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Ya Bundaberg is Australian… all the stuff is actually made in the town of Bundaberg north of Brisbane. They make anything and everything out of sugar cane. When harvest time comes they purposefully set the cane fields on fire and I'll tell you that shit is actually scary! Anyway, I don't see it in the states very often. When I make Moscow mules I tend to use Reed's Extra. On a cigar note I had one of these local Dominican coronas my friend brought back… I have no idea...
That trench is ridiculous… both good and bad!
Hey Winston… which part of the above didn't you understand?
… and most of them apparently cannot read the name of the thread. Fok get the fines ready.
Yeah that sounds about right.
^ But if it's not sheer how am I supposed to see your nipples? That goddamn bacon looks gooooood!
eh you're the one who wrote blacking out one's face with paint is "unacceptable". I don't know wtf you're talking about, that's the point.
I'll have to try Ginger People's … I've only had their little candies. Why is Gosling's definitely the rum? Is that traditional? I didn't start drinking D&S's until I lived in Brisbane, Australia and down there it's all Bundaberg OP Rum & Bundaberg ginger beer or nothing.
"The Eastern Conference… where almost half our teams are above .500" ECF that is certainly impressive. They need a TV show about it.
So I take it you plan to wear them for a while.
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