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perhaps if you prescribed yourself some "medication" before the movie?
^ ok... well that's good to know... I've certainly run into people who, let's just say, do not agree ("omfg r u crazy, he's like the #5 dj in the WORLD dood") that second part I did not know... definitely interesting.
^ how is that Hayman's... I've never had it.
don't forget the goofy backpack and name tag
so you took the day off today?
but I so want it to be true!
my condolences Cleav and apologies if my comment was insensitive... I was not aware it was a funeral. you looked great though...
he's also a massive douche and an even shittier dj
"bathtub" sangria... it's a f'g horrorshow of a concoction, but refreshing and tasty!
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