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Definitely. Everything on last page looks fantastic.
That's ok the fake photos are plenty… but perhaps that other shitty-jacket fan boy would like to have a look. I seem to remember he loves all this kind of bullshit.
Most certainly not. Had I been, I perhaps would have enjoyed some of the more ridiculous portions of the movie… of which there we many.
Or... just not listening to shitty music and Celeb-sta-Gram bullshit.
Understood. Just that SF strikes me as a bit more "cosmopolitan" (?) than the average crowd and it's not the not drinking part…. it's never having even tried any drink (save but one "sort of tried"). I would apply this to practically all food and beverages generally… I would always want to try something at least once whether it be durian, some weird Thai wasp larvae pate, or homemade rice wine or taro cake, whatever. I guess I just see food and beverage as much as an...
I don't drink for purposes of inebriation, but there are some meals I simply could not eat without the accompanying wine, beer, sake or spirit. You've only had one drink ever? I'm not trying to bust your balls or anything, but I find that so odd regardless of your family. Never tasted an excellent cabernet or nicely aged scotch? Freshly brewed beer right form the tap? For God's sake why?For the record I also drink a shit ton of coconut water… but sometimes I add a little...
"Arrrgghhh…mediocre!" lolJust watched it last night... pretty much sucked IMO.
^ ugh.. must everything get shittier by demand and marketing?
Those changes are good. If you want to learn a solo in a more stable environment try "Take Five" as it basically vamps in eb min / Gb maj. (although it's a wacky key, but that could help your reading as well).If you want that without the "vintage = crazy-ass-expensive" part, maybe look at this…. guy I used to work with builds these.http://www.madamps.comLooks like the site is being updated, but these are super-solid tweed repro's if that's what you're looking for.
New Posts  All Forums: