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^ Hadn't seen those before… look nice for cheap.
True.. I still find myself wanting more pairs! Like those gradients and the red soles as well.
^ yikes… yeah that is not good. Article makes it sound pretty fucked up.
^ Cream and broth? What is it made of? Looks great!
Oh my goodness…
Thisand this!
Sorry idk, but yeah this is very nice cold weather style… helps being rich too! Who are they? Her fur is interesting, but those goofy yellow boots with it look like shit.
@Joel Joseph Generally speaking all of that shit will be fine together as long as it fits… although I would strongly consider black Uniqlo selvedge denim over the H&M. And no Vans/Converse are not a "cop out"… not even sure what you mean by that. They're classics and worn well go with almost anything. This fit is nothing new so put it together, take some pics and then you'll have something to reference… gotta start somewhere! Btw welcome to SF.
X-Post from MC. [[SPOILER]]
Interesting new bottle. Pierre de Segonzac XO.
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