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Liking these.
wow... looks amazing.
You were getting awful close to that sandbox behind you.. I really thought you were gonna bite it! Nice footwork!
You should probably ask Metta instead.
I was more just teasing about Beck's coat. Yeah it's Belstaff and I've not tried it but it's probably nice. I mean it looks pretty cool even if not something I could probably wear. The All Saints comment was more my point. I don't know anything about it except that I've seen it at Marshall's and/or TJ Maxx for one tenth of whatever ridiculous price they have listed in store... in addition to the fact that it just sucks anyway.
There's a little clowny good like I'm having fun with a loud tie or GTH pants and then there's just clowny. Not saying that yours is clowny per se but it just doesn't work. You've gone the right dircetion fabric/texture wise with the tie in pairing it with the jacket, but you've got check, some reversed herringbone and houndstooth all in the same go... I don't believe there is any incarnation in which those would all look good together. You need a solid wool or knit tie...
+1 to Thievery Corp.
^ Becks is wearing it so it MUST be cool! No doubt. I stumbled into their boutique over on Melrose or Robertson or something one day just killing time. What a morose, overpriced dump of clothing in only grey, black and possibly brown.
oh snap!
Just get all four.. they're all fantastic!!
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