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Not the best of the C-d-P from the region, but considering I got 6 bottles for less than the price of one, I was not too disappointed.
lol… dude we took home SO much free/leftover/stolen food during law school it was ridiculous. Whole pizzas, cases of soda/water/wine/beer, gallons of orange juice, entire gourmet cheese & cracker spreads left untouched. Studios would do evening events and leave weeks worth of food just sitting in the courtyard. I swear I took home 10 burritos, 5 cartons of various Chinese stir fry plus fried rice and a case of water in one go… didn't go to the grocery for a week!Just like...
There are a bunch of videos on YouTube showing demos and NAMM performances… couldn't find any of Kirk shredding live. There's more to this story to follow however.
@Ace_Face I can hear him now! Oh… watched Black Mass last night. Good stuff!
I'll be honest I'm not sure, but from my understanding he doesn't use any manufactured items outside of his own (although yeah I admit it looks like a standard bridge). There are some pretty advanced musicians using his guitars more broadly with MIDI/electronics applications and sampling type of styles…. lots of technique freaks and shredders. I just thought it was interesting. Some of the craziest models sell for over $50,000 so they are really more a combination of...
This series with the Mets should be interesting though! At least the Yankees are done.
Why? HK is almost the last place I would go for just buying cloth.
These two guys seem to have figured it out! lolBilly usually plays a different model than the Tesla… which is what Kirk uses. I'm not sure if people are very familiar with Teuffel, as they are very low production and unsurprisingly pretty expensive (anywhere from $8K-$80K)… but if you read up on Ulrich Teuffel you may be surprised. These aren't LSRs, Carvins, or some other shitty headless novelty act. Teuffel was previously an engineer/designer for Daimler-Benz before he...
I got to check this out in New Orleans a few weeks back. My buddy (and ex-other guitar player of our old band) is one of the few US dealers of these crazy axes (Teuffel). All I can really say is … it was pretty weird.
This was pretty cool. Didn't know what to expect of Kevin Bacon in this role, but I enjoyed it.
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