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Picked up a pair of NWOT HY white cotton canvas USA fit for $19.xx on ebay.
Navy Wool-Cotton-Cashmere ordered... how long will this round be running (other than the 23rd where everyone else gets dibs)? Also, the chocolate POW check - it looks more like a copper than a brown, or is it my monitor? Ordered 4 from the last run, thinking of another couple on this run..... Great offerings this time around!
You could have your tailor redo them in a thread that isn't so bright. Or, you could learn to sew and DIY.
I ordered on the 19th, shipping notice that night, package arrived Sat. the 21st.
What browser are you using? I have not had problems using Firefox... Maybe try compatibility mode or something like that?
I'm pretty sure that Jamison lives uptown somewhere. I have been to his office on 37th (?) or somewhere around there...
They were a bit tight on me to begin with. So, my measurements may be off. Either way, I'd recommend sizing up one if you plan on washing. Plus, linen will stretch out a bit with wear.
There is no Mr. Yount.You may try jamison@howardyount.comWhat are your questions, we may be able to help... Or look at the garment measurements on the website.
Tiebar's stuff is exactly what you pay for it - $15 tie. They wrinkle and stay that way. Stay away.
I have not washed my lambswool, but it is very durable and is holding up well. Little pilling in high wear areas, but that is to be expected.The cashmere is awesome. Very soft and definitely from a reputable company.
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