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Yes your are correct sir. This pos, stupid asshole. What a fucking worthless piece of trash. There is no shame or any sense of being polite anymore… I've seen 12 year olds with more class.
Who really thinks they're that good (aside from FSU fans)? Srsly… They've barley survived 5 near-losses this season. There is nothing significant about this team except they happen to have eked out an undefeated record against more than a few mediocre teams. Don't even get me started on the numerous off-the-field "passes" Winston has completed.
Why am I not surprised? lolWatched Videodrome the other night. Wtf?
I believe he's fucking with him because you're not supposed to be asking for codes anyway.
^ srsly great fades. I don't know how "regular" wear could do that. I have a pair of APCs I've been wearing on and off for like two years and they ain't fade shit.
I met her attorney tonight. I'm like "yeah you represent Will Smith, Herbie Hancock, Keith Richards, Gwen Stefani…. and who?" I still don't know who the fuck this Nickelodeon/Disney media twat is.
Nice box and watches there@TheWraith
Spurs looked good at the end… Pop on point. Clips only scored 3 in the last 5+ minutes.
Wow that's crazy shit! Cool story.
You look pretty cool for that f'ing hot!
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