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saw the Tom Fords in store yesterday… not looking to kop but nice quality.
Certainly you can find occasional deals such as this… I think he's saying that if you really want to have a chance at getting some more high quality denim you should probably expect to be in the $150 range as then you can definitely find some of the better brands when they go on sale for 40%-50% off. I recently grabbed a pair of Raleighs for about $140. Some of my faves.
Color combo is fine… there's nothing lumberjack about that shirt, looks fine. Definitely tame that square though!
^ good game Indy!
haha… I was afraid that's what you meant! Thursday will end differently for the Bruins!
yes and they've all been posted.
if there's room in her stink then, well ya!
lol.. says the psychopath!
before what? none of those teams has played each other.
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