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Been wanting to see this for a bit. Great flick if you're into martial arts and wing chun in particular. Not as good as 1 of course, but far better than 2. Good stuff.
and therein lies the mystical nature of JW's appeal
What's with the goofy batting helmets though? Oh… matte finish, 3D logo …. wow SO cool.
Because most JW tastes like shit?
Me too… that was fantastic.
Warriors win! and the Warrior goes out in style. Congrats GSW … thank you Kobe.
awesome… I may have to as well.
This is one of those situations when the word "mind-boggling" is truly the only adjective. It's wrong and fucked up on SO many levels it is inexplicable… clearly he was not thinking much, if at all.Until yesterday I would have though this impossible … two people in a room, one of them is Nick Young, and he is … as they like to say, the smartest guy in the room.Whoa.On another note… Warriors just keep finding ways to win.Wow.
^ nice coat … angle, schmangle perhaps, but looks just a touch too long to me. New as in gifted, thrifted?lol'd … still lol'ing. I love the word "getup".The most formal thing I've ever seen an IT dude wear is a belt.
There was this absolute fool in a couple of my law school classes like that. Every fucking day I just wanted to get up and ram a pencil down his throat … sideways.
New Posts  All Forums: