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Kind of like snow day nostalgia… I can dig it too! Just not in LA.
Similar route of just over 3 miles… but my strength has really been consistent and I've been hauling ass lately. Probably finished close to 20 minutes.
LOL … never thought of this, but it may very well be true.In very important news, Byron Scott's Instagram account may have been hacked… he's denying that he challenged another poster to a fight. This Blake Griffin thing may be becoming clearer by the moment.
This would pretty much explain it no?
um… no, not even close. Not even in the same universe.yes… which we are most certainly not.
I never quite understood these damn things… although I do like the beer!
Yep. $300 makes them unconscionable.
awesome cruise!
Is that an idiom .. or an actual question? Haha, I love marmalade.I always ate this as a kid.
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