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now even funnier! hahadude 1: hey man I really like your smooth c[r]ock, nice.dude 2: yeah thanks. it used to be kind of veiny, but since I've taken to moisturizing and washing after ever use, really aging nicelydude 1: can I try it on?
A friend of mine edited this and since I've read all of Poe I thought I'd give it a shot. Haven't finished all of the selections, but it's a good group and a nice jumping off point for fans of horror stories. Leslie also knows everything about Sherlock Holmes so if you're into that check out some of his other books.
no shame … just an observation
you guys seem to know a lot about cocks
Meh. Faux intellectualist comment. I did not say that Black is shit. Do you understand that taste is subjective and/or what the word "most" means?Methinks you've lost count of your drams.~KN… and FFS, I was half joking … perhaps in fact you should have another, you sound like you need it.
Went to the Grammy screening of this in LA a couple weeks ago … Cheadle did Q&A afterwards … great flick. (full disclosure: I'm a big-time Miles junkie)
^ whack but still funny … although when it comes to My Dick songs I prefer Mickey Avalon.
Allen Edmonds are not really considered expensive shoes around here … and on sale they are a bargain. Buy them and wear them! Good shoes are the foundation of any outfit and why skimp on something that will trouble you if you are uncomfortable? It's like saving money on discount tires for a decent vehicle…. not particularly recommended.You may also consider AE factory seconds … they're cheap (meaning inexpensive, not crappy).Gentle machine cycle as recommended above or...
This could be a t-shirt! funnyMe too, never took that seriously. I just googled it though and it looks very picturesque … it must be quite pleasant there, never been to Idaho.
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