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Yeah and it's Ruth's Chris so he's lazy to boot.
Decent games yesterday. How far did you have Baylor going? I actually saw this loss coming with a 5/12 upset and Yale coming in strong for the first time in a while… so I picked the Yalies. The Purdue/Ark-LR was my only miss yesterday and really shouldn't have even happened had Purdue not choked down the stretch.As did most people… crazy upsets all over the place and I'm busted … MSU, WVa, Cal, Dayton got crushed… total mayhem. The Northern Iowa game winner was fantastic…...
Looks nice @jcman311 … pretty sure I know the place … are you not telling for a reason?
I can't tell you anything personally, but I do remember them being mentioned and talked about here previously because I recognize the website. Perhaps in previous threads???
idk I got some "waRshing" to do.
^ not sure what you mean by "substantial" but Johnny Cueto no good?
not even joking … absolutely nothing. Go to Laguna or Newport.I have an SC very similar to that … so of course I like it.
Joking aside @brokencycle makes a good point. If there is an activity you can share together, obviously that's a huge help…. aside from the health benefits, you're sharing time with each other. My GF and I play tennis and/or run together almost daily so it's pretty good. She's relatively hard on herself, checking out her ass in the mirror to make sure it's not "drooping down!" LOL Ironically, I workout religiously and she thinks I'm "more cute" after Thanksgiving and...
alas… sorry brotha I do not!I think I just got lucky …. reallllllllllllly lucky.
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