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I could use a pair in 46 / 295 I believe (size 12 in Alden Hampton, 11.5 in Barrie), please PM me. Thanks!
But you may be able to set up a time to meet him at the office sometime if you email him. I've been there to try different stuff on, make an exchange, etc.
Could you touch on the fit between the original Smith vs. the Wilshire? I like the way the 34 fits in the Smith after it stretched a bit. The 35 Smith that I have stretched to be a bit large on me, actually. I'm thinking that the 34 will be the way to go in the Wilshire?
I've found that some new cashmere scarves and sweaters pill pretty hard at first, then they stop shedding and all is well. Like you said, my Johnstons of Elgin don't do that at all, whereas my Moon did.There's now way you can return a leather soled shoe that has been worn. I would take it to a cobbler and ask them to fix it. Then, send a copy of the receipt to Jamison to see if he'll reimburse? I always respond to my order confirmation email for the best results.
HY will pay the shipping on your exchange. Just reply to your order confirmation and ask for an exchange. Pay your return shipment and you should be good to go.
Not too bad, thick enough fabric. You still want to wear white briefs though.
Thanks for the photos! I don't think it is quite as dark as I might like and there are others on my list that I'd prefer instead.
Does anyone have the Oatmeal Harris Tweed made up into a sport coat? If so, do you have photos? I could swear that someone had posted it. Trying to decide if it's dark enough for my liking once made up...
Picked up a pair of NWOT HY white cotton canvas USA fit for $19.xx on ebay.
Navy Wool-Cotton-Cashmere ordered... how long will this round be running (other than the 23rd where everyone else gets dibs)? Also, the chocolate POW check - it looks more like a copper than a brown, or is it my monitor? Ordered 4 from the last run, thinking of another couple on this run..... Great offerings this time around!
New Posts  All Forums: