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How on fucking earth can Hibbert go the whole game without scoring… again? It makes no goddamn sense.
Where is it $3.29? I know it's gotten more expensive recently but in LA it's $2.49/bottle or a case for $27.99 I believe. Happy Memorial Day and stop drinking that Tisdale!
Probably not because most likely he f'g died yo.
Well I was certainly just joking a bit but I think you have seen a bit more of the change than I considering I've only been around about 4 years and you 7… although I have definitely noticed that many of the long-time posters and solid contributors have since just vanished or posted less frequently while there has been a surge of douche bags and code whores in certain threads. At least you and I can still root against the Heat! haha
agreed… and the second one looks like absolute shit.
Nobody talks about clothes here any more. We're all done with that.
@BigRob… what Bill said.
I f'g love linen… especially silk/linen blend. I don't understand why it's given the "ugly stepchild" treatment sometimes.
I just finished reading this a few days ago… you should check it out!
I can't stand Teixeira for sure, but he plays for the Yanks… no surprise. Props to Jeter of course because he's a stand up guy… Ichiro should have gone elsewhere.
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