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… and by "basketball momma" you mean fucking her in the ass right?
^ Unfortunately, as of now, bullpen is close to shitting it up.
^ If you prototype the jacket and tweak it, could actually work. What about sample swatches?
Greinke escapes an almost 30 pitch top of the 1st striking out Uribe the day after he was traded.
Quite honestly if all you've been able to narrow it down to are shitty Ray Bans and Oakleys and it took you 20 years to arrive at the latter, you are literally hopeless.Srsly, however, if you want some legit feedback, you need a pic of your face (or similar face) with various frames to get an idea what you are looking for. I would completely disagree that those frames above are versatile. They are sport glasses that only look okay while doing sports and that's about it....
Ex Machina … was pretty good. A bit slow, but good. Gone Girl… jfc I keep telling myself Argo was an outlier, do NOT watch anything with Ben Affleck… I knew this would happen (it sucked… so ridiculously ridiculous).
Both of those are super fake.
This is the irony of life in general. People tend not to look at things so intently from the other's perspective or POV that they would truly sympathize with the circumstances as if it had happened to themselves. It's a completely valid and good question, but unfortunately people generally look out for themselves and are primarily concerned with their personal interests. Seems likely that's the reason he has been unresponsive until some of you got into his restaurant shit...
Reese Witherspoon in West LA. I think she lives around there… maybe in Brentwood.
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