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@Nataku that looks like a pretty decent racquet. Would need to see the specs but some of those sticks are well over $100 new.I wasn't trying to get at you or anything, but yeah it is part of the etiquette for any US flag… along with how to display, fold, destroy if it gets old etc. Some people, particularly anyone who has served in the military, could really be offended… me, it just kinda gives me a bad mojo vibe. No worries… nice finds today. We could always share that...
And here we go!
I don't know how I did not know about this thread… I will be back… soon!
^ You don't need a TV to … um … watch TV.
US flag in the dirt on a driveway?? Wow. You should really delete that pic.
And also reunited with my boy Datone! Too bad Franklin got hurt or they'd have a helluva Bruin trifecta.
True, but I hadn't watched the vid. Doesn't add much to my thinking it's still whack.It would be a coin purse and not a ring.
I guess if you want them baggy, but I think they're pretty TTS and IME haven't shrunk much at all. Seems it depends on how you wear and wash.
oh jeezus… you'll be sorry you asked.. I hope you're joking. Yes you must be joking. lol
^ You've really been rocking the asparagus lately! Looks fantastic.
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