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Without a doubt they choked on a bag of dicks… but they reviewed the play to make sure Clemson didn't get in on the touchdown pass, but didn't review it on the next rushing play to see if he did? riiiight.If anything this win only reinforces in the pea-brained Winston that there are no consequences for his actions.
You should. I haven't seen it in years, but I remember liking it.
I'm sure when it comes time there will be some weird English sports book over/under on it. Oh he gonna be gooooooood.
I couldn't agree more. On top of that, it seems many flip-floppers accentuate their laziness by not actually picking up their feet to walk, but instead just kind of shuffling/dragging along. Ironic considering there isn't anything to lift. I live in LA though so for you pB it's like the end of days out here… flip flop central.
Not that I had any doubts, but Winston really is as dumb as he looks. Get this man to the NFL… he's going to be hilarious.
It's that shit from Cleveburg.
hmmm…. may have to try that! Nice dude
I own an old edition of Graves' myths… two volumes… agreed, it's worth having.
I have an RMC3… Teese wah is great, but I've not used the 8 with exterior controls.
Ask some neighbors or people you know in the area. I know it sounds basic but I always do this for dry cleaners, mechanics, hair salons… when I've moved somewhere new…. I kind of ask around. If I'm still a bit worried I'll just take in 2-3 shirts I'm not overly concerned with and see how they turn out.
New Posts  All Forums: