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I emailed their customer service to ask about the construction. The "Design Your Own" are made overseas, whereas the 1818 line is made in the USA or Italy.
Try jamison@howardyount.com
Your tailor will or should mark the seat, or will automatically taper it in.It disagree, though, that the seat is more difficult than the waist. You can let out a seat slightly without touching the waist, but cannot let the waist out without doing a bit of work to undo the waistband. I say this with experience as I do my own alterations.That being said, if you take in the waist/seat, then let it out after wearing, you may see marks/fading/wear on the fabric that isn't...
Wearing size M.
I wear a 12 and they seem to fit me pretty well even after cold wash/lay flat to dry.I'm about the same - 6'3" 190lb and ~41L (+/-1 depending on brand/cut)Length is not a problem for me.Yes, there is a little to give back there.
Wash them first (cold, hang dry), then iron them (inside out) and take to get marked/hemmed up.
Convert to shorts!
You can easily remove the darts from your shirt. Just get it and use your seam ripper.
Go back thru the thread, someone got that jacket. I think that fabric was offered last time around, too.
Mike, quick question on fabric weights of the: Greycast Cocoa Wool/Cashmere Cream/Goldenrod Wool/Cashmere Tattersall Clay-Tobacco Large Houndstooth Sand with French Blue Windowpane Rust and Pale Blue Exploded Check Or, all of them if you've got time Trying to decide based upon what's in the closet now...
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