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they have so many weird, random brands I've never heard of... some of which I'm sure are pretty good, I just can't be bothered to order and return shit.It can look totally cool if done correctly. TTO comes to mind as having posted some higher-waisted fits.
oh... for realz? Lord save us from our folie à plusieurs and forgive us for having ever doubted your artless visages.You need to turn on the bathroom light or whatever you did in the first pic as it's difficult to see any details in the second two fits on which to comment. I may suggest a bit more staring toward the heavens and perhaps some interior floral arrangements to balance it out.
^ yeah last blog there is pretty cool.
the SLPs certainly don't look as slim as the CPs.
haha... I think I misunderstood which Liberty's you were referring to ... I was talking about the Vans!
^ no it's not and true they can be higher.... it's just I've seen some posters recently with gorges, as I said, almost ON TOP of the shoulder. Ridiculous.
just push them up your calves like accordion style as if you were going to wade into some shallow water or whatever. I suppose you could lightly spray them a bit, but then squat down to kind of squish the stacks... I dunno seems to work for me.
this. Gorges so high they literally sit ON TOP of one's shoulder just look asinine. They look that way now and will even more so in a couple years.
I don't know about the regional variations of stores within the same company vs. differences between Sam's and CostCo. but generally, IME CostCo has much better selections on alcohol.
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