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^ Is it less shitty than their beer?
Jeezus… wtf is their deal with the shipping? Last time they really pissed me off and I almost got screwed out of getting the AP sweats I ordered twice and paid for. Since they think my time is available for free, I told them one of the items did not ship and they credited my account. My time does not come for free.
^ Oh wow…. man I haven't had bass in ages. Used to catch them fresh when I was a kid! That's some tasty looking fish right there.
For some reason I can't get away from a white coat giving me a science/laboratory vibe. I even passed on this nice Helmut Lang shirt/top for my girl for the same reason. I'm not saying it's justified, but unless it's an actual SC or DBSC I'm always thinking Mr. Wizard or some shit.
good one!lol not even nearly. I've been posting the same view on this POS since two seasons ago.
Yeah what city? I would have guessed Seoul as well.
^ Thanks. I've looked at everything from Clegg & Lotuff, to Aspinal and SAB. Not much in between! Senior attorney I saw today who easily makes $500K was carrying around this beat to shit piece of shit Kenneth Cole monstrosity and I'm thinking, seriously? EDIT: double thanks @cyc wid it… at first glance indeed looks nice. That's the shape and style I was after. It is reminiscent of the Mismo I liked (but that one was grey). anyway
Lol. I've been looking for a new briefcase and a friend suggested giving me one as a gift. It's like the boots as I'm sure they are not thinking what I'm thinking, which is I haven't seen anything I even remotely like for less than $1K. They're probably thinking, oh I could find something nice for a few hundred dollars… to which I reply… wtf kinda briefcase only costs $300? Exactly.
Lol… thanks for reminding me.What a freaking asshole. Hey look at me... isn't never suffering any consequences for your actions funny?
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