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What browser are you using? I have not had problems using Firefox... Maybe try compatibility mode or something like that?
I'm pretty sure that Jamison lives uptown somewhere. I have been to his office on 37th (?) or somewhere around there...
They were a bit tight on me to begin with. So, my measurements may be off. Either way, I'd recommend sizing up one if you plan on washing. Plus, linen will stretch out a bit with wear.
There is no Mr. Yount.You may try jamison@howardyount.comWhat are your questions, we may be able to help... Or look at the garment measurements on the website.
Tiebar's stuff is exactly what you pay for it - $15 tie. They wrinkle and stay that way. Stay away.
I have not washed my lambswool, but it is very durable and is holding up well. Little pilling in high wear areas, but that is to be expected.The cashmere is awesome. Very soft and definitely from a reputable company.
Anyone here doing options trading? Started back in Aug and have done well since the gov't shutdown has slowed things down a bit. Or anyone day trading as a career? I'd be interested in learning how you got into it and anything that I should really pay attention to when day trading. I'm still mostly trading on paper to make sure that I can get some simulated experience under my belt.
Yes, but that might result in the whole thing opening up. Looks like your tailor took the short-cut way of closing the waistband after modification rather than doing it the harder/right/long way.
Hey Mike, that sounds great! Could you elaborate a bit? I have 4 pairs of the Smiths in my closet and I'm curious to know a little more. I liked the 35 (a little loose) and the 34 (a little tight).
First Epaulet shirt received today for fit trial... perfect fit. Good for me, bad for the credit card.... Also received the Graycast Cocoa FF sportcoat - AWESOME hand, perfect fit. I might try a size down 41L next time I order, and we'll see about the rest of the FF sportcoats that I receive in 42L, but the 42L is pretty much spot-on. When will the rest of these sportcoats be in/shipped out? Last question (pun intended) - I find that the Alden Hampton is basically my...
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