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I thought it was LVMH not LVH&M. Kinda cool.. don't dig the bag or contrasting reds though.
I suppose it depends on the amount of contrast you would like. The most cohesive combo IMO is Option D, Antic Cognac… definitely get rid of Option A. My second choice would be Option C Red/Brown suede as the light/dark inversion of the EG... if that's what you're going for. It seems that combo is a little more showy, while the others a bit more sedate and that makes a difference in the choice to me. Not sure if that's what you're considering, but FWIW that my 2 cents....
Utah is going to lose to UCLA Arizona so don't worry about it. [[SPOILER]]
True … but "everybody counts". I learned that in elementary school. There's even a nifty little ditty that goes along with it that I can still sing to this day!
Srsly though I hate this. Deadlifting is another thing entirely, but if you can't put your fucking dumbbells down without crashing the entire goddamn rack or floor then maybe you should lighten the load there Conan.
Grammy Museum Earth In Concert concert last night… the Us Duo, Dwight Yoakam, Judith Hill and Ziggy Marley. Took some vids and recordings I'll try to post later. Had never seen the Us Duo before... they were very good. Dwight was awesome of course as was Ziggy. That Judith Hill has some lungs and serious range that's for sure … very talented, but her music left a bit to be desired IMO.
I was thinking the same thing.
Yeah thank goodness that's included.
It would seem that positioning assumes you will shorten the cuff… and you certainly have room to do so.
Agreed. FedEx is so full of shit it is unbelievable.
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