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100%. Baseball gods want the Royals in the mix.More like Nats manager… speechless.
Absolutely not. That jacket is so not cool. You should send it to me for cheap. Damn I used to love Blunnie's until they cheaped out and stopped making them in Australia. Haven't bought a pair since.
You ACTUALLY think that the chemical pollution of cigarette smoke is more pleasant than the combustion fumes of a 100% natural plant? Do you also burn a fireplace full of Dura-Flame logs during the holidays instead of nicely dried and aged natural timber? Srsly?
Add UCLA to that as well. I was at the Rose Bowl last night only to see TWO missed field goals at the end of the game! ugh….
My brother-in-law just brought over a shit load of Korean carryout for lunch!
You made no such comments on my situation nor did you provide me any advice… unless of course you consider suggesting I call them after the comment I posted was about the call I just had with them being unsatisfactory advice. I have done nothing evil and God has nothing to do with anything on this forum. Thank you however for caring. Uniqlo customer service still sucks.
I'd say the consensus is your father is a giver of nice gifts!
Generally speaking yes… almost. There is a very fine cross over between truly "functional" clothing that may be be covered under patent (but this rarely occurs), logos are covered under trademark and are highly enforceable (but this law is designed to protect the consumer in buying goods of a known quality and manufacture) while design is essentially unprotected as it does not fall under the enumerated categories of copyright law (notwithstanding the fact that copyright is...
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