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He said "benefits" instead of "blessings" of liberty … other than that it was correct. But his delivery made it sound like he fucked it up.
Holy shit.
This is hilarious isn't it? He obviously does it consciously, and then pauses for dramatic effect… it's laughable, plus he's completely full of shit.I'll have to agree with Trump on Megyn (is that the correct idiot spelling?) Kelly however… she's so full of herself and honestly her praying mantis alien head adorned with fake hair and egregiously fake eyelashes just bugs me out. It's chicks like this I would just love to throw in a pool … "fuck I'm melllllllting!" like the...
Very true. A significant portion of my ancestors emigrated from Alsace-Lorraine… some amazing stories of the old country.
Then how's anyone supposed to know how cool I am?
Sure we do… it just happens to be nice all the time!
Shall we guess?
I've done it occasionally under sweater or sweatshirt depending … but as an undershirt yes. I have a couple white ones hat I've found are great as an insulating layer underneath a dress shirt in the winter (v-neck so no vis of course).You're right some of those are cool. I have a Basquiat one from a previous release.
Joking of course.Was just following what he said.
Looks nice @cezinho … great first post! So no ball busting for red ties or are we done with that? Loafers? Oh the horror! It would seem we are all very well versed in preserved-fruit-in-jars products… I like all of those!
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