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I've done the Coral Coast a couple of times. Spent months in Fiji overall… love it.
I love diving in Cozumel and Cozumel generally is one of my more fave places in Mexico. Kind of off the path, very chill and if you avoid the cruise ships, it's really a quiet and pleasant place to vacay.I've had my advanced open water for a while and have done some pretty challenging dives there … one of which was a strong current drift dive over the Santa Rosa Wall. Would not recommend this for inexperienced divers though. A couple years back we were there on a family...
More into my diving at the moment… huh, I had heard it's pretty good.LOL… no by cruising I meant catching a lift from LAX!
Complete bullshit. I can put near any car in any spot with the requisite room… 6 inches maybe? One try, two times tops. I've literally pulled people out of their cars to park the damn things for them. If you can't parallel park you're an idiot or a female.
You know I WISH it might be true that 50% of them fall into those categories.
I've been thinking of cruising down there some rando long weekend to do some diving. Never been there… thoughts?This cannot be true.
I kind of like that rule.I have no idea what I'm looking at here as I'm certain I've never seen it before.
Right. I mean I thought if I would hear it, LA certainly presents good odds. As I added before though, I remember that guy being from near San Fran, so I thought it was more NorCal. The difference was between saying "hella" which I know vs. "hell of" which is different in the usage we mentioned.
Somewhat tangential question, but does anyone on SF actually skate? There's only one inactive thread … I'm kind of surprised. I actually took a fit pic of sorts the day I took my new deck down to Venice a few weeks back. Maaaaaaayyyybe should post it. ??? lol
Marshawn Lynch gives teen working at McD's $500 toward a pair of $1,000 sneakers. So he'll be able to afford the other shoe sometime around … Opening Day?? http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000579074/article/marshawn-lynch-gives-mcdonalds-worker-500
New Posts  All Forums: