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Pork & Pope both looking sweet!
What did you order exactly and what part of the country are you in if you don't mind me asking. I ordered basically one of each jacket and pants (urban sweats) on 25th sent to LA and they haven't delivered shit nor updated tracking. Oh, but I did get that oh so helpful $15 promo code!
lol's to this… plus jeezus.. have you ever watched girl's college softball? Fugly stick close second only to basketball. Now if she were a volleyball or perhaps a field hockey player then you'd be in business.
Oh you know the typical bullshit and diarrhea …. along with Evidence.
I too got the $15 promo code bullshit. Great … thanks for the $15 dollars after having wasted 2 hours of my time. Apparently I work for minimum wage.
What? How would you know this?
I've strongly considered getting one… just gotta be running the damn thing non-stop while driving.
But rediscover 'Merica man! Shits is on SALE!
New Posts  All Forums: