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Haha.. and all this time I thought you were Danish!
^ LW looks like something a bohemian Klingon would wear.
I'll admit I'm usually not a fan, but I like this one with the orange tie, shirt and jacket combo. Who makes the tie btw?
^ too bad website is slooooooooow as hell as I really would like a deal on some Docs… all I'm seeing though is about 20% off (that is unless you want polka dotted, plaid something or others with f'g spikes coming out of them).
Just regular bar lacing. I have one pair where the tongue always slides to the right and it pisses me off, but I've never noticed any stress on the loop. I mean the lace goes through the hole beneath the laces rights? Don't think it's anything to worry about.
I'll take #1 please.
Damn, even on Thxgvg?
LN-CC has some stuff on sale ("up to 50% off"), but nothing caught my eye. The Geos I want are still $1K so that's not happening. The model they're using seriously looks like a Vulcan tho.
That about sums it up.
^ yeah they look pretty cool.
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