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Ridiculous… really why? I practically never wear a shirt while running. i don't see the point in having on some extraneous piece of clothing that will just collect sweat and get in my way.I would say I agree with all of those reasons and add that for me there is a somewhat meditative quality to honing the body's performance and concentrating on breath and rhythm… a good run really clears my head and just makes me feel better overall. With that said, I only did about 3.5...
^ maybe you should just call their 1-800 number. They have always been pleasant and professional with me. And fwiw, your "lawsuit" is a small claims court matter which will cost you more in time and money than simply calling customer service.
^ $3,500 for a pair of jeans?
I've bought 3 or 4 pairs of Persols when they had large discount on buy-one-get-deals and have never had any problems. Their glasses are definitely authentic.
I have a few… two lightweight Salsa Airs (one large check in and one small for carry on) as well as a gigantic aluminum for long overseas trips that I beat the shit out of. I've enjoyed them all and have never had any problems with them at all. Furthermore, I've never been robbed in any of the airports or hotels I've visited.
^ I do… looks great!
+ a billion.It will be very interesting if/when Bitchface leaves and the Heat plunge back into the irrelevant hole they were in before. I mean this isn't even a question as so many of their "fans" are just bandwagon hangers-on.Why? From a psychological perspective I truly don't understand the point of even rooting for a team like this. If you don't share the pain of years of losses when you team is bad, there is no joy when they win. Except of course for the superficial,...
Yeah agreed. Although Bell's Oberon fresh draught is one of my faves.
yes… and the bolded part X a billion.
^ whoa.. very cool. LeBron didn't show up... I'm hilarious. Now he can take his talents elsewhere... again. Nah j/k. The hilarious part was Bron Bron's fidget fingers news conference… instant classic. Yeah what's up with Jimmy Goldstein and how did he get so loaded?
New Posts  All Forums: