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I don't even know what your point is and to further imply some nexus between knowledge of a subject and sexuality is not only unwelcome, but certifiably ignorant. Let me clarify for you who is apparently slow on the uptake. The OP mentioned his girlfriend "let it slip, that sapphire is her birth stone". My comment was made under the assumption that he would almost certainly know what month her birthday was and could then proceed to Google to look up the birthstone for that...
Interesting and informative. Where did you go to find this info.. USPTO? If so good work… I do some IP law and am curious about the branding and quality. Thanks!
Lakers up 11 with 10 minutes left in the 4th… what are the chances they still lose? Is this srsly going to be the worst Lakeshow ever? (that's a rhetorical question obviously) well I'll be damned!
So you were previously unaware of what month she was born?
Jeezus wtf are "night terrors"? Is that a thing?
^ Is that worse than gluten? It makes your dick fly completely off.
Shittsburgh's new #1 fan! Isn't she cute?
L'Inc… you didn't notice all the little squares in there and wonder what's the deal with this grill?
Yes, except for the fact that this game basically means dick and last year we choked the CCG.
^ You basically support my point.. yes, decent, good pie is easy. A truly excellent pie and crust is not. That's it. I mean really.. the majority of people cannot even bake decent cookies much less pie.
New Posts  All Forums: