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I stopped in this weird little donut shop on Sawtelle & SaMo .. its run by this old Chinese guy and his wife. They have some type of bear claw different than any I've had. I'm not sure what it was… I warmed it up a touch in the oven and it was just incredible. The other donuts they have are definitely really good… didn't blow me away but they are legit and pretty cheap from what I remember. What I do not remember is the name of the shop. I probably shouldn't tell you this...
I've been going to this Belgian cafe on Wilshire (in West LA) recently. They've got great chocolate, coffee and of course… waffles!No do not dump your OC shit in our nice LA thread.
We actually checked out some Levi's but they just looked shitty… idk. He wants something a bit nicer/unique, a pair he can break in for a bit. Thanks for the suggestions fellas.Anyone know anything about these? Just found them.http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/todd-snyder-five-pocket-jeans-503515112.html?index=0&cgid=mens-denim
Srsly man what does this even mean? Ok for who? If you wanna have sexy with a hot tranny then go ahead… zero fucks will be given.
Sizing has been weird for sure… not sure if it's the adjustment for the US market and the new store openings or what. I had some promo codes and there was free shipping today so I ordered some shirts anyway… see when they get here.
What brands are good for stout, stocky guys with thick legs? My buddy wants to get into some raw, selvedges but cannot find a cut that fits him well… and since this is his first foray he'd like to be in the N&F, APC, whoever range… decent starters but not break the bank. Any recs? Thanks. btw… he's probably around 32 x 32… strong thighs, but his calfs are ridiculous. Tried on some Uniqlo's the other day and almost got stuck in them!
So apparently the one day I actually decided to hit that West LA Goodwill on SaMo Blvd it was a no diarrhea day… have not been back since.
x Heinz x French's
They are both fantastic and beautiful pieces, but serve different purposes (of course you know that). It seems like you're leaning toward the Tank, as would I.
Topys can be good for traction or weird delicate soles that you want to take extra care of. Frye boots are meant to be worn and JFC they're shoes… of course the soles will get scratched and discolored. Carry on.
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