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Wacky and injury-riddled matchup in Dallas right now… DeAndre Jordan having a monster game.
Definitely! As well as making it smell, covering everything with hair and slobber and piss. Yeah sign me up… where can I get one?
They're in what?… 7th seed now? It's possible.
lolI posted that pic… you're welcome. Margiela is famously reclusive but there are a few pix of him.+1... definitely.
They do. But once you've broken or lost the spares, you might need another set! Really?!? Wow cool. Can I get a pair Mom? Can I, can I?
lol probably not, but Clips are done regardless.
Interesting thought, but can't say that I have. Probably has more to do with the fact that I couldn't give two shits about looking unapproachable, but like you said, it's heavily context dependent.
I've looked high and low and not found any authentic Lanvin replacements online. Now perhaps there are suitable alternatives, but I didn't find any of those either. My suggestion is just to call whatever boutique is in whatever city closest to you and order them over the phone. If they act weird, tell them your buddy bought some at the Rodeo store in Beverly Hills for 20 bucks no problem!
New Posts  All Forums: