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All my modeling experiences consisted of letting the stylist women dress and undress me... the female models pretended to eat food while chain smoking. It wasn't bad overall... a bit of cash, free clothes and a few phone numbers.
Aside from being unattractive?
Agreed. I wish they would do away with most all of the text... and not just the dial. It's the main reason I don't like that model with the "escape valve" and "ring lock" text. All that crap just bugs me.
CA or US site? I only saw the sweatpants and not discounted that much.
What deck is it that he thought it's vintage? Coolest shop I know is in San Diego and the whole ceiling is covered in actual vintage decks from the late 70's and all through the 80's.
I think I will do one of these tonight... unfortunately sans cigar.
To make it easy to type arse?
I gave up trying to understand completely when she started quoting and replying to herself.
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