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Tie with jacket, yes. Pants, no.
Invite only… opium nightcaps and four-hand massages. EDIT: touche
haha no shit! oh we know!
Interested to see where that @navetsea concept jacket goes.
the @nahneun snap!
Interesting I am intrigued… may have to try this.Yes… I'd like to hear as well.
Really? No offense but I'm so fascinated… and weirded out by that!
I don't think it's just old people! I have truly never understood how this is even possible. I actually feel sorry for these people. I don't mean Cadbury or Hershey or some shit… I mean real, f'g, delicious chocolate… how could anyone not like it?Christmas foodie gifts are always fun. My mom got my dad a Romertopf… he's been the mad scientist experimenting with that thing ever since!
I'm getting confused with those two fits… the different pants. Look good alone but I'm not digging the difference in fabrics between the Zams and the coat.
New Posts  All Forums: