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The indigo dyed terry crewneck that you guys did was awesome, and I'm searching for a quality heather gray sweatshirt in a similar material - any suggestions? Also, does anyone have suggestions for thicker cotton socks? I'm talking basic navy and gray cotton socks that aren't that silly mercerized cotton with a lot of nylon in them.
Received my first Taylors tonight in Mocha Cord and Scarlet Cotton/Linen. The Mocha looks greenish, I was hoping for a deep brown. I'll have to see it outside. That being said - can we special order a Taylor fit from Southwick with suiting and get the trouser without pleats? That would be about the best thing ever.
RE: Deposits for special orders - you should bill for your cost as a deposit so that if someone abandons a deposit, you at least have a $0 hit. I'm sure that you're doing that now, but perhaps asking for MORE than your deposit is fair, too, since you have to put time ($$) into building the page, processing the order, associated office time, etc. RE: Special makeups - these are awesome, and shouldn't be dropped. I don't buy many of them, but it's a nice differentiation...
Could you share a bit better photo of the Chestnut Italian Wood Flannel? It's hard to make out the type of brown that it is - it appears a bit reddish?
I got a pair of natural denim from Gustin, but can't compare with the Epaulet version.Still enjoying a pair of EP's Smith denim and have a brand new pair, never worn, for future use.
I have my museum calf tennis trainers on today, first pair of Epaulet shoes that I have purchased. They look AWESOME. I am a solid 12D in Alden Aberdeen and Hampton; 11.5D Barrie. Barrie and TruBalance are just a tad wide on me. I got my museum calf in 12. They are slightly tight across the ball of the foot and base of my toes, though that has already loosened with wear this morning (first wear). Length is perfect. I suspect that these will be a perfect fit once the...
Looks exactly what is on the way to me (along with a few others...)
Thanks for the advice. I agree that the dark brown is versatile for all-season wear. I don't have any chestnut or lighter brown shoes that are appropriate for the warmer months. If there was a longwing in a more rounded last, in light brown grain leather (optionally with Dainite sole), I'd be all over that. I tend toward the more casual options in most cases.
I just got these:Brown Scotchgrain NST / Soller / Dainite [[SPOILER]] These are similar, and I really like them...Chestnut Split toe derby / Soller / Leather Sole [[SPOILER]] What to do, what to do.....
To anyone else that bought a 3-pack of the LS thermal henley in size L - I have a white, burgundy, and vintage black. I would be happy to part with the vintage black in exchange for (preferably) the white, or the burgundy. Please PM me for a straight trade.
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