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^ Ah yes.. the good ol' four pointer. You don't see that much these days… kids. This Grantland mini-feature on Serge Ibaka is really worth a watch. http://grantland.com/son-of-the-congo/ It's an extremely sobering perspective on just how far from his beginnings he has journeyed and how he continues to help hundreds if not thousands of Congolese. What I really wonder is how many young, American players have seen this. There are plenty of guys who've had rough and...
As if this weren't obvious, your first mistake was going to Starbucks. Why on earth would you spend money on such a shitty product?
I usually prefer my goat head with mayo and Sriracha.
Yeah I really want your sofa, but man I gotta move this other sofa to free up some investment capital. Dude's obviously got more problems than buying a goddamn sofa.
Link not working for me.
^ Nomos is on the list for sure.
Yes indeed. Let us follow the stylish masses of overweight college girls and just go about our daily lives while wearing pajamas.
Wow they just serve you a split open goat head on a metal tray? Like, "here ya go".
@Roger la Rock I've been lucky enough to visit Tasmania and thoroughly enjoyed it. But I had no idea they were making whisky there…thanks for sharing that, very interesting.
I didn't post after Christmas but I had no problems on Delta with any of my Rimowas... either checked or carried on.
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