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Well saying they "suck" is silly because they clearly don't suck the way Nickelback or the Goo Goo Dolls suck, but ok... even though I'm with pB on this one.
^ I would venture to guess that he's bullshitting pB!
I thought that may have been the case but couldn't remember how the inversion worked when I posted my own shots so I thought it was on your left which is why I asked because I know it is to be worn on the right. Cool.. thanks! And I still liked your combo in the previous fit... elegant and good looking.
I actually prefer that one as it seems to have less shit going on even with yet another line of text... haha! The PP I've never liked.
Sometimes I think this #menswear or "GQ made me do it" idea is bullshit. Not disagreeing with you entirely FM, but it's kinda like popular music sucked when I was a kid and I still figured out to listen to Zeppelin and Hendrix instead. It should be pretty obvious that none of that shit looks good.
This looks nice JK. I wasn't going to comment until I noticed the bracelet. Is that a kara and if so why on your left?
I didn't say he wasn't good... it was based on your comparison, which was made in error, so... no worries. Guess we'll see if Blatt is good or perhaps shitty.
^ Much shittier coach?!? Whaaaa? What's so great about Spoelstra?Be nice if they did... at least make it interesting.
Nice. Not sure where you live but obviously we have tons of skate shops in SoCal.Sometimes you'll find t shirts in the weirdest places. I bought a repro of the old Bones Brigade BONES shirt with the rib cage coming through it that was always one of my fave shirts in either Taipei or Dubai I don't know which... but I remember thinking "what the hell is this doing here?!?"
Anyone by any chance remember the name of the shop that had Starks really on sale last fall?
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