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Srsly? That's crazy and awesome at the same time! Sweet man.On another more personal note… I'll be back in Cincy for the holidays this weekend. Might check out that Mt. Lookout pizza joint you were talking about if I get the chance. Not that I know of, but what are you looking for? If it's sneaker related RFX is always the guy to start with.
I'm sure they'll be glad you thought of them!
It's a joke and a subtle nod to the musician from whom I stole it… know who?
Yeah it's pretty bad.. but in fairness he's trying to give a nod to his family and heritage. He's part Samoan and was born in Hawaii… if you noticed his family all has some sort of clothing with the similar pattern which must be something culturally representative. Later he was wearing a lei and some other stuff as well. Hey it's his day, what the hell.
But then then question is will you get a real poncho, I mean a Mexican poncho or just a Sears poncho?
Money Midget
I've torn a few shirts putting them on quickly or like seams on a knit, but if it's something I'm really considering buying I'd usually be careful with it anyway. As far as that shoelace, I know I wouldn't give a fuck.
Dubs are ridiculous right now man… fun to watch for sure!
^ Kinda hard to be "surprised" though at this point.
I still can't believe LA won last night after doing everything imaginable to possibly lose. Kobe's pass was inexplicable at that point in the game when the only objective was to run clock. Then Swaggy P drops that ridiculous omg-you-can't-be-that-lucky three and of course he acts like he planned it that way! Hilarious. Just what the boy's ego needed was a three ball game winner.
New Posts  All Forums: