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^ because they are tracking you... duh.
Or tennis. Some clubs have pretty strict dress codes... and no I don't play at The All England Club although I would love to!
haha Bootsy is the man!
Do not like big font.
I would also like some more Butteros please!
Agreed. At some point nearly all teams will have the stupid gold tab. Makes much more sense to have some special small emblem that only belongs to that year's reigning champion. The gold tab is straight up asinine.
Yes Rich Cho is the GM. i met him a few months back and he is so soft-spoken and unassuming it's a little disconcerting.
Been gone a little bit, but dropped in when I heard there's a new nozzle on the hose. Same old shit I see.
^ those are niiiiiice. From Matches ya? I would go top but that's because I already have three different colors of the bottom... calf hair is funky!btw.. those "Basting Fit" MMM are atrocious. wtf? Did anyone kop SLPs from GILT the other day?
New Posts  All Forums: