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^ very cool.
So much… Agreed!
Bartender asked if I would like a gin or vodka martini…. um, I said "martini" so, yeah.
This comment is so puzzling it defies comprehension. In truth it's the exact opposite … one piece necks provide more continuity, tonal efficiency and integrity precisely because it's a solid piece of wood. One piece necks are more expensive because of the massive wood loss due to the shape and take more time naturally due to more complicated cuts. Three piece necks were devised precisely as a time-saving, cost-cutting measure and I've worked with luthiers and guitar...
Most of it is just tweaks to the bracing, wood aging process, fine tuning etc…. nothing major. I would disagree however with your old/new Taylor distinction. I have two Taylors, one from 1999, the other 2000. These are both of the original one piece neck construction after which (early 2000's) they began cost-cutting measures and went to three piece construction. SInce then Taylor lost its shine, at least for me, and that's really the "new" Taylor the company has been...
Pretty good. Not much overly memorable from Gandofini, but good to see his last film I guess. Hardy is an interesting actor. Typically disturbing kidnapping premise, but surprisingly enjoyable.
My first thought exactly.
If we're talking Teles and F-holes it's gotta be this!
unexpectedly hilarious... good one. But hey, not all us jazzers are smack heads… some prefer only the herbal jazz cigarette
Fuck all MVPDs... they can burn in hell.
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