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Wow. so you're 63% of the way there only 1/12 into the year? I'd say you're going to make it.
This place… yeah everything is actually 99 cents.Gursky photoNo, my mother's house is a century-old, historic home in Cincinnati, OH. I can assure you you are mistaken.
Lol… "the internet".Really…. dafuq? How would you even know wtf a TOJ was and decide to buy some unknown, weirdo internet brand?Yesterday, I just realized I haven't even worn mine this winter! WTF is wrong with me?
I think it was pretty clear what he was thinking.Funny that 49 other QB's in the same position never had a problem doing their job (yes, it's part of their employment responsibilities) in the post-game. His further comments today just reinforce how much of a self-absorbed asshole this douchebag is.To a reporter's comment that he had offended many people and fans! with his behavior … "That's cool."further … "But I know who I am and I'm not about to conform nor bend for...
LA's got crazy dollar stores … what the one that's all over the place? "99 Cents Only" or something. I used to love that place in law school… bought so much shit there that's actually pretty good. Best place for coconut water.Odd fact that the world's most expensive photograph was just a picture taken of the inside of the WeHo dollar store.
This is the vast majority of people unfortunately.^ +1 exactly. Those are the couples who also need the matching tracksuits and t-shirts so everybody knows they're on the same team. Ridiculous.
So the fucking Lakers lost by 2 to the Pacers. I live in LA … can't deal with the Clippers so gotta hope for something. Russell could be really good one day.
No but if I did I'd probably wonder "Hey, why are all you fat cunts wearing this clothing that is made for the antithesis of your body type? Do you see Chris Christie showing up on the campaign trail in a speedo and muscle shirt?"Replacing a bottle of that booze would probably go a long way.
FTFY I'm sure the customers will be coming back… kinda like them Chinese opium noodles.
Wow… idk that. Now kief sprinkles on chili is something that definitely could work.Where is this free burrito you speak of? They didn't send me one.
New Posts  All Forums: