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Damn some good stuff in the dublab. I remember that when Dilla died it was just fucking chaos … so sudden. Dude was so legit.
^ Yep, pretty much confirms what I said about 8 hours ago.
LOL'd so hard. Yep, it's always the weird looking ones… especially with big foreheads.
So it's like half of a normal game up to that point.
Sunday Funday? Jeezus it's like 4:30 in the afternoon!
Kanye is such an utter buffoon it's mind boggling. He's the greatest artist in history … the greatest living artist!! STFU already.
That will work if it's just about 1/4 of a size … you can also put socks over shoe trees and stuff them in a little large and let them stretch.
@Piobaire truffle adventure looks fantastic!
Very cool. Although I think HKG is about the last place on earth I would ever need a leather jacket.
Getting his dick and his ass mixed up is not a good sign for Peyton.
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