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aren't you watching the Royals mate?!?
^ No State action no Constitutional violation L'Inc… that's it.
Kinda.. but not really. Depends where you live.
I have no idea but at least 15-20…probably 50-60 total including sneaks, boots, sandals, etc. I seriously can't believe you have only one pair of black shoes and don't really think that's all that much.
But with Hermes you might get a bonus feature and have a jacket that smells like high quality marijuana. This may come in handy at some point.
Fuck the Giants.
"Ocean" wasn't on that album was it? I was under the impression this was never released until the VU compilation album.
Long time no post. I would post more often if I could figure out how to take better, more consistent photos! Oh well… something for your consideration.
The other night, very, very late, and me in a certain state of mind, this was the absolutely perfect song. Can't say I'm too familiar with it however. Any VU experts care to fill me in?
Anden and Crat looking great!
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