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+1. Those are all good… even Williams/Sonoma carries most of the major brands so you can get your hands on them. I think they are even having a pretty substantial sale at the moment.Speaking of artisinal knives however, I've just met a UCLA surgeon through the martial arts leadership team for our general studies and this guy not only teaches shinkendo, he's begun making his own swords and as an outlet, some one-off kitchen knives. Here is one of the early prototypes… as...
Well no offense, but you also had jalapeño chicken fries from BK. I would have died, seriously. If I'm super hungry then sure I can mow one down, but my average hunger is not that substantial. Plus I always ask for like 2/3 the amount of rice… it's too ridiculous the amount of rice they usually add.
The ESPN Top 10 List … I know, I know. But it's up so might as well consider. Thoughts? 1. Jordan 2. Kareem 3. LeBron 4. Magic 5. Wilt 6. Bird 7. Russell 8. Duncan 9. Shaq 10. Hakeem The comments in the articles leading up to the top 10 were kind of interesting though. Quotes from former players, coaches, etc. That 4th quarter from GSW last night… wow. After being tied with Houston at 93 (IIRC) at the end of the 3rd, Warriors go on a 13-2 run or some shit… Curry hits a...
They've always been like this… the burrito is the size of a local newspaper. I've never been able to eat the whole thing anyway so I'll cut it in half for lunch and dinner.
Can I add like a billion thumbs to this? Exactly Stitchy. (I added underlined portion)
It is kinda weird though. Most of the "regulars" from when I lurked in 2008-09 are definitely gone and they just sort of vanish all of a sudden. I think a couple dudes got banned, but yeah once someone leaves that's it.Speaking of Budweiser though…. Peyton is so much of a yokel I think he may actually drink Bud in earnest. Kinda like how Matthew McConaughey was always driving a lincoln before I knew he got paid to drive one. I bet LeBron always drove a KIA as well,...
lol exactly!First of all FTFY… second from your post, you clearly haven't been paying attention. I have hometown MLB and NFL teams but no hometown NBA team. I don't like the Clippers and Russell is a Buckeye so I've kinda adopted the Lakers because I like basketball… but I have a connection with the Warriors so I watch and root for them as well. Ultimately, I don't hold any inviolable NBA allegiances as in my mind that needs to be a native, home town thing or something...
True it's not fantastic, but many people are just exceedingly lazy idiots. Why post a question and wait hours/days for an answer to something they could have googled in less time than typing the original question? Idiots.
Wow. so you're 63% of the way there only 1/12 into the year? I'd say you're going to make it.
This place… yeah everything is actually 99 cents.Gursky photoNo, my mother's house is a century-old, historic home in Cincinnati, OH. I can assure you you are mistaken.
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