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I'm a JD/MBA from a T14 with much experience in soft IP (copyright/trademark), but since you have an EE, hard IP (e.g. patent) is a definite. It seems you are in Chicago. I live in LA and San Diego is a hotbed of patent IP. And it depends on whether you would pursue litigation or transactions. I completely disagree with @papa kot that your fallback would be immigration or family law or some shit. That honestly makes no sense. With an EE you could be way into Communications...
God damn I f'g love this jam "Son of OC". Coming back to this after having listened to it probably near 1,000 times I realize it's almost certainly one of my top 3 most listened to pieces along with So What and Scheherazade. The first two at least I've memorized note for note. and why do my videos always come up with this fucking "error" message?!?
That WAS my whole diet for the week! lol.. not quite, but damn dude that's putting it down for one sitting (or it was the whole day?? somewhat more reasonable)
Haha, so nice catch! Did you know that without Google? But hey, I listen to Zappa because (aside from the fact he's a fucking genius) I've been a music student all my life. He's an important 20th century musician. I think it's more a statement about mainstream culture than anything. There were plenty of "youngsters" rocking out to Steely Dan these past 2 weekends at Coachella. And yes I was one of them.
Whiskey & Coke, but I am getting concerned about my extraneous sugar intake. I need a healthier libation that is not vodka & soda. No ideas thus far.
The true question though … Is that a real poncho . . . I meanIs that a Mexican poncho or is that a Sears poncho?(Hmmm . . . no foolin' . . . )
^ neither frumpy, nor old! Well this is hard to disagree with.
Without a full-length shot it's really hard to tell how this works together…. seems like two different outfits.
Nice. I love reading outside in the sun… probably 3-4 times a week for me.
^ really? Huh… cool. Welcome back dude.
New Posts  All Forums: