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haha.. no not at all I gotcha! humor acknowledged, no offense taken.so can I get in on that too? I did kinda start this diversion (sorry!)well it's either non-existent, or really, REALLLLY good!something a bit more topical... this is amusing and interestinghttp://grantland.com/features/bill-simmons-breaks-down-the-2014-worst-nba-contracts/
ummm.... thanks.
this???what is so compelling?
but if in the latter category?
^ dude... you're gonna bust up my leverage! shhhhhh... Spike hasn't agreed to direct it yet.
a little warmer down here in LA I suppose but a beautiful day regardless. Did a few easy miles this afternoon, but really got to get back on point... been too lazy recently.
those are nice... how do you like them? were you able to get a good deal... they can be a bit pricy. just curious.
well it's like when two or more parties get together to discuss points of common interest... it's called a "meeting".ok... non-snark. I live in LA and work in entertainment law... it's really not that unusual. I met Laker's GM Mitch Kupchak the other day and a couple weeks ago Rich Cho GM of the Bobcats. I'm friends with the former GM of the Dodgers etc., etc. Not to sound douchey, but it is in fact just part of the business. Nick Young is potentially part of the deal...
New Posts  All Forums: