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Santa Monica yo it's nice and cool down here!
well my French neighbor will certainly disagree.. but a few quick tips.1) ultra-precise weighing of the ingredients (I have a recipe i'll dig up for you and you can compare)2) double sifting all the dry ingredients together for smooth consistency3) just crack the over door with a wooden spoon or something during the baking to release the humidity4) use the best almond flour or powder whatever it is and preferably organic5) much experimentation to find the optimal time v....
lol you're off your rocker Ace! SB and AAS looking good!
for the record Clags I quite enjoy San Anton (is that how you'd spell it? as the locals often shorten it) My uncle live in Corpus and we used to go there quite a bit.
I mean honestly the bolded part doesn't even make sense. and I'm curious where you would live in HK that is so great? Mid-levels? Repulse Bay? I lived there for almost a year and the mainlanders and locals there are fucking uncivilized heathens and the place is generally a shit hole unless of course you are fabulously wealthy and can insulate yourself from the plebes. London is definitely cool agreed.. even more so if you're a vampire. quite an odd list there Clags....
^ +1
all it means is they put out their first album 25 years ago.. they are not going to be inducted so don't worry about it.
OK lol .. right what was I thinking they're MMM, but that brown strip around the soleā€¦ Fujiwara has been doing that for a while now.
these are Fujiwara? where did you find these?
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