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Ukulele prodigy Jake Shimabukuro
Even if I were a Giants fan I would not wear that. Eli makes Andy Dalton look cool (and yes I'm a life-long Bengals fan).
This part of the fit I'm just not down with! LOLI hope you told them you name was "Mary Christmas" so they had to say it when your coffee was ready.
Was just kidding of course! And MoK is certainly not fat, and infinitely more stylish than most anyone at the mall. Wondering what's the pattern on the shirt? Looks nice. I used to really dislike the shirt peeking out in front of the sweater when this was "a thing" a while back… but mostly because there was too much shirt hanging out and it just looked contrived. You've got just enough to break up the color block between you top and bottom halves, so good deal. How you...
Isn't this like what fat people do at the mall? This made me LOL.@Streettrash that is awesome. I was thinking that when an earlier poster mentioned Tony Hawk … "Please let me chill in your backyard dude!"
Nice way to take a joke and your misplaced assumptions and turn it into a personal critique on my state of mind… you must be a precious treasure to have around at parties.
Oh FFS… I was wondering what happened after we scored. I got caught doing something and came back to a loss. Perhaps better I missed it because I would have blown a fuse.
That's all we got left now jeezus! Seems lock-down defense with a lead at the end of the game doesn't work so well with a skeleton crew.What did I miss? I really wasn't too into the games today for some reason.
Did you actually see an ad where they had the trucks on backwards?!? Hilarious. I got out of skating (and surfing too obviously… no waves) for a while when I was living overseas. But returning to the US and moving to California, I just felt the itch again and really couldn't fathom living in Cali without having at least a longboard for cruising. I looked around, started getting all my tools and gear together... bought a deck, some trucks, wheels, etc. and put that shit...
I've done the Coral Coast a couple of times. Spent months in Fiji overall… love it.
New Posts  All Forums: