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What does this mean exactly? Just curious. made me lol.
"..wearing my RO to band practice..." Quite possibly the first time in history these words have ever been heard together. Rock on TC!
It's a joak man... that thing on your floor looks like a bong of sorts.
^ nice!
Ugly as fuck.. pass.
No Pujols?
Well saying they "suck" is silly because they clearly don't suck the way Nickelback or the Goo Goo Dolls suck, but ok... even though I'm with pB on this one.
^ I would venture to guess that he's bullshitting pB!
I thought that may have been the case but couldn't remember how the inversion worked when I posted my own shots so I thought it was on your left which is why I asked because I know it is to be worn on the right. Cool.. thanks! And I still liked your combo in the previous fit... elegant and good looking.
I actually prefer that one as it seems to have less shit going on even with yet another line of text... haha! The PP I've never liked.
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