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Oh it will be interesting for sure! But I think the difference this year is the committee has more of a predilection to "take the pulse" of teams right now (as they've stressed, it's a weekly assessment) and there is no doubt that FSU is sputtering and OSU has been improving week in week out and just freaking exploded today. Bama, ORE, TCU yes all had very good wins, but this was utter destruction in all facets. As much as I see the argument you can't leave out an...
Then you're not being objective. TCU is 11-1. Ohio State 12-1 and just posted the most dominating conference championship win of the season… again against the #2 ranked defense and #1 ranked RB. They are in.
You do realize they are playing their 3rd string quarterback right? Who just made his 1st career start and the TEAM f'ing dismantled what was the #2 ranked defense and the #1 ranked running back in the country! Not a chance in hell FSU is undefeated had they played even their 2nd string quarterback and meanwhile Wankston & the Criminoles escaped with a 2 point win over Georgia Tech. Now in fairness, (although I am not entirely convinced FSU is at this very moment in the...
Definitely. They're available all over Asia (for the most part) and all the Japanese stores here carry them. I could go grab some in like 2 minutes. Not every weird flavor available, but a lot of them and definitely green tea.
Green tea Kit Kat is SO good. Along with green tea ice cream, green tea cookies… yeah just about anything.
@exchange STFU… please.
^ Or in short, as I said before, 90% of people do not know how to drive.
This sounds like a recipe for hijinks/fun/disaster/blackmail!
^ No worries... just make sure you check the inside as they started making crappier stuff in China, but the Norwalk, CT stuff is still very nice for the price.
For all you FSU Wankston jock sniffers, since you haven't seen one all season, this is what a convincing WIN ( *cough *cough BEATDOWN) looks like. No surprise Criminoles struggling to hold on… again.
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