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Harmony Central as well.
^ Except he's only unintentionally funny. Which, now that I think about it, may even be better.
^ That's pretty close to the percentage of people who routinely dress like shit, so I'm not sure if the data is helpful.
And for those of you unfamiliar with google… there you go. Thank you pB.
Anyone had this and know where to buy? A friend recommended and I cannot find it anywhere.
Yeah, Bengals suck… and I'm in Cincinnati at the moment visiting friends!
Can't tell you which season (perhaps RFX knows), but they are certainly recent… as in the last year or so. They are definitely not the old sole.
This looks fantastic!
Foie gras amuse… something or other. Marinated Tuna, fuyu persimmons, candied ginger, etc. Truffle Agnolotti, brown butter nage Black bass, foie gras matignon, sweetbreads, etc. Picked beef tongue, mustard creme fraiche, crones Roasted lamb tenderloin, polenta, Pernod gel, rosemary jus Coconut Crémeux This was NYE actually, but delicious and worth a post.
This is the war chant in celebration of the extra 11 days of rapin' & shopliftin' right?
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