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I'm not as regular a contributor as others (although I do run almost daily), but we talk about this shit a lot in …http://www.styleforum.net/t/69386/how-many-miles-did-you-run-today/11655#post_8120694
This was decent… totally watchable for a somewhat typical spy/espionage trope. I really enjoy these under-the-radar, no-hype flicks that have little expectation, but are solidly entertaining. The alternative is the super-stoked Hollywood flick that almost without question fails to deliver. I've taken to watching the "blockbusters" only years later, on airplanes with free drinks.
There weren't a ton of people in the store, but more than a few who came in looking for the stuff. When you have customers literally begging to hand you their money and you have no means to provide the product even though you knew exactly what was going to happen… yes, there's a problem. I talked to customer service in-store and a "supervisor" representative online… nobody knows dick.The sizing is very inconsistent… same as it was with AP. I'm getting S in some stuff L in...
And what's this I hear about the Giants not making the playoffs?!?
You ever see a track shoe? Think about it… the stride and strike makes a huge difference.
I am REALLY enjoying this. The quote on the front says … "Either the work of John Fante is unknown to you or it is unforgettable. He was not the kind of writer to leave room in between." I'll admit when I picked this up I had no idea who Fante was… and now yes, it is indeed unforgettable. It's a bit of an odd book, but the early 20th century LA setting and the writing style have truly drawn me in. I'm trying to milk it a bit now because I know I'll just sit down and have...
This is a complete shitshow. So the flagship store in one of the world's largest cities has about 25-30% of the collection? LA had the crew sweaters and a few sweatpants and the duffel coat (which looked pretty bulky and shitty to me). None of the shirts, blazers, pants, t-shirts, shawl collars… nothing. It was like a few of these and those piecemeal bullshit. Like wtf? How is your most anticipated collection of the year not stocked well enough online for the demand they...
Ip Man 1 is the absolute shit!
Have you no other hooch? Seems like an odd ball sauce to run out of and then say … "I'm out of sauce!"
Losing Jack was the absolute ball-buster…. fuuuuuuuuk. I was pleasantly surprised by the AZ game however.
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