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I just like this.. looks nice and I love that tie.
Cocksucking Uniqlo customer service is fucking bullshit.
These fucking assholes are beyond the pale… no info, supervisor is a cunt, dissembling and bullshit. Fuck them.
Who to root for tonight? Jeez which shitty team do I despise less… the Giants or the Pirates? I could actually be happy to see SF win a game if they beat Shitsburg the same way KC beat Oakland last night!
I don't know honestly. It sounds like they are kinda ill-informed themselves in customer derive. Something to the effect of … "we've changed the way we run order logistics with FedEx and this new system has resulted in delays to some orders receiving tracking numbers and as a result, being shipped on time."I ordered some of the AP sweats on the 25th and nothing yet… no info, no tracking, and obviously no gear!
Is anyone else getting some bullshit from Uniqlo about a change in their shipping that has coursed delays? I ordered some shit over a week ago and it hasn't even been processed for a tracking number yet… wtf?
What a great game though! Sucks for A's fans but the baseball gods are loving KC
^ New thread in the works? "Will Suck Dick for Dunks!" Probably be some takers on that.
^ That's cool. It will just make it all the more awesome when they lose to the Dodgers.
^ looks nice… nothing like beer and cheese! I had one of these last night…
New Posts  All Forums: