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Damn.. I just realized I don't have a LeBron voodoo doll… gonna need to get one. And I get it, I'm not looking to beef about soccer, but the "the rest of the world loves soccer" argument is often used and somewhat misdirected. There's a pretty obvious reason why.
^ @mildundklar Looks good man… definitely keep the 52, do not go larger. If you end up expanding your collection with another pair you could even benefit from something a bit more angular as your face shape is pretty versatile. btw… your English is better than my what? German from your screen name? Wherever you are looks nice!
^ Wait you mean soccer? And women's soccer to boot? Give me a fucking break. Back to actually watchable sports… wtf is this bullshit rumor about Wade to the Lakers? This is either a joke or Mitch's office is being pumped full of nitrous oxide.
Well both of those last two fits have looked wonky in that the GATs are kind of "odd ball out", but it's a pretty minimal shoe don't you think? Not really inherently ugly really in itself.
Well I'm going to share this… how good the happy hour is at SaMo Seafood. But if next time I go in there all the seats are taken up by well dressed dudes I'm going to regret it!
First time having this the other day… tasty.
Friday actually, but I've been hanging out up here on the weekends recently. Food is pretty good… not spectacular, but I like the view.
@PCole found some decent shit in your budget bro... PM sent.
Damn wth is that? That thing looks like shit.
First of all work on your reading comprehension. The OP specifically asked looking for "raw, selvedge denim" which I may reasonably assume Walmart doesn't carry as the only thing I really know about them is they sell generally cheap, generally low-quality shit. So your recommendation disregarded his request entirely. Second, you wrote "Walmart jeans" which to me would reasonably indicate they have a house brand or something … I said nothing of "selling" jeans generally....
New Posts  All Forums: