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I have some Epaulet size L vs. some HY 16-35 shirts. The HY shirts are slim but more like BB ESF. I have tried on the HY Size M and L at the showroom. If I recall correctly, the M was too slim and short in the sleeves, but the L was too large for my liking. I think that the general rule would be size down 1 on HY S/M/L sizing, but go with TTS on the neck/sleeve sized shirts.
How about the remaining Gitman FF shirts? I have two outstanding (coffee twill and olive check, size L).Thanks!
Maybe it's your body that's off?? I have a low shoulder and my shirts and especially jackets can be this way due to me...
Was Lucky To Get (Fittingly) Cherry Red Cords While Touring Red Rocks In CO. Will Have Some 36 WaLts For Sale - Forest Green Flannels, Brown houndstooths, Maybe Some Others... Looking ForAny Unwanted 36S From Today. Next Time, CanItBeWhen I'm Not Traveling?
These are main line, BB 1818. 100% wool.
RE: VestsWill there be an option for a vest w/o lapels? Would prefer it without if possible...
In for a vest or two...
This is a ridiculously awesome price for these - wearing my 12D right now (I size down to 12C for the lined version for anyone thinking about buying these).
Are they cotton or linen? If so, wash them and hang dry, then make your determination and alteration.If wool, you can easily slim the legs and waist/seat. 2" will make the pockets a little too close together, probably would be best to return/exchange. Try replying to your sales order confirmation email for returns.
Are there measurements for the vests? Would definitely like to order one.
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