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pB's posts make me realize I can't remember a single thing I ever ate for breakfast in Cambodia. I think I was continually on a lunch, dinner, drinking and snacks loop the whole time I was there.
Glad you enjoyed it! I'm almost surprised, but nonetheless. Goddamn it was weird though… right?!? Like when he gets in the car to drive into the driveway about 5 feet just to pick up the toy airplane and then back in. And teaching them to bark at the cat… and well, yeah I could go on, it was weird!
I love how every other rule is "Jacket must cover your ass". A rule unfortunately lost on the masses.I'm not as much about the length, but this high gorge trend is getting almost weird…. it's practically on the horizontal plane on top of the shoulder. What's up with that? I've seen more and more jackets like this.
lol... of course I was thinking the same thing! If that's Hal's closet we're all screwed.
^ @Roycru is just daring you to fuck with him! lol… kidding of course. Agreed… it's a fantastic suit.
Dat Tourette's a bitch eh?
omfg... yes srsly. Who the fuck thinks Kanye knows anything about clothing? Or music for that matter? Or fucking anything… the dude is such a poser, a joke.
I've never lived in PA, but yeah I can't imagine there is. Ironically, cops know very little when it comes to the actual law. Unbelievable.
Even after watching LeVine play here last year I must say that was a bit surprising... not entirely, but a bit. Nice tho my dude!
w…t… f…?
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