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So true. First time I visited, I was very surprised to find so many good bakeries and baked goods in general. I'm not sure why.
Trying to figure out what shop that is!
He just never shuts up… it's awesome.
Agreed.. nice dimple. Shape of the knot however, for the nice roll on that collar just wasn't doing it for me.
@KHTong shirt looks nice, good collar... can't really see the suit, but I don't like the tie or the knot. You have some other options?
You could get Buttero, Lanvin, CP, MMM… you've got to look around man @knifeinabox. $450 buys a much better sneaker than those R&B.
^ haha. Nah… I'm pretty sure they've got it in the bag.
Wacky and injury-riddled matchup in Dallas right now… DeAndre Jordan having a monster game.
New Posts  All Forums: