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I would hope there would be more respect for Robert Johnson than for him to end up in the same sentence with Beyonce. Come on man.
^ don't have any Minis but three other 'Foogers... +1 to any of them! They are fantastic.
Freeway Series tonight... go Dodgers!
I would like some black lows myself.
How many pairs of chopsticks you got?
Does anyone know about the release dates for Almodovar's Wild Tales? I really want to see that.
I get that... I mean that applies to the Hooters chick but why Miranda Kerr or Kendall or these other Hollywood chix?They need neither money nor fame, but just want to bask in the glow of reflected douchery?
So why are some of Hollywood's hottest chix attracted to a pre-pubescent, lesbian look-a-like boy? More a "Things You Don't Get" post but I suppose it mildly pisses me off so fuggit.
Basic contract law.. Newc & Stitchy got it.
New Posts  All Forums: