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I really don't understand this habit that apparently many people have. One of my neighbors slams his door so hard that the walls of my apartment literally shake. I mean wtf? Why can't you just CLOSE the door like a normal person. Maybe it's one of my pet peeves but it certainly pisses me off. I've written just a short cordial note and placed it anonymously on someone's door just politely asking that they be aware of closing the door quietly. That has worked and...
sig quote worthy! awesome Regis
really? I didn't know that! I don't think the "so uncool it's cool" comes back around full circle on this at all. The Rafs are of that fugly running shoe iteration, and the rest reminds of something Jerry Seinfeld would wear. I know that sounds harsh but anytime I see "average fit" button down/sweatshirt, with not particularly flattering jeans and running shoes it just reminds me of Seinfeld's pretty much everyday outfit. so yeah I don't get it either Rockketyeah kg.....
Love those both. Not digging the Zenith's strap but love that vintage face!
^ ya ok... hilarious. sorry to have interrupted your algebra class.
which is what exactly... never heard of that.
^ just the way they're cut with a low rise.
me as well... and I'm a UK9 in Lanvins with the new sole
yes.. super awesome.
usually the week off around Thanksgiving for college students...
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