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I have a Chelsea.. nothing special about the cuffs on those. Should be an easy fix.Yikes really?! I ordered my Chelsea during the Thanksgiving/pre-Christmas sale and got it for a steal. I think around $145 and no customs!! I have heard of people complaining of the customs from End but I've bought from them repeatedly with no hit... hmmm.
agreed.... even in LA. Never had resoles done here, but I have had some minor stuff done here well and affordably. just an idea... give him a call. Armando is extremely personable and pretty straight forward. He actually refused some work from me one time suggesting I call AE first and bust their balls about fixing the issue for me for free. He said "if they won't do it, then bring it back and I'll see what I can do." Fixed it in less than 24 hours and charged me...
and make sure it's a full-length shot!are you married and if so have you told her the clock is ticking?
^ ya ok... and I agree with what you said above... almost certainly not worth it. Very little if any of their stuff is still produced in Wales or the UK since they moved manufacturing to China. Just that branding and marketing ...
well those are three different tiers of the line there; Prorsum > Burberry > Brit.
well it was unexpected for me... there was no plan to meet him and since it's the All-Star break not at all certain he was even there. I've been to the Dodgers facility and not run into Frank McCourt or Ned Colletti; been to Capitol Records and not run into Steve Barnett or Don Was; I've been to the DGA and not run into Steven Spielberg... see the pattern here?yes, it was unexpected.
If you don't just have the money to burn then definitely no.
I've looked.... it's really hard to find anything in that price range.
^ ya of course. It's not too dissimilar to a mayonnaise-less version of cole slaw in many respects. Super easy to prepare so just get the ingredients and make your own.
I almost hate to admit I've always kinda liked those. haha
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