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If we're putting in requests, I want this shoe on the Hampton or Aberdeen, 360deg welt, Commando, will be the perfect Country Shoe for next fall: Or an Alt Wein in that same grained calf - Just like the Aberdeen Suede Alt Wein but in that Grained Calf...
+1 to the advice. Tapering legs is VERY easy. I can knock those out faster than I can a waistband.Most tailors are resistant to do what you want if it's "wrong". I took a FF Olive Cord jacket to be altered last night, and had sized down 1 - it is a little too tight. The first thing I said was that I wanted the neck roll removed and the sides let out. First thing the tailor says "that jacket is way too small" instead of "OK, let me mark it for you." That's a sign of...
Chocolate Factory is awesome - I have a pair from an earlier (S/S 2012?) run of Factory Finds. Nice, subdued. Very soft.
Thanks Mike, I considered that boot but I already have a pair of 403s and also am not thrilled with the fit of the TruBalance (Hampton is basically like bespoke fit on me). I can wear the Barrie in 11.5D, so one of those shoe designs is best for me.I do need to get ahold of you for a navy MTO suit, or just keep looking forward to the Southwick MTO page!
Will you guys run another Alt Wein or Innsbruck in Chromexcel; or the Bregenz? I want need a pair of more casual shoes with a rubber sole and missed out on these.
You wear it as a buttondown collar for a while then you take it to the tailor to remove the collar to wear as a band collar...I missed everything because I'm on a business trip like during the trouser EFF but I think that photo is enough to get me to buy the gold stripe chambray.
Do I need a Gloverall Duffle? How has anyone that got one found the fit on these? I'm at the top of the size L EPNY shirts, and a 41L/42L in Epaulet Southwick jackets. Wanting to wear it casually with a sweater.
If you're a true size 40 and want a slimmer fit, I'd get a size small. I'm a 41-42L and find the medium to fit well over a dress shirt. Cannot wear w/o a dress shirt. I will get a size Small if I want to wear a crewneck on its own.His cashmere fits a little slimmer than the lambswool. I can wear my size M crewneck over a shirt or on its own.
I have some Epaulet size L vs. some HY 16-35 shirts. The HY shirts are slim but more like BB ESF. I have tried on the HY Size M and L at the showroom. If I recall correctly, the M was too slim and short in the sleeves, but the L was too large for my liking. I think that the general rule would be size down 1 on HY S/M/L sizing, but go with TTS on the neck/sleeve sized shirts.
How about the remaining Gitman FF shirts? I have two outstanding (coffee twill and olive check, size L).Thanks!
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