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^ that shit is crazy. When I was a kid there was a version that came with bubble gum balls mixed into it. Now that I look back 'm thinking… jeez, I can't believe my mother let me eat that crap. lol
The dude in that video is so hyped up on bidets and assholes he'll probably install the damn thing for free.
I don't either. It seems like just through natural movements the tie would be getting pulled as one was more upright or twisting and then be all loose when one sat down and would require constant re-tucking. IDK, aside from the fact it just looks goofy it seems a bit impractical. I've seen it in Ralph Lauren ads so that about sums it up for me.
^ Pillow tongue on Marants is just crazy!Yes that was me. I looked high and low on the internet and even asked our resident expert RFX. It's fairly easy to find white & black waxed laces around, but I could not for the life of me find suitable replacement laces of any other colors anywhere. I live in LA so I just went to the boutique, but I'm sure they'll order them for you. They were $20 (not free.. trust me I tried), but obviously the exact laces I needed plus they gave...
Sorry to hear that.
^ I just read that Westgate Super in Vegas has CLE at 9-4, highest favorite to win with GSW at 5-2. Ummmm…. what? Regardless of GSW, the Cavs definitely aren't winning. Does anyone really believe that? Srsly.
Just finished watching it. Was a little slow in parts for my taste, but well done. Crooked, dark humor and some nice scenery. Actually gave me the jones and the sadness of realizing it's been a few years since I've been skiing.
whoa, sExY
Shit... well there goes my prop bet parlay. But when your attorney's closing argument is "well yeah, actually he was there, but he didn't shoot him, he just didn't know what to do" I don't think you're going to be toasting his legal strategy at the pub across the street any time soon.
When I first visited Japan, I had just moved to Asia and discovered my love for all things green tea, especially! ice cream. My food intake that first trip was 95% alternating between sushi with beer or sake and green tea soft serve. There were several days I had multiple cones. I really love taro ice cream as well, but have never seen it as soft serve.apologies this has nothing to do with sales… I'm crazy about ice cream
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