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wtf is that shit on her forehead?
^ do what Gib suggested.
^ I hear you. Don't get me wrong... I think it's nice, sometimes very nice. But then I just feel guilty putting it straight into the recycling bin and/or the trash.
^ I don't believe there is really any correlation between the wrapping and the return policy for most reputable retailers. Honestly I agree with Jet and ipractice... I couldn't give two shits about tissue paper and stickers and all that bullshit. If that's what you want have your mom send you a Christmas present.
For the record Pasteur I agreed with Dolt... it's just he beat me to it. Nothing is terrible per se but it's also not a coherent fit either. I'm amazed you say those jeans are a couple years old because the first thing I noticed and thought is "damn, you gotta break in those box fresh jeans".
lookin dope brotha
yeah yellow usually means that's the super sale price. you can tell as this often occurs after numerous red sticker markdowns that are just stacked on top of each other until there are 4,5 or 6 reductions piled up. the last one will be yellow indicating "get this thing the hell outta here!" occasionally if something really sits around after that another yellow reduction may me added but in my experience that is not the norm. hope that helps and you scored something good
James, unsurprisingly like a douche, totally overreacted as if he were personally offended. Even though just by the stupid appellation I know I'll be sorry I asked.. "who the fuck is RiRi?"
+1 to this. Most of the "designer" fabric in Western Market (Sheung Wan) is counterfeit Chinese crap. Some of the "wool" isn't even wool. One of the vendor's sons himself confessed this to me. (Not like I wasn't already suspicious!) Good luck finding some good cloth.@32-20 re: your post above. My comment here is not to say that there aren't some decent mid-lower end fabrics here that can be had for a reasonable price. It's just that they are likely priced beyond what...
haha.. yeah you know I was joking! Is Charleston affected? A good friend of mine lives there.
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