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Well that's encouraging. Congrats! As a fellow man of the bar I must ask where if you don't mind.
Some of the Prorsum stuff is pretty cool though for sure.
So Bron Bron had a boo boo on his knee knee?
Wow… sounds and looks SO good!
Then Mitch went back to his office and was like just point of interest, this is my photo but Mitch refused to look at the camera… he's like your grumpy uncle sometimes.
They still gots the uglys on Barney Warehouse mad cheap!
Well some things have not been definitely proven yet, therefore theory still exists. It's simple science bro.
Now I think you're over thinking it.
+ a billion. The league now is sheer/brute athleticism and a lack of skill. I'm not saying they aren't good, just they lack the discipline to become students of the game.
^ FWIW I like it. Could be all black as well, but looks good.
New Posts  All Forums: