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Then again pB posted this. I'll take the sand please.
^ hmmmm… I wonder why?
If you need to wash them first to figure that out then I'm sorry my friend you're really not paying attention.right
^ that's depressing in more ways than one.
The MCAT is legitimately difficult as it tests a pretty comprehensive set of actual, scientific knowledge. It is probably the "fairest" of the tests, but just by it's subject matter is difficult.+ 1,000. Yes, exactly right (and I am in that "tax bracket" so to speak so at least I have some legitimate perspective FWIW)As for something RHET relevant I drastically reduced eating carbs all day a ways back and now load more in the morning consuming more proteins and vegetables...
Exactly something a virgin would say.
Yes it's amazing… good for him he actually remembers how to play basketball. That's $100M well spent for sure.
GRE is a glorified SAT with college grad level vocab... basically it's a joke. GMAT is definitely more difficult and regardless of your mathematical abilities you need to learn how to do the math in the context of the test (which means mostly in your head and using lots of shortcuts.) LSAT is much more difficult than both those two combined.
That's not good man… I hope you're joking.
It does begin to work to one's advantage at a certain point… I think I have about 20 years spread on most of my friends from high school. They're all looking 10 years + over and I'm 10 - younger. It's actually kind of weird like we don't even look like we're from the same generation. No secrets though. Eat well, exercise almost every day and imbibe copious amounts of tiger's blood and cobra venom cocktails.
New Posts  All Forums: