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This is a counter argument to which I would be very interested in hearing the rebuttal. lol good one Pio.
What ever happened it was a freaking blowout… my goodness.
For an actual massage yes. Skip the young girls on the porch type of places and look for the older women sitting inside type places. I'll never forget one full body I had in BKK .. this lady did such a number on me I was relaxed, numb and practically unable to move. It was a miracle I made it back to my hotel. I am also a big fan of Chinese reflexology foot massages, but that "term" varies widely in English so unless you know someone and/or speak Chinese I cannot guarantee...
How many of us have worn our jeans 100 times without washing?
^ This kind of shit drives me crazy. Sorry man… it is super, f'g frustrating. I am missing a FedEx package today as well. You probably ordered some cool shit from the Netherlands… I'm just waiting on some shitty Uniqlo sale stuff.
And re-upholstering chairs is really pretty easy… and dare I say… fun!
Of course they will eventually, but at the moment Uniqlo and FedEx are just pointing fingers at each other while in the meantime the stuff I ordered has sold out. Of course it's probably at the Beverly Center, but if I wanted to drive over there I would have. They won't resend without me reordering and paying twice then get the refund later. The problem is the inconvenience and regardless if they deliver it in 4 or 5 days that is not what I agreed to. It's happened before...
too matchy matchy? lol
Uniqlo FedEx shipping has been absolute bullshit. They've have repeatedly listed delivered packages that never get delivered. Ordered again as these assholes have a policy not to replace the things they haven't delivered , but have already been paid for.
I am waaaaay comfy and not giving a fuck so I guess it's ok. I am tempted to sell though cuz it would definitely bring some scratch!Thanks and good to hear. It's cashmere and sable btw…
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