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Agreed… but theeeeeen, when they start talkING like thiiiiiiiissss, and sayING everyTHING as if it's a quessssTION for no apparent reeeeeaSON except for the fact that mayyyyyyyBE they've been partiALLY lobotoMIZZZZZZED… anyway, fucking idiots the lot of 'em.
… and please don't forget to tip your bartenders.And it seems those are the shops most of them go to. Why, if you've got basically endless cash, can't you buy some decent ink? Most NBA tats are like a step or two above some jail house Bic pen shit.
It's nice… I like that combo. Yeah not sure on the "most environments" thing, but on the flip side I can't think of anywhere you'd wear that someone would say "why the fuck are you wearing that?" except perhaps the beach.
Yeah LOL. Immediately reminded me of an old King of the Hill episode where Peggy loses a student in Mexico on a field trip as the Spanish teacher. She ends up in court extolling the virtues of her fluency and Hank asks the judge to "please let her tell her story… in Spanish". The gag is obvious in that her Spanish is beyond atrocious, but she still has vocabulary saying all sorts of complete nonsense.Congrats! @englade321
I like it overall. Maybe the scarf was just a bit too subtle… not sure you need to completely go the other way with something conspicuous, but I just felt you needed something up there to reflect the yellow into the top block for a bit more balance. One thing is for sure however, you have your own style and do so confidently and that is perhaps 1/2 the battle and not always something that can be learned. OK now that will earn you a pass!
Hmmm. I knew that is part of it, but I don't wear glasses (and therefore don't know about most of them) … however, since they appear to be eyeglasses as opposed to sunglasses it strikes me as somehow more inappropriate. I find it somewhat odd that in this case you cite the conspicuous branding as part of the "design" and therefore granted a pass. Couldn't that be said of just about anything? The H belt, LV shoes, etc.?
Definitely.Wow… nice!
Srsly? I thought it was common knowledge that he is "The Chosen 1"!
but, but… what about bron bron?
I'll be honest sometimes it's just bullshit really. There are certain unwritten "rules" over there just as here, although the fit/approval nexus I believe has a bit more to do with how it reflects the wearer's overall "vibe/mojo". Formal wear has a history and more structure and the variation is more restricted while SW&D is practically wide open, but within certain limits. It's not a perfect analogy, but a bit like classical music v. jazz.I'm half teasing Caustic, but I...
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