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Oh gee
WTF is that supposed to be?
Kinda like this guy …and this guy …Not even mentioned "In Memoriam".
Awesome… the good ol' cheese dinner!
4.5 at a very comfortable stride. Beautiful jogging weather in LA these days.
True .. and KD fouling out was certainly a major factor.Iggy's look and shrug was great! They're playing well and having fun which makes it extra cool.Mr. No Bullshit JVG said that almost verbatim on a few of his shots during the game … "that's a terrible f'g shot! well unless you're Steph Curry"
Def clutch! He's 71.5% career so certainly not a foregone conclusion … but he drained them. Championship teams find ways to win … GSW just keeps doing it.
Should just spill a bottle of Liquid Ass on the seat and leave it at that.
A slow-burning French flick about a family who is surreptitiously surveilled by an unknown whack job… gets weirder from there. Atypical but pretty good.
New Posts  All Forums: