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Pretty disappointed that the threading on the base of both of my thermals broke into a million threads and now flares all about. Expect a bit more at the price point, oh well. In better news I ordered my first bamboo t-shirt and am floored.
I am 5'11, the collar is the Roma Spread.
Does the wrinkled shirt really make it hard to diagnose a floppy placket? Sorry, I will iron and retake if it will help.
Looking to fix this issue on my next order, as you can see in the picture there is serious placket droop going on. The neck is defienatly too large by atleast .5 but I am not sure if thats the only issue causing that sag. Any opinions would be welcome. I will also be slimming the arms on the next shirt, any other alterations you suggest ?
The odd thing is that it might be worse on the 40r Napoli. Have a lazio coming today which I have a feeling wont solve the problem. Maybe Suit supply isn't for me
Are the shoulder wrinkles something a tailor could fix? They happen on the larger napoli cut as well. Seems to fit well otherwise.
Ya mine is the green and it does seem to be about the same density as the old version, which I was bummed about.
Did anyone else receive their henley and notice that the threading around the bottom of the garment snaps into a million pieces when wearing/moving? Overall I really like it, granted I was expecting it to be a bit beefier, but the bottom thread issue has me puzzled.
I have a brand new with tags 41 AD Dark Sienna overdye that I would love for one of you to take off my hands for the sale price. Let me know if anyone wants to take it off my hands.
Anyone interested in a brand new AD Dark Sienna button down in 41? I rushed the sale purchase and I got a size to small. The fucking color is perfect and the 42 is sold out, sooo mad The dark green will have to suffice.
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