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So are they mainlanders? I've spent a lot of time in Taipei (used to live there actually) and that kind of behavior is very rare with the Taiwanese… they are not Chinese except by ancestry. Culture and world views are extremely different. Not sure if you've been there before but if you need some recs pm me!
I do this often as much for the situation as for me not giving a fuck.
That would likely just be interpreted as you wanting some toast. God help you if you're on the mainland.
A little bistro jam last night. (shitty pix… had to amp them up as this joint was pretty dark) Corpse Reviver #2 and Shishito peppers Foie gras Lobster bisque Shrimp and grits! @Piobaire those wings look so delicious! Your own recipe?
Yeah I heard the same and avoided it… watch the original.
lol yeah. At this point I could give absolutely zero fucks about this lame Super Bowl. I dislike both of these teams plus my buddy plays for the Pack and I was rooting for him to be in his first championship. GB basically shit the bed.
Probably the "JB"… jazz bass? Although the L series is designed to get the same tones (plus) as well as be more versatile.
Yes…and double yes.
You're srsly fucking kidding right?
Does he think he's smart or something? What a fucking idiot. "I like Nick, I just don't like you." So that's his excuse for being an asshole?
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