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"I just thought, in this league it's always been about winning and winning has always been rewarded," Lue said before the Cavs' shootaround Friday morning. Really Tyronnyron? Is that how you ended up with your current job?
Pocky just sent me a package with 8 boxes of free Pocky… thanks Pocky!
Karl Lagerfeld did!
I do this all the time. See "What Did You Have For Dinner Last Night" thread… I use the broth to make a ramen/udon/pho kind of noodle soup with veggies and what ever else you want to throw in.. more chicken, shrimp, tofu or all of the above.
lol… he's hilarious eh? Don't mention fat girls either or he may get offended. btw @pravda... it's a wolverine.
Nice @BLAUGRANA! Love both of those
I actually kinda like the green one... too bad not my size, I think. Barbour sizes are so unpredictable between different styles.
Shooting ranges. I understand the necessity, but it kinda takes the fun out of it. At my brother's place we shoot off the back porch!
seems about right.
@patrickBOOTH aren't you staying in a hotel?
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