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Well idk man. I've only ever seen DJP shoes at Marshall's and Nordstrom's Rack and they are always shitty and not made in Italy IME, though perhaps some are. ymmv
Laksa is the fucking bomb!
So far that has been true… although my great uncle won the lottery 6 or 7 years ago. A little less than $10M I believe. He's getting old… hopefully he remembers me.
Watched this last night. Has anyone seen it? I'm seriously at a loss for words… it's not that I didn't like it, but it's pretty fucking weird.
No… not if you buy better shoes. Those are not good.
^ Yes, and the discussion is pleasantly short and simple…. derivative and boring. Kanye is an assklown. I would never buy anything connected or even remotely connected to him.
^ They always have the most random shit on sale.
I prefer the push-button lock like on my Pawar as opposed to the U-shaped one but yeah I hear you… at least they work!
For the record, even a Cincy boy such as myself doesn't often eat that shit! And I can't say I know anyone who has an actual recipe or makes it themselves… however, in addition to cinnamon I believe there is also a small amount of chocolate in the mix. In Cincinnati there is still the Skyline v. Gold Star battle of who's best, who came first.
Hey… it's a big world out there. What's with this proliferation of nut grabbing? I can't say I've ever felt compelled to grab another man's balls… or have my balls grabbed by another man. wtf is with this shit?
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