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Do you actually ever say that aloud? "Haters gonna hate?" Possibly the most hackneyed, short-cut-to-thinking retort anyone who cannot express himself in his own words uses as a default, linguistic crutch? Come on… it is so banal and lame. Yes, ESPN the high court and final arbiter of greatness… lol. Willy Mays… of course, no one is saying anything about Mays.Fathead not only blatantly cheated, lied, and disgraced the game, he posed himself as a victim of the media and a...
"Don't like" is not nearly strong enough for me.FTFY
Holy wow that is freaking awesome. I'm a musician and a watch nut… never knew the two could be combined! Very cool.I would imagine… yes. The wood is a solid grain, particularly the top similar to a quality guitar… likely spruce, walnut sides and ebony bridge and arm. Again, very cool.
I read about this too about a week ago. What I want to know is what wine do they use and how does the vineyard feel about it. Seems like a dual blessing and curse of marketing/advertising.Wine guy: "Our wine is fantastic. Well vintaged with a fine terroir, balanced and versatile. Well yes Amar'e prefers to bathe in it instead of drinking it, but like I said our wine is very versatile."
Definitely look nice… brand?Only possible thing I could think of is maybe they're a little long and perhaps flopping around a bit? idk … or maybe because they're blue? Gotta be one or the other.
Man I have SO many places to try!
You cannot be a baseball fan and actually list #3. You're a Giants fan, that's fine… however, no one can truly love and respect the game (he certainly didn't) and put that p.o.s. anywhere near the Hall, or a diamond in general.Back to bball... this NY/CLE game is going to be interesting.. Cleveland is off it's rocker right now getting crazy!
You're not alone.
Since we're on about clown sneaks, I'm really liking the Rick Geos in "Dust" for some reason. I suspect the word "Angel" was removed for marketing purposes, but nonetheless still cool.
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