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Pretty much looks like PRS right?
Have you read the books? I would be very surprised if you had given your opinion of the US version of GWTDT. Nothing about the original characters is believable with Mara as Salander and even more so with Craig as Blomkvist… it's like casting George Clooney to play Richard Nixon or some shit…. or in reverse casting Jeff Garlin to play James Bond. Srsly, it's just not at all believable. I agree that the 2nd and 3rd were lackluster, but I can't imagine US versions of those...
^ Thank you San Diego.
+1 … agreed looks good MoK.
great fits in this challenge!
How can you be into music and live in NYC and not know who NAS is? Srsly. He's Olu Dara's son btw… but you probably don't know who he is either.
Well sure it's a "word" the same way the dialectical "na'meen" is a "word"… but who am I to disagree with a bunch of idiots and the Huffington Post, lol.
Like most films it's not nearly as good as the book, but the US version is an abomination. I think I made it through about the first 30 minutes before turning it off… the actual Swedish trilogy is far better.
Like anything of course if you do it incorrectly, which naturally most people do.
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