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I've torn a few shirts putting them on quickly or like seams on a knit, but if it's something I'm really considering buying I'd usually be careful with it anyway. As far as that shoelace, I know I wouldn't give a fuck.
Dubs are ridiculous right now man… fun to watch for sure!
^ Kinda hard to be "surprised" though at this point.
I still can't believe LA won last night after doing everything imaginable to possibly lose. Kobe's pass was inexplicable at that point in the game when the only objective was to run clock. Then Swaggy P drops that ridiculous omg-you-can't-be-that-lucky three and of course he acts like he planned it that way! Hilarious. Just what the boy's ego needed was a three ball game winner.
^ Now you don't like apples? Srsly what's up with you L'Inc? FTFY. IDK why you qualified this with "IDK"… I agree 100%
I think he's using "shot" loosely as the volume of measuring the pour, not like "down the hatch" doing a shot of tequila. Well let's hope so.
^ As well.
Saltines? What are you like an 80 year old woman with digestive issues? Go to your local Asian mart, grab some of these bad boys and thank me later.
I don't hate him... he just seems like a schmuck. And he pretty much would not have a career at all (or at least the last 85% of it) were it not for Sandler. More apropos to the thread, I saw him last summer up at Bouchon and for the record he was pretty schmucky looking… and driving one of those ancient first-run Teslas before Teslas were considered a thing.
^ Damn nice dude! You get it in MN?
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