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then find a better place... problem solved.
Good catch... I'm certain he did not notice that.
what's the deal with the sleeves on the jacket?
I wonder why this story automatically made me think of Jameister...lol.I don't want to but my understanding of the general point is 1) no one likes to waste money or spend unnecessarily (if you're fabulously wealthy you probably don't care) 2) taking convoluted and perhaps socially awkward steps to save yourself 1 or 2 bucks is silly 3) it's even sillier when you are going to be a doctor or lawyer regardless of the fucking interest on $1.52. Lastly if it's that goddamn...
anyone have experience with fits of Kennedy vs. Davis chinos and CM pant fit overall? Never bought their stuff but online sale is so cheap. Thx.
thisand this. jfc.
good one... are you here every Saturday night? (j/k)
lol... I remember that nozzle.. good times.
nodding on the H.... so sad.
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