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Srsly though when was the last time you were actually in Cincy? It's not even close that it is far better than Cleveland and Columbus both. I mean if Cincy's a "pit" then Cleveburg is the fetid armpit of the anus of the universe.FWIW the town is night and day different from just 5 years ago. They didn't just have the All Star game there because it's a shithole. Just sayin'.
Used cc at CSC… no problems checking out.What was there? I missed something apparently.
4,000 words? That's like a short story there.
This is hilarious if you've not seen it.
Wondering what the quality of those totes is. Would make a cheap extra beater bag if they're any good, but never heard of them.
You can order a Big Mac made with pancakes with an egg McMuffin and chicken nuggets inside all wrapped up and friend like an apple pie.. there you go.
^ are you srsly Aussie? FFS if so.
Not much … it's just too busy.. Y'all really that concerned about scratching your lugs? Try not to.
start at 18:54… hilarious.
^ such a badass! Great vid too.
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