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^ I'm trying to finish some work… but now I just want to get massively blazed and watch cartoons.
Beefeater and (diet) tonic. Yikes I know… but I've really been cutting both on the workout side and sugar/calories side in general. I like that pic @denning … is that leather underneath?
How many Confederate flag jackets you think he's selling now? lol
Come on really? That's hilarious.
What's with the Twitter and wonky formatting all over the place? I hope it's not just me.
Another massive design fail. Who are these firms they hire to come up with this shit? Just terrible.
ugh… no black. damnit
enter forum of style > #menswear load > noob panty waist sandy vag > other noob criticizes style & advice of said forum
As much as I love NN's Mr. Wizard impersonations, this is seriously awesome. The evening light and different backdrop just add to the effect. Nice SVB.
He claimed it was self defense (unlikely) and now there is almost certainly security footage. If he actually struck someone, even touched them, this will go from assault to battery. Going to be absolutely hilarious when he gets suspended jail time and probation and his shitty, hack kid doesn't make the team anyway because he sucks. LMAO
New Posts  All Forums: