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You could get Buttero, Lanvin, CP, MMM… you've got to look around man @knifeinabox. $450 buys a much better sneaker than those R&B.
^ haha. Nah… I'm pretty sure they've got it in the bag.
Wacky and injury-riddled matchup in Dallas right now… DeAndre Jordan having a monster game.
Definitely! As well as making it smell, covering everything with hair and slobber and piss. Yeah sign me up… where can I get one?
They're in what?… 7th seed now? It's possible.
lolI posted that pic… you're welcome. Margiela is famously reclusive but there are a few pix of him.+1... definitely.
They do. But once you've broken or lost the spares, you might need another set! Really?!? Wow cool. Can I get a pair Mom? Can I, can I?
lol probably not, but Clips are done regardless.
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