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JFC.. no clearly the objective was cluttering up the thread with more inane bullshit.
By asking where you could buy some cheap shit?? smh
My goodness those aren't bagels. Skip you're in Cleveland right? Get over to Bialy's in University Heights and get some real f'g bagels!
and you'd be wrong.Does he conveniently park in your garage?
I understand when signing letters but do you feel the same about official correspondence? It is a legal title after all.
Old money, rich white people either in the Hamptons or Martha's Vineyard… or perhaps Cincinnati.
^ Indy sucks… they are f'g done.
I actually do like them… the black ones as well.
haha.. yeah but wrong color!That's awesome… I would love to visit Istanbul, but I only plan to do so after visiting Greece and arriving in Istanbul by boat!If your father-in-law hates taxes so much (depending on how much he's giving you) he should learn a bit about tax law. It doesn't exactly work the way you described; it's not capital gains and you will often pay less tax by keeping the property until death. That's why Donald Sterling is fighting so hard not to sell the...
But how else everybody gonna know you rocking Gucci kicks yo?
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