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Who is going to be the first bravely post some swim trunk fit pics, I need myself a new pair but am fairly picky on length.
If I am a 10.5 in AE Park Avenues, would that translate to the Alfred Sargent Cap Toe's?
Meaning, while I am o.k. with the current sizing, I would probably have preferred a 42.
Size 40 muff single ply, probably could have taken a 42 but I am hoping I can stretch the length. Really like the color which can't be captured with my shitty phone.
Also, is it just me or is Muff a shit ton less subtle then the swatch let on? Still bad-ass.
Sounds like I am going to need to flip my size 40 6A Muff . We shall see when it arrives but be on the look out in the b&s.
Not very strong at all, coming off a shoulder injury, I got my bench back to around 225 and dl just north of 300, squats lag around 275. Going to be starting up Jiu Jitsu again twice and week and it's going to limit my weight lifting down to three times a week.
Have been doing a 4 day split for what seems like ages, any recommendations on a good 3 day split?
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