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^ I don't know if you are actually in ATL but in LA that shit jumped the shark long ago. It happens with the food about 50/50 depending on the joint , but as far as drinks it's a shit show. Just making a drink requires the artisanal selection of herbal leaves and fresh juices all while verbally masturbating the execution only to end up with some weak ass snow cone of a beverage. Hell it seems most bartenders can't even make a proper martini or gin & tonic anymore. I've...
I wish I had been up there today… will be tomorrow, but he's probably banned from coming to practices now. Hilarious though.
Oh hell no. Orange County to me is Laguna, Newport and one of my favorite Frank Zappa jams… I don't do Anaheim…. lol.almost forgot the FZ!
Mind blown. So where am I and what does it all mean??Oh yeah, Santa Monica so perhaps I'm safe.
Goddamn where these bats been? That's more like it … Go Dodgers.
You should reconsider visiting… we get a bad rap sometimes. I too love Roy's posts, and also to try to figure what part of town he's in.
Haha... well we all know it's never about "need"! Now I'm kicking myself for not getting them. Ugh.
It's not well known, but if you score 100 points as a member of the losing team then you can claim MVP. In that case LeBron would have only needed about 230 shots.
LOL what does that even mean? How does one even equate a place being "great to be from"? I was in NJ once driving from the midwest. It was pretty shocking as I had never been there and of course it's called the Garden State which I always thought was weird. But we spent a little time in the western part of NJ as we were driving in and lo and behold it's quite scenic… beautiful trees and natural landscapes, I was quite surprised. Then we got toward whatever city we were...
Can't you just give the cops the plate number and they will identify the owner and contact him/her? They wouldn't need to have it towed.
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