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@An Acute Style like that new jacket… great fit. @md2010 Spring Down Under? Nice.
Nice FT Gasol.
Srsly. Is that supposed to be food?
Nice … I really like some Missoni stuff, but don't see it around here much. Saw an old pic from the late 60's of Eric Clapton wearing a Missoni scarf… then I was like "I gotta get one!" This is getting super weird… but it recalls a time my grandma saw my cousin wiping his dick (he's like 7 or 8, I'm maybe 9/10 y.o.) and she almost lost it. It was borderline … "What the fuck are you doing? Only girls do that!" He says … "My other grandma said it was ok." (he's...
It's cool man… whatever you say, I'm not one to judge. Couldn't help but chuckle… "Where's the salad for that giant crouton bro?!?"
Fox is so not baller though man. Mine's sable.
Really? Huh. Kinda surprised I've never heard of them or seen them mentioned around here.Hilarious, but true.Nudie? N&F? I dunno… for no real reason they are kinda the same to me, with Nudie being slightly less offensive. But I think that's because I'm 1/4 Swedish so I'm soft on them.
Just keep to the tennis side of headbands… if you start going the soccer route, the results will not be good. and for the record I LOL'd the bun comment both for its pointed criticism and the fact that yes, it clearly wasn't said tactfully. Notwithstanding the tone, that bun is not exactly complementary either.
New Posts  All Forums: