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All this shit is candy, not chocolate. Dairy Milk is 23% cocoa, Hershey's only 11% (approx.). WTF is that?
Yes, he does look oh so sad… full of tears no doubt.
Are you kidding me? WTF is this bullshit? I can't tell if this guy is a dealer, a referee, an intramural sports equipment manager, or a traffic control signal cone. And is there still a tag on his lower left leg indicating how cool he is or am I just mindfucked by the hype?
@Adroit it's clean and looks like it fits you well… idk why anyone wouldn't like that. Never heard of them but interesting.
Agreed @doctorman. I've gotten lucky and been to a couple that have been pretty good, but the reviews I've read lately mostly indicate it's not worth it. Seems counterproductive if the goal is to broaden your customer base.
^ Thompson was unbelievable! wtf is this?
Whatever it is it's not jivin for me.
Didn't seem to stop people from buying those fruity pebbles Raf velcros. They sold out within an hour. wtf?
More like because the Academy is 90% old, white dudes.
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