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whoa goddamn Stitch... so I take it you like it?
Am I just extremely lucky? I hear this about End all the time and have never gotten hit with customs.
Yes... lame.
^ as I'm reading this I'm thinking "fuck, there was a Persols sale?!?"
I've got some Lanvin lows in black I wear but would like some KVAs like you mention or perhaps all black CP's (w/ black sole). I don't think it's so difficult to go from wearing white sneakers to black although I kinda know what you mean if you haven't worn them in a while.
^ Ann D had those in a plum suede high top a year or so ago... still want.
these are much less bulky...
Naked ladies are my only vice.. Take care Spectre!
What does this mean exactly? Just curious. made me lol.
"..wearing my RO to band practice..." Quite possibly the first time in history these words have ever been heard together. Rock on TC!
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