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You missed my last post … of course they sign waivers and "mini-contracts" upon eligibility to enter the draft itself … these also contain consent of release of medical info to teams. That some of this info "gets out" or is discussed during he draft is part of the process (football related).It would be totally different if some scout from Philly says "Myles Jack had a vasectomy last fall, I find that concerning."and the context is entirely different … therefore different...
Your guesses and imagination would be correct. They sign waivers for entering the draft … obviously teams need to know, sometimes that info gets out. And yes most league standard CBAs and contracts contain exemptions to HIPAA once they are signed.
Agreed.. very cool.Jacket is cool, jeans fit pretty well. There's nothing super wrong, it's just not cohesive. Ball cap with biker jacket? Blunnies? It's like 3 different fits mashed together.And for the record I love Blunnies … but black and brown leathers on coat and shoes separately never works.
Kind of a slow-burning "horror" flick. A mother gets extensive plastic surgery, and her twin boys are not convinced it's actually her because she's so different. The boys go to great lengths to try to verify her identity.It's psychological and brooding in the first half, then bursts into physicality and violence in the second. I rarely "read up" on anything before I watch (just enough to be interested) although I did read that many who saw the trailer thought it would be...
LOL you know I was joking … sounded like Cuban. Speaking of which … did anyone have any thoughts about that news conference? Not what KD said but how he said it … maybe it's just me.
Privacy? For who? Nearly any contract in any sports league has exemptions for this information … how else can you invest in something? It's just part of due diligence and generally speaking as public figures their right to privacy is diminished just by the nature of the business.
oh I thought you were talking about Russell Westbrook.
@Roy Al Maria Full of Grace is a good flick .. I enjoyed that as well.Odd ball "found-footage" flick that pretty much lives up to it's name … creepy.This was pretty cool. Austere set-ups and cinematography … minimal dialogue… good for you if you don't speak German (Österreichisches Deutsch). [[SPOILER]]
now even funnier! hahadude 1: hey man I really like your smooth c[r]ock, nice.dude 2: yeah thanks. it used to be kind of veiny, but since I've taken to moisturizing and washing after ever use, really aging nicelydude 1: can I try it on?
A friend of mine edited this and since I've read all of Poe I thought I'd give it a shot. Haven't finished all of the selections, but it's a good group and a nice jumping off point for fans of horror stories. Leslie also knows everything about Sherlock Holmes so if you're into that check out some of his other books.
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