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Tried on my friend's JLC Master 8 Days yesterday… can't say I love this one.
Or not so casual… any SAEs around?wtf is this? the toxic cunnilingus terrorist invader mask?
This. He's like a jazz musician in this respect. The league is probably at its peak as far as athleticism, but as to mental execution and intelligence, many of these players subsist on sheer physical freakishness as opposed to technical execution. Curry is fantastic to watch… skills and smarts in near perfect balance.
The sheer number of assholes who are suddenly experts on Copyright Law talking/blogging/posting about the "Blurred Lines" verdict (I don't mean here on SF, just general media). Here's an update… none of you has a fucking clue what you're talking about.
Jimmy Butler gives over $20K to his former high school… he only makes $2M a year. Interesting. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nba-ball-dont-lie/chicago-student-wins--10-000-shooting-contest-bet-with-bulls--jimmy-butler-201823807.html
His journalism is okay, but his comedy is brilliant. He should stick to comedy.
^ right because there aren't 100, even 1,000 other schools that could spoofed exactly the same way… idiot. Biggest party school in Ohio is OU not OSU.
yeah fuck it
I've never bought a single fucking thing at Ikea… in fact I've only ever been inside once and that was on accident. I don't get it.. just a bunch of shit.
Expert witness for the defense?
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