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^ nice post Dino. Those are all purty turrible lookin'!Agreed. Stay away from that Starliner shit.. it's terrible.
Definitely... the remake is practically unwatchable.I had never heard of this before, but it was pretty creepy and enjoyable.
Haha… that's awesome, I hadn't seen that!
The only things interesting about Supreme are the copyright and trademark infringement cases. They love ripping people off… and then suing others for the same.
Agreed. The way to go is with the slouchy, California douche style. Works even better if you wear a RVCA shirt with it.
Oh wow good catch. That's why I was asking… I didn't even notice it the first time and was wondering what on earth in that trailer was CGI! Cool thanks… I'll check that one out.
My buddy in college used to do this... except the hammock was on the side of our big front porch. He'd be up all night getting high and blowing glass then fall asleep in the hammock. It would scare the shit out of people coming to the door when they suddenly realized there's an actual person in there! … Sleeping! It would be 1 o'clock in the afternoon and the dude was just chilling in there.
Yes, idiots dressed like assholes. It's quite simple actually.
Pretty apt comparison … yes. Damn I forgot about Ed Hardy lol … my gosh that shit was fucking everywhere! for a while.
This still makes me "WTF?" every time… weird, just fucking weird.
New Posts  All Forums: