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Those are both very good and somewhat unique. I find the Junipero just very clean, slightly aromatic … but pretty versatile. The St. George is a bit more complex IMO. I've only had it neat and in a martini. I'm not sure what cocktails it would be good for however if you wanted to add some ingredients/flavors.
This is essentially a series of interviews (statements in conversation really) with some of the key players in entertainment for the past 40-ish years. It's pretty industry specific so if you're not an entertainer, entertainment lawyer/agent or already have an inherent interest it's probably just a bunch of fuck-all Hollyweird … but for myself, I'm loving this. Many of the stories are laugh-out-loud funny as hell! Oh yeah… this one too.
some salmon and crazy caprezee
For business I have no idea, but I do have one I use for travel.
That's because you have an education and don't live in the woods.
^ well it's missing the proper preparation … it's like anything prepared incorrectly will not be good. No offense Roycru but you (well apologies I) can tell that is a bullshit version of chicken/rice just by looking at it … it's not a flavor bomb type of dish anyway but that looks like a pizza made from ketchup and cardboard. Yikes… sorry you got a crappy meal.
Kinda sorta … depends on what you mean by "design" and only within the US under Title 17 of enumerated categories.
^ Nice. That is 鹹酥雞 (XianSuJi … salty crisp chicken, sort of). The Taiwanese are famous for little carts full of stuff that can be deep fried. Not particularly healthy but super delicious. and good choice with the bag… it ALWAYS comes in a bag!
Is good? I loved the "old LA" aspects of Ask the Dust.Finished a couple quick reads lately … many others since I've been checked out a while.
Kiriko is probably the best on that strip. Of course there's Sugarfish right up the street in Brentwood… went there tonight.We've always called this the "cheap sushi" place … but bang-for-the-buck? Yeah I could name a dozen places with the same food and at least twice the price. Unfortunately the one on the corner of SaMo and Sawtelle was closed for renovations last week… and they never did get that Asahi on draught working.Down the block (west on SaMo) on Colby is En...
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