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Is he acting as his own agent now? What an idiot.
Indeed I got Kap's quote got mixed up and misattributed to Falco… apologies.
Really really?
^ jeezus so fucked up
It was so nice really… I sat outside under my porch umbrella just reading. Incredible how no one can drive in the rain though.
IME all my Hermes stuff is lean and long… SCs, sweaters, shirts, whatever. It fits me very well… almost the best OTR fit of any brand retailer for my size, but generally the stuff is slim and fitted. I'd also say the sizing is pretty consistent from one type of garment to another. Don't know if that's helpful or what else I could add, but that's what I know.
Not to stray too far, but check out this book… you will enjoy! [[SPOILER]]
Pretty much looks like PRS right?
Have you read the books? I would be very surprised if you had given your opinion of the US version of GWTDT. Nothing about the original characters is believable with Mara as Salander and even more so with Craig as Blomkvist… it's like casting George Clooney to play Richard Nixon or some shit…. or in reverse casting Jeff Garlin to play James Bond. Srsly, it's just not at all believable. I agree that the 2nd and 3rd were lackluster, but I can't imagine US versions of those...
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