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They are just about to OPEN a bunch of stores in the US… I believe Boston and others… Los Angeles I know is coming in about a month or so. Why would they be closing?
Agreed… but sounds interesting, I've never tried it that way.
The Browns… the name alone is worth a laugh! Keep on sucking it Cleveburg.
I just heard this story the other day on NPR about Uniqlo (the sizing obviously based on Japanese/Asian physiques) and the problems they are having moving into the US markets. They specifically said many lean men (like yourself and me as well) and petite women, sometimes wear the kids clothes anyway. They said the sizes in the US will probably get bigger so the kids L or XL may end up being a good size some time soon! ...
Will do… Thx SB!
I've done shirts at Jantzen and would agree…. but only if you are actually in HK long enough to get them done and take them with you personally. Getting any product via mail or ordering through email is a nightmare.
I wonder about this sometimes as well…. although having never met anyone I guess I won't worry about it.
Looks like he's on his smoke break at Carl's Jr… he's wearing a fucking hair net? Wow cool. Maybe he should rock a blowout comb with it as well to truly show us how it's done.
I may be mistaken, but I live in LA and I was almost certain that he did… or used to. Absolutely nothing is pissing me off today … but yesterday I was on the 10 in rush hour (which is like a thrice yearly event for me) so I did get a wee bit pissed off because assholes in LA literally do not have a clue how to drive. And I'm not exaggerating… like I srsly do not understand how you were able to fool the DMV into believing you could operate a motor vehicle safely. The...
Damn that's good. A bit warmer down here this afternoon… I'll be lucky if I do half that in the next hour or so!
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