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I didn't know Brad was in Montreal. I'd love to visit Montreal in the winter... eat some amazing food, do some skiing and Quebecois girls.
I saw some of those but they also specifically listed it came with COA and/or provenance. He's a kind of wack extension of the Dali/Magritte hyper-realist/surrealist mode. The mat looks great and the signature is clear and clean so maybe not $700, but for someone who is a fan of his work you can definitely get a few bills for it.
Maybe canvases, but I doubt prints. Anyone who pays $700 for that is high…. really, really high.
This happened with Urban Sweats as well, but I went to the store and they still had some.
^ Whaaat? OK who do I know that lives in Russia?
^ perfect edit!
Bernie Kosar on the Browns organization: "It makes me want to throw up," Kosar said. "I've had a headache for 15 years," he said. "And it's getting worse." The Browns declined to comment on Kosar's remarks. oh this is good stuff! lol
^ Fantastic… love that album.Please tell me you're not drinking cosmos while listening to this.
This was your prescription right?
That's what a paint job on a lot of those 70's and 80's Gibsons and Fenders also means… shitty wood being hidden underneath. Honestly, I can't imagine wanting any finish in which the wood grain is not visible… save for a '59 Gold Top or some Sea Foam Green vintage Strat.
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