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lol… maybe I can convince her, but she's overseas at the moment. I believe (perhaps like many of our significant others) she thinks I'm way too into this shit to begin with. "Are you checking out sneakers again with those StyleForum dudes??"
^ You mean because I don't want my girl to look that way vs. making/not making judgments? It's not about who thinks whatever someone is wearing is "cool" as you've stated... that's subjective to one's tastes. Whether a piece of clothing/accessory has outlived it's expected life is more of what I'm getting at which is much more (though not completely) objective. Your "so arrogant, such judgy" comment gave me the impression that you believed I was equating this girl's purse...
Oh is Justin Bieber in trouble again?
I need more of a briefcase actually so I think I'm going to order the Mismo Morris. Thanks though.
Yes I have just received a word back from counsel in Seoul. We currently have two proposals on the table regarding retainers and contingency fees although I have not yet had the chance to forward to DWW and PeterNorth. Will do as soon as I can.
I'm glad you made this comment as my girl is the same way. She has plenty of stuff from Chanel, LV, Marc Jacobs to mid-range stuff like Furla all the way down to rando stuff we've found at Marshall's, Nordy Rack or even antique shops and Goodwill on occasion. She never insists on being placated as @Rais puts it which makes me want to give her nice things even more. I really wouldn't want her to accept walking around with a pleather bag falling apart nor would I allow her...
Wow, ok. nvmHad lunch with the drummer here the other day so I've been checking out their shit. Not my typical jams, but dudes are on point. Kind of remind me of Dub Trio without the dub.
"Can't win a shootout with a butter knife?" What Kobe?
Girls who wear bad clothing or crappy accessories just make me feel sad for them. There was this cute girl in my class when I was in school that carried this shitty purse that was kind of like pleather or something where the shit was cracking off and what not and I always thought wtf? I mean you don't even need to spend a lot of money. Hell just go to Marshall's/TJ's/Nordy Rack and get something simple for $50 that's actually made out of leather. Weird. of course I'm not...
Ding, ding, ding. Well we've made it. 2 hundo. Jeezus.(I actually was pretty sure it would exceed 200. When I emailed one of the attorneys in Seoul the other say I said there were 200+ aggrieved customers and at the time we were around 150.)
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