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The cognac thread seems a bit dormant so I thought I'd ask over here (looking at you H!). My friend is from La Rochelle which is pretty near Cognac and he's going home soon for a few weeks and offered to bring me something back. Soooo….. what should I ask for that is only available in France and would be a good bottle to request. Your expertise and suggestions much appreciated thanks.
ok cool. Yeah I see that would be a great DIY and strictly functional and inexpensive option. Are there any lower-priced humidors that would still be worth keeping for future use but aren't of an investment quality level such as those lined with special materials, wood construction etc? Thank you.
+1Let me refer you to my previous comment.
this sounds like some kind of urban legend/freaky Halloween story. he sized down FIVE and SURVIVED!
Assuming you're a Heat fan… "haters" is such a (sorry) lame and lazy default response to disagreement with something especially in sports. Personally I don't hate LeBron.. he's far too much of an immature, megalomaniacal knob who performs for the adulation of the sycophantic Miami crowd to hate. That is unless they're losing then everyone gets up and leaves. It's embarrassing the way he acts when things aren't going his way.. seriously... and it's should be embarrassing...
Question… I asked a friend who just went to the DR to pick me up a few smokes as I like the occasional cigar. Being generous as she is she bought me an entire box of Arturo Fuentes (I think) and some other assorted; maybe some Montes and Davidoffs (she's clueless so just got some of what was nice and available based on recommendation and price). I don't smoke often and certainly don't keep a stash so what is your best suggestion for a decent, functional humidor that can...
Suns will probably get squeezed out but it will be interesting to see what happens with the four teams separated by a game or two.
no kidding… Heat would be what? 4 seed in the West?
silly but amusing
I just heard about Guisados the other day, but I'm itching to try it. Not really my neck of the woods so I'll have to make a trip. Those all look delicious though.
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