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You've framed (no pun intended ) the issue correctly… sure tortoise is a bit more elegant, black is sleek and minimal and well… black. It goes with anything. If you don't have a varied collection of shades I'd say go black… if you want something more unique then tortoise. I have about 10 pairs of shades from Peoples, Ford, Persol, Sama etc. and eventually you'll have one of everything.
I can't believe you are going to dis Sir Paul in favor of Skank Mariah. Dafuq mang?!
I think this part deserves an explanation unto itself. WTH!?! ;P
Not exactly sure, but for me they all start at 73 degrees!
For the past year or so I have been obsessed with brussel sprouts… I even made some more tonight. I can't explain it, but I freaking love them.
Clemson and Alabama… lol.
I would say … yes. Especially for white meat… it was already dead and you killed it again.
I don't know what industries you guys work in, but from the legal side of considering whether a document contains a valid signature, the trend has been toward digital authentication. Some individual customers/companies/etc. may still require a handwritten signature as you mention, but before too long I think they'll all (almost) be digital anyway.
It's seriously impossible for me physiologically/psychologically … no natural light during the day would make me lose my mind.
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