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If by success you mean extraneous shipping charges for Uniqlo and a burgeoning grey market for eBay profit opportunists… then yes, it was a success.
Welcome to Uniqlo shipping… where FedEx shipments disappear into thin air.I didn't receive my order yet, so I haven't scoped them head-to-head to compare to the Plokhov's I have at home. But in comparing from memory the sweats I handled in store seemed very similar to the previous AP collab. I mean they looked nice so I ordered a pair!
That is crazy. I also heard something the other week after Yogi passed away they were talking about his hitting. He did not strike out often, but there was one year where he had obviously hundreds of at bats and I believe they said he only struck out 12 times the entire season!! What?!? These days dudes strike out 12 times before the weekend series is even over.
I should update more often, but I was out of town for a while. I had a major project I was working on over June and July and did not not miss one day of running those two months. I was only doing about 3-5 miles on a 7-8 minute pace depending (approximately) but I racked up at least 250 miles during that time working on speed and form. Today was a relaxing Saturday jog, again about 3 miles, but the sun was warm, the air cool and the sky blue! Fantastic this time of year.
I ate like half of the big party-size bag of Doritos in one sitting last weekend so I was probably similarly situated at the time.
Scofield plays an Ibanez semi-hollow… like that model? I'm not sure which one it was originally, but I believe it has become the JSM100 or something… just a Scofield signature model. I always thought they were pretty cool as well … was probably looking to pick one up until my buddy sold me that Guild Starfire for peanuts. Think I paid $400 for it… ridiculous.
I believe this is what you're looking for.
JFC… there we go… yeah these mofos gotta get their shit together.
The girl at the Beverly Center store messaged me that she "found" some in the back. I'm going over to check them out this weekend. There has been some restock online, but generally speaking it's a shit show. I ordered a few things online… we'll see what stays and what goes back.
There has been some restocking online and the girl at the Beverly Center store miraculously "found" the relaxed cashmere pants in the back and called me when I was half the way home. Why wouldn't the stuff have been out the day of the debut? I have no idea. They are supposedly getting new stock either today (Saturday), tomorrow or Monday.
New Posts  All Forums: