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So Indiana Jones, I understand you take it personally that I don't like your shitty jacket.Dr. Jones who perhaps can prove to us the genius that he is.
Then you would like this place.
They look nice... of course! They're not new though are they? Thought they'd been making them for a couple years. I could be wrong.
Oh so it's Go Daddy.
Time Warner Cable must be, without question, the absolute shittiest, most undependable company on planet earth.
Considering the team of stylists it must have taken to get that t-shirt positioned juuuuuust right …. wow.
Everyone busting out the madras. I plan to do so on Mother's Day… we'll see how it goes.
^lol as fuck. Yes, I am thank you. Excellent research skills contribute to my hourly rate bordering on what many in this country consider weekly pay. Furthermore, being a successful entertainment attorney is part of the reason I have leisure time not only to post pictures of your junior high school-inspired fashion sense, but also to spend this afternoon in Santa Monica pleasuring myself with sunshine, ocean breezes and some of the freshest, most delicious seafood...
^ Never liked their website… now it's even worse.
Those jackets are really bad. The back of this one is even worse. Unbelievable they want $1K+ for this crap… unless of course you consider that a good investment in wanting to look like this guy.
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