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Looks exactly what is on the way to me (along with a few others...)
Thanks for the advice. I agree that the dark brown is versatile for all-season wear. I don't have any chestnut or lighter brown shoes that are appropriate for the warmer months. If there was a longwing in a more rounded last, in light brown grain leather (optionally with Dainite sole), I'd be all over that. I tend toward the more casual options in most cases.
I just got these:Brown Scotchgrain NST / Soller / Dainite [[SPOILER]] These are similar, and I really like them...Chestnut Split toe derby / Soller / Leather Sole [[SPOILER]] What to do, what to do.....
To anyone else that bought a 3-pack of the LS thermal henley in size L - I have a white, burgundy, and vintage black. I would be happy to part with the vintage black in exchange for (preferably) the white, or the burgundy. Please PM me for a straight trade.
Just ordered 6 shirts, will be set up well for fall: Mister Blue Sky Madras - popover, artisan, MoP Buttondowns, mitered cuffs, standard chest pocket: Forest Gingham (smoke resin) Rapallo Plaid (MoP) Jumbo-Scale Navy Plaid (smoke resin) Graphite/Cream Gingham (MoP) Sky/Cream Gingham (MoP) Nice to know that MoP buttons are available now.
For those of us with size 12... Mocc socks didn't work at all. I found some no show liners at Nordstrom in their house brand that fit and stay up on my heel because they do stretch enough to get up on my heel.
I am near Philadelphia, but you can find a local menswear shop that carries them.
Thanks! Just ordered the 3 pack in XL and a LS thermal and SS henley in L for layering- I have been looking at henleys for a LONG time but couldn't justify spending Merz B. or Homespun prices on one, so buying 5 now should hold me over for some time.Also bought the Horween brown and navy belts on closeout last week - AMAZING leather quality on those.
RE: Loopwheel tees and longsleeves in particular. Just got a size L in the long sleeve and they are a little tight - do they tend to "relax" a little bit with wear? I wore one mowing the lawn and it did get slightly looser with wear. I'm considering buying the henley 3 pack, but XL is the one one left and I'm afraid that they'll be a little too big, especially once it stretches a little bit. Thanks!
Nice! I recently ordered those and am looking forward to receiving them - especially now that I see the photo of them made up.
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