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Really? Huh. Kinda surprised I've never heard of them or seen them mentioned around here.Hilarious, but true.Nudie? N&F? I dunno… for no real reason they are kinda the same to me, with Nudie being slightly less offensive. But I think that's because I'm 1/4 Swedish so I'm soft on them.
Just keep to the tennis side of headbands… if you start going the soccer route, the results will not be good. and for the record I LOL'd the bun comment both for its pointed criticism and the fact that yes, it clearly wasn't said tactfully. Notwithstanding the tone, that bun is not exactly complementary either.
Fuck it... not working. What a great deal.Also just btw, is Y-3 sizing consistent with Adidas generally? I usually wear a 10 in Adidas tennis shoes, but when I tried on the Raf Stan Smiths I went 10.5. Anyone notice differences? Thank you.
Do I sense a collaboration in the works?
Another weird one, but I rather enjoyed it. An acquired taste I suppose.
So it seems that a month later, after supposedly having no remaining stock and additionally screwing up the Arigato sale this past weekend, Uniqlo has replenished almost the entire Lemaire collection online. Good one Uni.
Come on man… it was meant as a somewhat preemptive "apology" of sorts for posting, but not actually answering the question. I think you're just busting my balls which is fine. He's such a massive tool though… srsly I don't get the appeal.
@Sander consistently good. Nice mix with a less-than-common brown suit. Congrats … not only have you two missed my point entirely, but also, despite the ubiquity of the internet and Google, you have also failed to understand the meaning of "misogyny". But as you say, to each his own and I agree so carry on.
Similarly tangential… not sure about OGs, but at least the mids seem exactly the same. Except that they don't have the elastic for the tongue which ultimately drives me crazy as it's flapping from side to side.
New Posts  All Forums: