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Hmmm… I'm completely the other way on these Rollies @academe. Daytona just looks gimmicky to me and all YG anything is not my bag.
It was, I believe. I didn't say my explanation would make sense… it just made me laugh! And I'm just clarifying I wasn't laughing at @tonecrush.
Hey man it wasn't a bust on your fit (although it does have issues which have been pointed out). Don't mind me it was the 3 posts together… the guy before you posted the wack, Ramones floating on air which @sinnedk cracked on, then your post was like "fuck it double or nothing, more Rick!" in a somewhat incongruous setting and then brad-t topped it off with his usual, somewhat dry and sarcastic "dude why" which just struck me as, in total, funny. Looks like you got some...
A bit of lunch and running around so something casual and comfortable.CrittendenB'bryHermesRaleighButtero [[SPOILER]]
Last 3 posts collectively hilarious.
Since we recently mentioned how much we hated natural *cough* I mean loved beautiful, blonde finishes, I thought I'd share my Guild Starfire.
Kimchi braised short ribs.
I'm having a problem understanding your logistics… you're concerned about the t-shirt messing your hair, but not that fact you're not showering?
Get the grey one and make it charcoal grey (as in darker) and get the black one, but make it navy blue (as in not black).
Mind blown.
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