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Oh sure. The bottle is covered with all kinds of uses and directions. IIRC, I just used it as shampoo regular strength (undiluted), though perhaps I've been doing it wrong all this time!
I heard about this on NPR a week or so ago. It's interesting, but I think a bit flawed as well. I don't think anyone is surprised to find out that people's perceptions can be influenced by preconceptions developed or imparted by marketing and image information, but I would really like to know the results of the subjects' tastes of the wines completely blind. For instance, some people just have shitty taste and you might serve them a nicely aged Silver Oak cabernet and they...
But Pettine also admitted that Manziel is facing serious issues that the Browns did not know about when they selected the former Heisman Trophy winner in the first round of last year's draft. "We had the same information everyone else in the league had," Pettine said. "It turns out to be a deeper-rooted thing than we thought." Serious issues they did not know about? The egomaniacal, douchebag who moonlights as the guy from Lucky Charms has issues you didn't know about?...
I'm not being glib, but…. you just use it! Seriously, it works on everything right out of the bottle. Good stuff.This however…. is this guy a psychopath? wtf?On stage at your own concert? Because that woman is next to you enjoying your music?
Hilarious… yes!
1. Those looks pretty turrible. Do not wear.2. Now irrelevant. See answer #1.
This sounds so fucking weird and hilarious I had to quote it.These are fucking sweet so get them. There you go, problem solved.
^ Bloody nice Akubra…. mate! Mine is beat to shit after multiple outback excursions… yours looks fantastic. What model is it? I can't remember mine, but my father still wears his Banjo Patterson in inclement weather.
They definitely look like AO Air Force Pilot shades. My father has been wearing those my entire life. Literally the only pair of sunglasses I have ever known him to own!
Hmmmm… I'm not sure really, but it is interesting. For the record the jacket looks lovely… I do like it, but I have been noticing the gorge trend for a while. There are other posters I've seen as well with particularly high gorges… perhaps some of them will chime in.
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