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Nope.Just hit happy hour at SaMo Seafood for dat fritto misto goodness!
It's basically milk tea with a bunch of tapioca shit in the bottom. The tea is fine .. good even if not usually a bit too sweet. The tapioca is just filler … it's not bad, but pretty unremarkable … just gelatinous tapioca/rice balls in your tea.
I had not, but because of your post I checked it out. Good flick.Weird, bizarre, absurd? I'm not sure. It's about a serial killing tire … sort of.This was pretty cool.
^ that's a pretty unusual birthday suit!
ugh… yeah it's very similar… the bottom is different. POS either way.
Is this like a random South Park episode generator?
Although the square is mainly the focus for us (although I don't think it's particularly egregious), my assumption is that his colleague was more taken by the patterned SC and textured pants as being "too different" and in totality the look, to him, appeared "busy". SF v. the masses once again.
Too busy. Sounds like the type of person who thinks Tabasco sauce is "sooooo spicy!" LOL
Because LeBron told them to.
^ I think it's worse. My total haul on this collection… nada.
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