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Which collar will these have? The usual longer-ish points or will these be scaled small like the Gitman?
I think that I had asked how many wears were on each pair of trousers - didn't catch that answer. Just curious, are those 3 pairs that are the only ones in your rotation? And being in NYC, do you walk for your commute?Just an assumption here - you state you had them for 1-2 years. I have never walked around enough to blow out a crotch but from what I understand, when you get a suit made, you get 2 trousers in the same fabric for when the first pair of trousers wears...
Which fabrics are these? How many days/week do you wear them (or how many wears total)?
Interested in an extra pair of 36 if they're Walts...
I had the same experience and have listed mine for sale since they fit more like a 35 Rivet.
I'm interested. I think that Grant is decent (I have black LWBs in Grant, TTS I think) - I'd prefer Hampton if Grant isn't an option.See also: http://www.styleforum.net/t/111211/epaulet-shop-official-affiliate-thread/39760_40#post_7687363
For some reason, this fit looks like one of your best. It's either the cuffs or the jacket length that helps balance the top and bottom lengths out.I also am long and have long legs - balance, waist buttoning point/trouser rise, etc. are all things that I have a tough time with.
I have a pair of tagged 36 that fits more like 35 that's for sale... make me an offer
Order placed with Epaulet approx March 20-something. Approximate because we were working out special details that I requested (edge stitching on fashion spread shirts, slimmed sleeves, 8-button front, no fusing in collar/cuffs).I actually also ordered around that same time from my local tailor shop since I can go feel the fabrics there; though the local shop didn't have these two fabrics in their collection. I picked that order up for 6 shirts today. The tags say...
That's why I ordered it Those are probably my shirts, except the linen was supposed to be changed to a fashion spread... We'll see when they get here - just got shipping notice for these two.
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