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hilarious. This is more like "Things I Don't Get", but when one is a blubberous, gigantic land whale, why do these people find it necessary to wear actual cycling gear e.g. spandex road shorts, a jersey and the like. I mean clearly you don't actually ride with any consistency because you're a fat ass and why do you find it necessary to squeeze your rolls into the bakery bag?
haha good one. No, but he was accompanied by another chick who looks very similar to V... young, 20-something light-skinned black girl, pretty long hair. Guess he just went out and got himself another one!
^ cool... enjoy!
Agreed with the douchfest assessment but why would you want to stay DTLA anyway? Unless it's required for your trip in which case on with the douchefest because $125 for a good room is cheap.
Sounds interesting. For some reason, even though I truly love art, stealing it has some coolness factor to it for me.Eco is great. Have you read Foucault's Pendulum? Crazy read.Has anyone read Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides? It was recommended by a friend but I haven't decided whether to give it a go.
^ that's a pretty good recommendation for the price range. I would do the Orion if it were up to me.
Stephenson said he was undervalued but only picked up $200K per year... but I agree the shorter term contract is more important. And I believe there might be a Larry/Michael dynamic here that Bird is less tolerant of Lance's antics while MJ may see it as something to be harnessed... I dunno just shooting the shit on that.Random side note.... I ran into Donald Sterling in the sales rack at Bloomingdale's on Monday... talked to him for a couple minutes. Truly fucking weird...
I like these as well but I was checking out some of the SA stuff in Bloomie's the other day... is all his stuff made in China?@eazye cool ad bro!
Yeah AA does it... I think WalMart or some other big company does as well.I dunno... but sucking Dov's dick would certainly have helped get you into an AA ad. Then again it was probably a prerequisite.
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