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idk but I like it as well... nicely done Betel.btw what the hell's the difference between a sleeveless cardigan and a vest... and for the record Spectre what the hell is a sleeveless vest?
What the hell? How do people get to be so weird?
What's to agree... I asked Fuji a question. nvm.Btw has anyone ever used one of those hanging upside down table contraptions for stretching? My unlce has one and says it's great, but I've never had the chance to use one.
Yes thank you... that was extremely helpful. I do appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day.
Well he certainly is doing well and sometimes the difference in disposable income can make things awkward. My mother had a friend like this who was very wealthy and always gave fantastic gifts and never expected anything in return or did much for herself, etc. much like you describe. Some people truly believe in and have the ability to enjoy giving gifts more than receiving them and since you say he really is your friend then you are quite lucky to have a great friend!...
Lifting helped your scoliosis? Explain please.
^ yes, the preseason DMS poll.
^ This is knida what I meant... I mean he's not always wrong, just tries too hard. Plus he's an idiot. I guess he forgot to look up the meaning of the word "extensive".
You may be right.. I'm somewhat curious. lolSo JJ has a hard time shopping at Hermes?
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