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I have a brand new with tags 41 AD Dark Sienna overdye that I would love for one of you to take off my hands for the sale price. Let me know if anyone wants to take it off my hands.
Anyone interested in a brand new AD Dark Sienna button down in 41? I rushed the sale purchase and I got a size to small. The fucking color is perfect and the 42 is sold out, sooo mad The dark green will have to suffice.
The Clark boots everyone knows and loves. I just don't find myself wearing these, in fact, I have worn them twice ever since initial purchase.
For sale are some gently worn size 31 Rogue Territory Stanton black warp white weft jeans. I had these hemmed to a 33 and wore them around 15 times. There is a slight abrasion where they have been cuffed but outside of that they are nearly new. FIT // Slim Straight, Mid-Rise DENIM // 14.5oz sanforized black warp/white weft Japanese selvedge denim from Nihon Menpu Mills in the famous Okayama Prefecture. Waist- 17.5" Thigh-11.9" Knee-8.5" Leg Opening-7.6" Inseam-33"
God I hope the Blue Plaid Formosa comes back in stock in either 48 or 50R. I have always envisioned that suit as the one I would get married in . Fingers crossed.
Been trying to flip the one's I got from MicroScop to rekop ones that fit, anyone in need of some 280's?
Solid pair of black sidezips, great alternative to MMM. Fit near a 44 in cp's. Getting rid of these as they just don't get any wear. Purchased these from Synthesis awhile back for $260 shipped, getting rid of them after a few wears $150+ shipping.
I am selling my used TOJ CWU-45 only because it is fitting me a bit tighter than I would like after gaining 10lbs, really just putting my feelers out as I am not overly eager to see this beauty go. This is the lush black lamb that everyone knows and loves TOJ jackets for, it has been cared for and is is amazing shape, the only signs of wear are a few wrinkles at the elbows, a broken stitch on the pocket, and slight color fading on the suede patch (there is an indentation...
Picked these up from forum member MicroScop for $90 (he has since lowered priced a tad) :http://www.styleforum.net/t/377997/gats-german-army-trainers-new-all-sizes Unfortunately they ended up a half size too small. I would say these fit between a size 43 and 44 in CP's. Have only been tried on once. $90 $80 $70 includes shipping, taking a hit on these. Edit- Added pictures of the actual shoes, there are very minimal marks which I would imagine is to be expected from a...
Who is going to be the first bravely post some swim trunk fit pics, I need myself a new pair but am fairly picky on length.
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