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Well sure it's a "word" the same way the dialectical "na'meen" is a "word"… but who am I to disagree with a bunch of idiots and the Huffington Post, lol.
Like most films it's not nearly as good as the book, but the US version is an abomination. I think I made it through about the first 30 minutes before turning it off… the actual Swedish trilogy is far better.
Like anything of course if you do it incorrectly, which naturally most people do.
Yeah I read that... definitely cool. But I was hoping for a bit more on the LBJ fugue state game.
If you mean in English… I believe he means "lewdness". Similar to "irregardless", "lewdity" is not a word.
Fuck if I know man… that's just weird. I have never experienced that, but some people are totally tunnel vision when it comes to doing certain tasks… like "this is the way I've done it so that's the way I do it."
Fair point. There are always outliers of course in the mass of humanity, but if you have the fitness and the right attitude you can be SW&D cool pretty much your whole life. I know more than a few guys in their 60's and 70's who are waaaaayyyy cooler and dress way cooler than most dudes half their age.
Basil gimlet with Beefeater. I've had them out & about often enough, but for some reason can't say I've ever made them at home… I have no idea why. Remembered I had some basil that I needed to use in some way other than the 3 caprese salads I've already had this week so basil gimlet!
See and they think YOU'RE the crazy guy… like what's up with this dude dressing all nice and shit. F'ing hell.So is that a litho of an original or what? I've never heard of him but I like it... I collect a lot myself. Very cool.
Exactly. You can look nice, wear nice stuff, just do so quietly. When a co-worker asked me one casual Friday "What sweater is that? I really like it." It was Hermes… I responded, "cardigan". She looked confused.. lol.Has this really been a thing? I've always loved brown suede shoes!
New Posts  All Forums: