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Where you shopping ... WalMart or the Kanye West outlet?LOL … yeah all the fat Americans on this forum.
Hmmm Scotch & Soda … maybe you should have gone with All Saints instead.
I don't think anybody likes them … just a stupid marketing gimmick of a sorts I'm not even particularly sure. Been a while since I've seen anyone casually walking around wearing a batting helmet. Apparently they got the idea from the 3D logo nose bumpers on NFL helmets such as this.
Been wanting to see this for a bit. Great flick if you're into martial arts and wing chun in particular. Not as good as 1 of course, but far better than 2. Good stuff.
and therein lies the mystical nature of JW's appeal
What's with the goofy batting helmets though? Oh… matte finish, 3D logo …. wow SO cool.
Because most JW tastes like shit?
Me too… that was fantastic.
Warriors win! and the Warrior goes out in style. Congrats GSW … thank you Kobe.
awesome… I may have to as well.
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