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Nope! Spring here today and it's been freaking beautiful. Tennis on Thursday, out by the pool today. Fuck that East Coast, northern winter bullshit.
Oh hell no. Some straight up pos Cole Haan jive.
http://www.camofactory.com is this the place you meant?
but I thought my Diesels were so hype yo.
I don't know what that is called either, but I do know I'd say seriously fuck that. Exchange for sure.
I saw some fool on the tennis court the other day wearing suede derbies.
Lol. I'm not trashing it... it didn't suck! Not quite as dark as I had anticipated, although I tend not to read too much into anything before watching as I like to be surprised. My expectations were more of a general vibe, but nonetheless I enjoyed it.
I mean yeah I guess…. I've seen at least 3 or 4 of his other films. This was just such a non-event for me. Is he a superhero? Why does he have powers, but never use them? Where did he get the powers? What's the point of his "Birdman" persona? Why is Norton's character like some Strasbergian idiot-savant and what is his purpose? And I won't ruin the end for those who haven't seen it but it's like…. ummmm ok, wtf?I am usually pretty militantly anti-hype when it comes to...
I'm not sure what this list means… why are True Religion and Rock & Republic listed?
I didn't particularly enjoy this. Anyone else?
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