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Jeezus that's terrible… what a freak accident. I'll keep that in mind if my garage door ever starts fucking with me… don't mess with the springs.
Well the season is over ... I guess it's the all-important time to tally up who sold the most jerseys this year! Oh wait… no, this is LA, we have playoffs to worry about.
So the refs purposefully made a split-second error on a late-game call because the Rams beat the Seahawks a month ago?? Um … ok got it.
Wait wtf?!? So the ref is standing right in front of the SEA player who hits it out and does what … nothing? Some of the media/sports commentary on this has sounded like complete bullshit.
That dude must be in a worm hole connected to 1989… like where do you even get some shit like that? What's next Jams and Zubaz? I'll admit, however, I would like a cool, old OP t-shirt if I could find one.
There's just absolutely no way to stay in shape while having access to free pizza… that's what I learned in law school.
So you grilled vegetables and then ground them up with cheese?
Fuck…ing…hell. Detroit was 2 feet from winning the game.
ORLY… and why Choc specifically?
"Shite" is the British word for "shit". The clothes are shit… meaning they came out of something's ass. The quality is similar to that.My post was making humor of the fact that you asked what people thought about All Saints for women, the point being it doesn't make a difference. Women, men, kids, aliens… their clothes are garbage, period.
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