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That would be too nice. I would prefer to take the phone and ram it down their throat. Srsly what is with this? Put phone on speaker, hold at arm's length in front of face and scream at the phone. Some asshole was doing this in the surgery waiting room the other morning while I was there. It's early, quiet, people are stressed waiting for relatives… you get the scene. This fuck face starts this shit going for about 1 minute which was precisely my length of patience. I...
Aside from the fact that he's actually a vampire? lol
I haven't played the other two, but the Collings I've played were always really nice, as well as Santa Cruz. On a more Taylor level … though not quite as nice in materials/details as Collings and SC … I think about Larrivee. When I was still in the shop, those early guitars were really fantastic for the money. Haven't played one recently, but as I remember pretty good bang for the buck.It's not really about it being a problem, but that the compound radius can facilitate...
Mavs getting destroyed down the stretch. Dunk after dunk, it's silly at this point.
Good luck dawg! Not telling you anything you don't already know, but it suuuuuuuucks!
As well… and I've been wanting the Bottegas.
Did you use the flying GoogleEarth machine in the office?!? Holy shit that thing is sweet!
I suppose I figured they would match, but then I thought that button struck me as a bit of a different choice for the fabric and I wondered why. Anyway thanks, looks good.
@DonCologne man that suit looks pretty great on you.. I love that fabric. Tell me about the buttons. I notice the cuff buttons are not the usual… what kind of buttons are on the front of the jacket? Can't tell from the photo.
This I have to see. But I'm pretty sure I did not last season.
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