics are these? How many days/week do you wear them (or how many wears total)?
Interested in an extra pair of 36 if they're Walts...
I had the same experience and have listed mine for sale since they fit more like a 35 Rivet.
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