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Damn wth is that? That thing looks like shit.
First of all work on your reading comprehension. The OP specifically asked looking for "raw, selvedge denim" which I may reasonably assume Walmart doesn't carry as the only thing I really know about them is they sell generally cheap, generally low-quality shit. So your recommendation disregarded his request entirely. Second, you wrote "Walmart jeans" which to me would reasonably indicate they have a house brand or something … I said nothing of "selling" jeans generally....
^ The fact you even know that Walmart makes jeans says a lot. Helpful post there.
Where is Roycru?Little Osaka/Sawtelle. Nice!
Do all chicks who are idiots somehow turn the word "cute" into some asinine bastardization of the word that ends up being 3, possibly 4 syllables? I overheard this dumb bitch the other day talking about a picture of some other dumb bitch's new puppy and how it was "sooooo kah-YOU-oooooo-oot!" WTF? I wanted to punch her in the face.
@Lorcan7 (at least the top half) reminds me of this…. I only have a handful of things from them, but have always loved Etro. It's like what I would wear if I were the black sheep of some obscure European royal family … fabulously rich and smoking Moroccan hash all day.
Guess I'm too late for the nipples.
If you really scope sales you can get APCs for very close to that. I've gotten them for a about a hundo before. Or check B&S for someone who bought a pair and wore them once and they didn't fit if you're cool with that. Check out the dude a couple posts above… he's got some for $99. Of course I don't know your size but you can find good denims for a bill if you scope.
Do you think Kobe is a mean drunk? Like even a bigger dick, or is one of those dudes who magically becomes super cool and you just wish he were drunk all the time. I used to have a neighbor like that... lol.
I think the home run derby part might balance out all the bunting.
New Posts  All Forums: