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damn you're having a seriously bad day DonJ... sorry bro.
whores in HK and Macau? I think you guys are doing it wrong.
I went to the American Apparel Factory flea market this morning. Didn't buy a damn thing as I just happened to be in the neighborhood and realized I didn't feel like trying shit on, but what a crazy place. Just a gigantic floor or random clothing, discounts, screw-ups and the like. Could be fun for bargain hunting basics if you're in the mood.
^ ugh.. not this shit again.that should keep you alive for say, an extra 10 minutes.
about 3 after weeks of holiday egg nog drinking... but a beautiful day for it here in LA.
Thanks for the recommendations fellas. Brought my pops home some Ale Smith Horny Devil and Lagunitas Little Sumpin' and Lucky 13!
One of my friend's friends literally escaped Korea by the skin of his teeth for having gotten mixed up in some dealing nonsense. He told this crazy story that ended up with him in line at customs and his phone ringing from one of the investigators trying to find him for questioning or something like that. Might have been somewhat exaggerated, but it made for a great tale.
it's all about the heat distribution! I've never even thought it out of place to wear wear a light linen or cotton shirt with shorts. btw...great meet-up pix guys.
wish you had been right... unfortunately the D sucks tremendously and the miffed punt return cost us.
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