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where has he been?
you think people would realize this. "Hey look at this new baller watch I kopped! (with my dad's credit card)"EDIT: So I was just watching "Last King of Scotland" and the doc is in Uganda and he says to a local woman… "No we don't have monkeys in Scotland, if we did, we'd probably deep fry them!"Touche Ohio
Ummm … that's because she is overweight and not attractive. That being said, it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she is an extremely talented vocalist … she's a singer, not a fashion model.
About half that actually. Lows around $1,400, highs $1,750.
Relatively pedestrian (Bacardi) mojito. But I grabbed the rum at the grocery for $6 per 750ml so wtf.
You got on all this cool shit and I can't see a god-dayum thing!
At least it's an actual name and not something reminiscent of a cleaning product, disease or epileptic seizure…. or with respect to the below… what sounds like a sexual position for rednecks.
Mostly beer. I don't do much long distance so really N/A for me. Fantastic fall weather in SaMo today, did my usual 3.5.I think my overall strength and cardio is really getting pretty good. Still working on heart rate and breathing techniques and have been experimenting with slowing down my heart rate and breath holding … I can do 2+ minutes underwater pretty easily now (not while running obviously!).
Awesome man.
wtf is that?! wtf is this?! lol
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