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Those are both very good and somewhat unique. I find the Junipero just very clean, slightly aromatic … but pretty versatile. The St. George is a bit more complex IMO. I've only had it neat and in a martini. I'm not sure what cocktails it would be good for however if you wanted to add some ingredients/flavors.
This is essentially a series of interviews (statements in conversation really) with some of the key players in entertainment for the past 40-ish years. It's pretty industry specific so if you're not an entertainer, entertainment lawyer/agent or already have an inherent interest it's probably just a bunch of fuck-all Hollyweird … but for myself, I'm loving this. Many of the stories are laugh-out-loud funny as hell! Oh yeah… this one too.
Nope, just painfully uninformed ... or perhaps purposely.(and seriously what percentage of his votes came from those 3 groups ... I'm not looking it up but I imagine it is small)
some salmon and crazy caprezee
^ no you should just start worrying .
For business I have no idea, but I do have one I use for travel.
That's because you have an education and don't live in the woods.
And by Down Under I understand you to mean Australia?
^ well it's missing the proper preparation … it's like anything prepared incorrectly will not be good. No offense Roycru but you (well apologies I) can tell that is a bullshit version of chicken/rice just by looking at it … it's not a flavor bomb type of dish anyway but that looks like a pizza made from ketchup and cardboard. Yikes… sorry you got a crappy meal.
Kinda sorta … depends on what you mean by "design" and only within the US under Title 17 of enumerated categories.
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