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Did you use the flying GoogleEarth machine in the office?!? Holy shit that thing is sweet!
I suppose I figured they would match, but then I thought that button struck me as a bit of a different choice for the fabric and I wondered why. Anyway thanks, looks good.
@DonCologne man that suit looks pretty great on you.. I love that fabric. Tell me about the buttons. I notice the cuff buttons are not the usual… what kind of buttons are on the front of the jacket? Can't tell from the photo.
This I have to see. But I'm pretty sure I did not last season.
I wear a 9UK Lanvin as well, but my GATS are 43 and fit great. Lanvin only come in whole sizes so I suppose that would make sense. Don't MM come in 43.5 though? They will stretch a bit and be goddamn comfortable.Great sneakers though by the way.What's up with these? They look like they would be comfy.
It would seem so (Shaq). Charles plays the bumbler so well off Kenny because every once in a while he actually drops these "salt of the earth" knowledge bombs that let you know that Sir Chaz isn't an idiot. Shaq on the other hand…. +1 Davis. Pelicans played well. That missed 3, six-point swing was the dagger. (no endorsement of using the word "dagger" is implied by this post )
There were two Cirque du Soleil-style performers at half time... crazy gymnastics stuff where one guy is like impossibly balancing in mid-air on the other guy's pinky toe routine. I didn't catch the whole exchange, but Kenny joked about he and Shaq pulling off some similar stunt and it end up being who's the top and who's the bottom and Shaq says (paraphrasing here) "Oh no way, I'm not the bottom. I'm always on top. Right? I'm always on top Charlene." Not the same usage of...
Good game NO/GS right now. Anyone catch Shaq's little case of sudden-onset homophobia at the break? It kinda was/kinda wasn't but given the climate these days for saying anything slightly un-PC, it will be interesting to see if it gets any media mention tomorrow. And is there a guy court side in Dubs gear who looks exactly like Urban Meyer or am I hallucinating? I just caught a glimpse of him, but as a native Buckeye I could have sworn it was him. Anyone?
CBRE by any chance? lol j/k, probably not… but the comment reminded me of their DTLA office as it is supposed to be "revolutionary" in its openness and efficient functionality. I was helping on a project for them and spent a bit of time down there. Right…. just long tables, no personal desks or computers, they had weird offices that were literally phone booth-sized glass boxes with a ledge that was apparently meant to function as a desk and a door one could close for noise...
Are you moving on after graduation Skits? Where to if you don't mind my asking?
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