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^ some nerd shit.
I usually prefer somewhat obscure or at least less-hyped films of which I know very little going in and just like to be surprised and enjoy whatever it is without any preconceptions…this was not one of those occasions.
I believe there is a test for psilocybin but I guess it depends on the shrooms and the particular hallucinogen.
oh my goodness… and she's like what? in grade school?
It's beyond super lame… it's childish and paternalistic. I remember joking when I was in law school one of my buddies was worried about getting a marijuana 'scrip. Like are you fucking kidding me? Half the attorneys in this state have one and oh btw… there's about a dozen people in this class that are high right now!
Tater tots and ranch dressing at a wedding?
Of course, it was just zany and I was playing it up, but I do like them though. I mean, I love Etro, but have you seen their looks? Johnny Depp in Pirates looks more conservative than some of them. Great pieces, but you need to be a mega rock star or a total asshole to wear it all at once!
Yeah no kidding… saw it today… thumb comments are back!Yeah probably your cock… or whatever.
Not completely sold on the top half, but it looks pretty cool. You've got your own vibe going, which is good.As for Bill murray vibes… I can't say I've ever had the occasion for getting dressed where channeling Bill Murray would have been helpful. Then again, I haven't auditioned for any Wes Anderson films recently.
For some reason it seems I've usually heard bad things about Sideways… and I've never seen it! Gonna need to change that.If you dig martial arts films this is great. If you're specifically into Kung Fu and Wing Chun, it's fantastic. I freaking loved it.
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