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Well I think the distinction is they weren't "Cajuns" when they left … Cajuns are the mix of those cultures forged once they settled and marinated in the diverse Louisiana gumbo. No more cajun at the time than the English were before they left and came here and became Americans. Right? Destination changed them, not the origin.You must know a lot of shitty real estate developers… no not everyone, not nearly.
Oh FFS … that happens about 1/1,000 posts for me or approximately 1.3 times per year. It's been corrected … so will you now sleep soundly?
I wasn't trolling you either so thank you… but really it's hard to separate what is rhetorical bluster and what may he actually try to do. You seem to dismiss the wall as rhetoric, but that is on his website as a major policy point to be implemented asap. Yes, no.. who knows? (and btw for clarity, I'm looking at overall policy claims, not just his first 100 days)Along with … using the Trade Act of 1974 to implement 45% (supposedly) tariffs on Chinese productsopening up...
Aside from what you've mentioned … yeah the rest of his psychopathy is completely reasonable.
That's pretty damn funny … I'm pretty sure pHiSh wrote a song about your mishap! "I was drivin down the road one day…. and someone hit a possum!"
It is pretty cool. I actually like the teddy bear sweater too because it's silly and kind of UCLA Bruin-esque. I think it's Gucci… not sure about the Hawks though.
TrudeauLand isn't exactly in the cajun neighborhood!
Well there's your problem … you're doing it wrong … take a seat and relax while blazing my brother! … but no I hear you.
^ that is really cool… I wish I knew about that or I would have joined you!
F'g straight dope shit house uh, I mean bathroom there. Nice.#2 as I don't like the leather on #1 and I like blue and they seem more unique. When worn you won't see the stripes on the elastic very often … kind of like peeking socks.Butters?
New Posts  All Forums: