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Only Melo? Can't they get Durant and Love and Curry so LeDooshe has enough help?
^ they played as well as any team I've seen in a long time. The passing, situational moves on each possession, shot selection. Like I said it was a clinic and wonderful to watch.
I don't think it's boring at all! It's just one of the common critiques I hear quite often that the Spurs "brand" of ball is boring. You haven't heard peeps talk about this?The same thing has happened over the years in baseball and tennis as well. Idiots want everything to be like a Michael Bay movie.
It really was great… particularly considering when it was written. I've read a few books like this that I prefer to "contemplate" throughout the day as I try to think about the world in such a way little by little. I mean it's short so you could pretty much read it in an afternoon, but I took my time with it. A somewhat similar book that kind of reminds me of it that I really enjoyed is Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman. Each entry is a little vignette on the possible...
That was classic, unselfish BASKETBALL that supposed "fans" call boring… not bullshit look-at-me ball. Spurs clinic up and down.
Looks like the Spurs are back in collapse mode.Oh I'm having a laugh alright… courtesy of Bitchface and the Nancyboys thank you. Time to leave the arena early… again.
Y'all must do a lot more sitting than I do…. but also my back hurts if I stand up for too long. This dude's office has this huge monitor swivel and jacked up keyboard that practically looks like an auto lift in a garage. I understand but I still don't get it!
um no.. that only happens in Miami.
Jack White album premiere webcast live right now from the Fonda in LA…. sick puppy.
wait, wait imma update my instagram yo!
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