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Good game NO/GS right now. Anyone catch Shaq's little case of sudden-onset homophobia at the break? It kinda was/kinda wasn't but given the climate these days for saying anything slightly un-PC, it will be interesting to see if it gets any media mention tomorrow. And is there a guy court side in Dubs gear who looks exactly like Urban Meyer or am I hallucinating? I just caught a glimpse of him, but as a native Buckeye I could have sworn it was him. Anyone?
CBRE by any chance? lol j/k, probably not… but the comment reminded me of their DTLA office as it is supposed to be "revolutionary" in its openness and efficient functionality. I was helping on a project for them and spent a bit of time down there. Right…. just long tables, no personal desks or computers, they had weird offices that were literally phone booth-sized glass boxes with a ledge that was apparently meant to function as a desk and a door one could close for noise...
Are you moving on after graduation Skits? Where to if you don't mind my asking?
^ this is like the perfect storm of a distribution/delivery nightmare.
^ pretty cool… what shoes?
This was the joke I had rattling around in my head, but my version made me sound like a gigolo… or a slut.
I believe at one time root beer, ginger beer, sassafras and all those drinks were "brewed" as it were, similarly to actual beer but without alcohol (to my knowledge ginger beer is 100% non-alcoholic). Like most things over time, they got cheap and just developed artificial flavors and so root beer and ginger ale became like you say, "sodas". As for the name change from ginger beer to ginger ale it's probably just some marketing thing, but in short the soda versions are...
^ right? Guy was freaking bonkers. I mean that's cool and all, but seems like he crossed the "being a professional / being a fan" line juuuuuust a bit!
There was nothing loaded, implied or otherwise in my question which was in its most basic form simply.. "hmmm, I wonder where the boundary is between liking things and wearing them?" [[SPOILER]]Since when did SF have an EIC?
The last dunk was certainly the money shot. (ummmmm…) I'm not a Clips fan, but my goodness they were clicking last night and yeah that dunk was pretty badass. To reprise a post from another thread it was on my mind however, listening to part of the game last night on 980AM here in LA…. what's the deal with the Clippers announcer? I'm all for enthusiasm, but the guy loses his shit every other play! I've gotten more insightful commentary from the drunk slob sitting next to...
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