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That wasn't a fumble, the guy is a fucking moron… he just put the ball down in the field of play. How long do you have to play football until you understand that the ball must cross the plane of the goal line to be considered a touchdown? Ummm.. like 15-20 minutes? Dude is just a dumbass plain and simple.
Yeah even the pix look pretty shitty with crooked stitching and such.
Baking an actual pie from scratch will take you half a day… and it will probably suck.
^ Nice
I made Brussel sprouts tonight… that's like a mini cabbage right?
Well it's already on so no staying up required. Go Utah! lol
An Anthony Bourdain poser… or Anthony Bourdain? lol… what's wrong with Tony?
Yeah… idk. Just noticed them that's all.
It's funny because yeah the pants are pretty cool... especially for 5 bucks! Nice T tho… I gotta work some Rick into my shit.
lol you have stuff from Old Navy? Isn't it like Gap, but even shittier?
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