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I don't know about longest, but it was down right terrible. Just terrible basketball between two I-don't-know-what-you-call-them teams. Just hoping that which ever slight less shitty team survives, gets its ass handed to it by the Warriors.
"more likely than not" and "constructive knowledge" (e.g. generally aware) are legal terms that have meaning to people who deal with these things… people like attorneys. Perhaps you find that unsatisfying.
Just received some about 30 minutes ago… mine say Cambodia.EDIT: V-necks are Cambodge … Crews say Vietnam.
and they're also both rapists... so yeah, I see the resemblance.Because all reports are bogus.
Then I would just have to wake up and take a huge piss.… and ears? LOL.. so weird you added that at the end. Why ears?!?
I think I'm going to check out Santa Monica Seafood for their oysters and nosh happy hour and also to pick up some fish on Wednesday. I've heard good things about it… I'll report back whether those things I heard are accurate. EDIT: It was awesome.. pix to follow.
Had guac on my mind for days now!
He's pretty good. I recognize the face from some of the fits.. who is he?whoops… nm
Not tasting like burnt, acid shite is a good place to start.
Of course. But musicians and actors are also not part of the Big 4 sports. I'm just pointing out that there seems to be a moving target of a standard and certainly times have changed since the days of Iron Mike.
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