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lol … maybe on vacation. You've never actually seen an investment banker have you?
No kidding! Duncan is schooling.
wrong thread @schmidtdalton13
Oh gosh hells no! The one by the spoiled Jewish girl whose parents paid producers to make her stupid song. I'm trying not to describe it too much lest the "melody" get anywhere near my ears!
My guess here would be "no", because a women's numerical size does not equal the same men's numerical size, but don't quote me on that. Our resident expert on all things MMM is user REGISDB9. If you pm'd him and asked nicely I'm sure he could provide a bit better info.
I have a Zoji., but isn't Tiger a pretty good brand as well? I'm sure you could just order it, but with all the Japanese people in Oz I kind of find that hard to believe... gotta be one somewhere man!
I though it was "Friday". Srsly it must be "Friday".
I love these dudes who came to SF solely to jump on the Jawnz train some fair time after it had already left the station whose raison d'être is now to continually bitch about TOJ. (full disclosure: I actually do not love those dudes) Congrats to everyone who is finally getting gear though… I know it's seemed like forever.
To be precise, I believe it was only his farts that smelled like money. Of course I wouldn't know for sure as that poster's head was so far up his own ass he monopolized all the fart sniffing for himself. I think he made a cameo in an episode of South Park. Mmmm hmmmm.
Nothing far as I can tell, but I was wondering this myself. Bought a pair for my girl and they're the same … just smaller (and lavender!). I've thought about kopping a pair on Yoox in like a women's size 12 or so, but I wear a 43 so I don't think they are ever big enough. You might be able to get away with whatever women's size is equivalent to a 41 (11? I think I've seen them) although obviously I've never tried them on and could be completely mistaken in assuming that...
New Posts  All Forums: