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I saw some fool on the tennis court the other day wearing suede derbies.
Lol. I'm not trashing it... it didn't suck! Not quite as dark as I had anticipated, although I tend not to read too much into anything before watching as I like to be surprised. My expectations were more of a general vibe, but nonetheless I enjoyed it.
I mean yeah I guess…. I've seen at least 3 or 4 of his other films. This was just such a non-event for me. Is he a superhero? Why does he have powers, but never use them? Where did he get the powers? What's the point of his "Birdman" persona? Why is Norton's character like some Strasbergian idiot-savant and what is his purpose? And I won't ruin the end for those who haven't seen it but it's like…. ummmm ok, wtf?I am usually pretty militantly anti-hype when it comes to...
I'm not sure what this list means… why are True Religion and Rock & Republic listed?
I didn't particularly enjoy this. Anyone else?
Here in California I'd say just roll a joint and stick it behind your ear, but that might not fly. How about a clover in your lapel? It's almost March! Seriously though, some kind of small lapel button/accessory would probably work.
As well. I never listen to tunes while lifting or jogging… too distracting.
I have never even thought of this before mostly because I can't really think of a situation in which I would end up in the shower with my watch on. idk… seems kinda weird to me.
Exactly. Fuck you government… interest free loan my ass.
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