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^ whoa.. very cool. LeBron didn't show up... I'm hilarious. Now he can take his talents elsewhere... again. Nah j/k. The hilarious part was Bron Bron's fidget fingers news conference… instant classic. Yeah what's up with Jimmy Goldstein and how did he get so loaded?
Good one! Out played, out hustled, out coached... these last three games have been a beat down clinic with Miami getting schooled and embarrassed. The King… lol.
Interesting I hadn't heard this at all. Thanks though.
Can't see much from the pic but I have a soft spot for checkerboard slip ons.
^ nope just looks old. Probably legit.
Nah I wasn't trying to "gotcha" or anything… I just got the impression that some one had preceded your comment with mention of wearing the watch at 10atm which obviously is crazy. Generally speaking, although I think dive watches are cool, I really don't know any divers who rely on them frequently.
What is it with this place? I recently declined a suggestion to go there and I'm not even sure why… just that I've heard it's overpriced, pretentious, a lot of sizzle no steak. Is it that bad? I'm certainly intrigued by the unique preparations but is it all just a bunch of bullshit?
I would say no because you'd be dead. Who's wearing a watch at 10atm? That's over 90m deep… only serious nitrox diving pros go that deep.
what? you're joking right?
Right right. And I'll be sure to keep the bill flat, leave all the stickers and tags on it and turn it 45 degrees sideways on my head just to make sure you know how cool I am.
New Posts  All Forums: