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Are you a pirate, a shitty-jacket fan boy or both?
^ Looks fine man.
^ Those look really nice.
I don't mean any jingoism or any "USA is the best" at all. But I do think her behavior and whole attitude is just self-absorbed, imperious bullshit. First of all she is a talentless, hack of a "musician" so she has no leg to stand on as far as being a "cocky/attitude artist" goes. She says at the beginning in a completely, bitchy and condescending manner "Ummm… ya can I get some help from the donut professional over here" or something to that effect. And then there's the...
so fucking dumb... does this mean my Schwarzenegger Magnum is not cool anymore?
@Paul84 wtf is that bullshit? What's next Davoucci?
Had been wanting to see this for a while for some reason… glad I did.
Someone please tell this stupid cunt to STFU and go live in Afghanistan, El Salvador or The DRC or some shit for a week (if she could even make it that long) then come back and tell me how much you hate "America" you vapid twat.
Not even nearly my fave porn star. I prefer them a bit less hairy… and a lot more, uh, female.
I've been away a bit… I was hoping to see some nice pix, not all this entry level shit.
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