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Highpower match yesterday. Woodland Ripstop Rivets and Cigar Red Wings in the pits between strings. Waiting to fire at the 600yd line... Mike, I'd potentially be in for some MultiCam rivets (material available here: http://multicampattern.com/multicam_raw_materials/ )
Two Brooks Brothers suits for sale. Staple dark navy, and charcoal pinstripe. Originally purchased from Steve Smith, so they are from the factory outlet store. Nothing wrong with them as far as I can tell, someone must've bought it, had something altered slightly, then returned them. Selling because my job has changed considerably and I don't wear suits much these days. Wore the navy maybe 5 times and once for the charcoal. I took some time to slim the legs just a...
I find that summer materials feel cooler when they are a tad bit larger, so a little difference isn't bad. You can always have a tailor take the legs in very easily... I've done that on these trousers previously.
A quick search of this thread provided the answer:Jamison Stoltz517 West 144th Street, #19New York, NY 10031
I'm about the same. I have EPNY flannels and a summer shirt. They are similar in length to the BB ESF Oxford, and sleeves are similar as well. I cold wash and hang dry my shirts.Worth ordering one and making it into a short sleeve if it doesn't work out.
I got a pair (first Gustins for me) and they also have a fleck of something dark. You don't notice unless you look very closely.I got the straights and find the rise to be a bit high, but maybe I'll grow to like it.
Have all of the FF Sportcoats shipped from the last round? I'm missing one of the four that I ordered, and it's the one that I will want to wear this Spring/Summer season.
I'm missing this one out of the few that I ordered. 3 delivered at this point, too bad it's (finally) getting warm for them. Sizing down to 41L on this order is a perfect fit for me.
I could use a pair in 46 / 295 I believe (size 12 in Alden Hampton, 11.5 in Barrie), please PM me. Thanks!
But you may be able to set up a time to meet him at the office sometime if you email him. I've been there to try different stuff on, make an exchange, etc.
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