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^ Nice jacket. Where in Japan?
^ Oh yeah this is one I forgot about... maybe watch it over the holidays.
^ LOL that's not going to happen… people are too stupid. What needs to be done (in the United States at least) is to significantly increase the requirements, testing and skills necessary to pass a driving test and receive a license. As it is, a fucking corpse that appears to be breathing can get a driver's license and thus you have asshole after asshole fucking it up for the rest of us.
^ This is an old joke I still do not understand. What did Pio do to the rim?!?
Oh yeah I know this place. Like to pop in there now and again.
So it looks like she won't be calling you for a 2nd.I kid, I kid. Nice SC.
^ You are leaving out many other criteria that the committee will consider.
I've doing some elliptical these past couple weeks as well just to switch it up and give the joints a rest. My bike is being worked on and will be ready to go after the NewYear so that will be even better.
You could do far worse for a first bottle.And btw… I had some bourbon thoughts on my mind and noticed the whisk(e)y thread has been dormant for like 8 years. What's up with that?
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