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Assuming you are referring to me … I didn't criticize your supposed Maybach, I said I didn't believe you have one. Nothing you've posted would lead me to believe that you do. Furthermore, you lied to me about something as insignificant as a box of snacks, yet I should take you at your word for something that is highly unlikely and again something for which you provide absolutely not a shred of evidence. To top it off you're calling me juvenile names and I'm the one making...
Damn I love Vin Scully and what a catch by Joc Pederson! Go Dodgers.
I don't know man. I have a pair of sandals that are 8.5 and another pair of loafers that are 9. I actually don't have any of their sneakers but I haven't worn 8.5-9 in any normal shoe since elementary/junior high. The vast majority of my shoes are 10 with a few 9.5.
I've had some good sockeye recently, but looking forward to the Copper.
Sorry I ate it! Pix next time.
Oh hell ya! I gotta get on that. Looks beautiful.
of course I didn't mean to leave anyone out especially Fok… sorry!I've forwarded the response… will update asap.HaHa I'm working pro bono for you fools! That's ok… beers on you anytime you hit me up in LA. EDIT: just for the record and clarity the word "fools" is a term of endearment.
I appreciate the thanks, but @dieworkwear and @peternorth have been helping just as much so let's share the appreciation. I don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves, but the proposals right now are 1) a higher retainer up front with much less taken on contingency if successful vs. 2) lower retainer up front with a much higher fee taken on contingency if successful. Again, I need to forward the more pertinent info and will do so.Thank you for everyone's patience and...
So true. There were some decent all black Gucci low tops on sale, but the normal sizes were all sold out. Their shoe sizes seem to run cRaZy huge… like size down 1.5-2 kind of huge.
lol… maybe I can convince her, but she's overseas at the moment. I believe (perhaps like many of our significant others) she thinks I'm way too into this shit to begin with. "Are you checking out sneakers again with those StyleForum dudes??"
New Posts  All Forums: