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Is his name Ebenezer by any chance? Pissing me off… Gucci Customer Service. I would expect this level of incompetence from Walmart or some similar place I never shop.
Not 100%, but I've seen those labels and it looks legit.
Those ribs look fantastic!
Started checking out Santa Barbara Film Festival coming up…. SO MANY FILMS!!
I had some of the Rogue gin that was "spiced" or perhaps just strangely flavored. I believe it was this… not very good regardless.
@diederik looks great man.
I would fall into this category as well! Not completely sold on the seersucker pants, but the general unconventional style is pretty cool... and good use of an atypical shoe I'd say.
"Hey there… I know you got some shit on sale, but could you please tell me when it's gonna be cheaper?!?"
Well in that case I'm sorry to hear that. "Happy Christmas", however, can get fucked.
Who the fuck says "happy" Christmas? And why would you be working on Christmas if you observe the holiday?
New Posts  All Forums: