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****Price drop!!! Now only $50!**** Worn once. I've lost weight since I originally ordered this shirt and it doesn't fit me well enough to keep in my closet. This is a "green tag" shirt meaning it's part of their extra slim fit series. Feel free to as me any questions. I think I paid about $80 for the shirt but they are listed at $92 on their site at the moment. Free Shipping to anywhere in the US Outside of the US, I have no idea how much it costs but I'll cover...
I have oxyclean and some arm & hammer cleaning powder stuff. Is this safe to do to my cotton suit? Should I just spot treat or can I soak then wash on delicate and air dry?
I'm assuming the patina portion is sarcasm but I may end up just wearing it like this. I'm going to wear the suit outside and have my wife give me an honest opinion of whether the stains are more or less noticeable in the direct sunlight (clothing can play tricks on you indoors). Still, if I can liven up the suit a bit and have it not look quite as "worn" that'd make me feel even better about my $20 purchase
Just got back from a thrift store where I picked up a white/grey seersucker suit for $20. It fits surprisingly well right off the rack and I think I can get away with just having it tapered a bit by a tailor. Only problem is the suit is obviously well worn and has some yellowing in areas around the back of the collar, front buttons, and pants pockets. I have no idea how old the suit is and of course I know suits are generally dry clean only. If the right steps are...
I realize you're making a joke, but I absolutely hate that look on girls
Where do you work now? Still in Texas? As per the square toe, I don't know why those are depicted that way. Here's the actual pair I own: http://s.stpost.com/eccStoreFront/product_images/67610/f_67610_1.jpg
This is good info. I was curious about what kind of heal options are out there. I've also noticed that a lot of boots have large curls for the toe. I would prefer a small curl (or almost none) so they resemble dress shoes.Yeah in Charlotte it's obviously not going to be really common so I'm hoping to find something pretty subtle. I don't want them to scream "cowboy boots" but when someone notices and takes a closer looks they can go, "Oh hey, that's pretty sharp. I...
Hey Style Forum! It's been a while since I've posted here. I was really active when I was first putting together my "post-college, entry-level-work-world" wardrobe. This place really helped open my eyes to good style, quality clothing, taylors, and cobblers. Thanks! I need to add a pair or two of shoes to my daily rotation. Right now my two main pair of shoes are black (the ones in the pic aren't my color) Cole Haan suade oxfords and black Mezlan deerskin dress...
My humidor was starting to look a little bare with only one Padron left so I just ordered 2 sample packs of Perdomos off cigarmonster (Lot 23, Habana, etc.). 12 cigars for $33? Hell yeah. These are quickly becoming my favorite cigars so I couldn't pass up this offer.
I used to use "old telephone" because I hated the gimmicky ringtones that came with the phone and after college I felt I couldn't have stupid hip hop songs as my ringers anymore... ...until I became obsessed with Archer and grabbed the Pirate Virus ringtone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzzqFFKwOik
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