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sCam Newton learning a thing (perhaps if that's even possible) about karma. And wtf was he doing driving a '98 Dodge pickup?
^ Damn those are just turrible.
Definitely a diss to the program. Barry is not happy.
Dodgers hot stove is so hot they're adding extra burners! Not sure if what they're cooking is gonna be any good though.
Well if you live in Boston send me some 6 pound lobsters!
The hack is causing massive problem with people I work with. They have taken all the computers etc. and quarantined them… down to using personal emails on their smartphones. What some don't realize is that these deals operate in the grey area of Hollywood accounting (known as fraud in any other industry) and confidentiality such as the disparity in the Franco/Rogen compensation. It is a fucking shit show out here with anything involving Sony… which is a lot.
Well I am neither of those so your logic and assumptions are faulty… and King crab in Thailand? Yeah you're definitely doing it wrong. lol
I never ebay'd in TPE but the M&S on ZhongXiao always sucked anyway that's why it closed. As for prices, big brand stores consistently had better deals than I ever found in the states. Seriously when I moved back from TPE to the US I had to send so much clothing through customs the CBP joked with my parents on the invoices as I had listed all the retail prices for insurance reasons and had about $15K worth of clothing (Givency, Etro, Shiatzy Chen, Kenzo, Gucci, Prada,...
Jeanie Buss being a complete idiot on NPR in LA right now. Ugh… Dr. B rolling over in his grave.
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