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^ Nomos is on the list for sure.
Yes indeed. Let us follow the stylish masses of overweight college girls and just go about our daily lives while wearing pajamas.
Wow they just serve you a split open goat head on a metal tray? Like, "here ya go".
@Roger la Rock I've been lucky enough to visit Tasmania and thoroughly enjoyed it. But I had no idea they were making whisky thereā€¦thanks for sharing that, very interesting.
I didn't post after Christmas but I had no problems on Delta with any of my Rimowas... either checked or carried on.
^ hilariousmore super hilarious
^ definitely was the difference.
"Tyler Perry" and "nice to see". Not words one would expect to find in the same sentence.
Gonna be a tough game and at this point it's not looking good. Russell is not having good day.
Cool flick, but I liked him better before he cut his hair and shaved his beard.
New Posts  All Forums: