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^ lol.
Interesting you mention this. I had never heard of it and was introduced by a bartender just a couple weeks ago. I found it really nice... certainly unique, but I wouldn't say overly piney. Do you drink it often?
Not in person, but the website's S/S lookbook is straight up 90's grunge uni … dude even has on a G'nR shirt. Cool in a retro vibe but I didn't see anything new there.
That sounds delicious.
Was watching some YouTube of the 1988 ECF … the Bird v. Wilkins shootout. Just awesome.
Not sure I quite understand the issue, but Zespa maybe?Look like Ann D's … in a good way.
That's pretty similar to what I do and then I use some water, coconut water, soy or almond milk and a couple of ice cubes.
^ lol… They were all pretty bad.@idfnl The first picture doesn't even show how terrible this jacket actually is (DG far right). It's not a rider, but has some angled front with a belt and what appears to be a "beaver tail" panel on the back. What a fucking waste of leather …. I actually prefer Drake's stupid "Farewell Mamba" coat… at least it had a purpose, albeit a short-lived one.Actually yes … should have just gone all-in on a cool GSW jacket for the ASG.Westbrook's...
Yes plenty, but as ridiculous as it sounds, chewing all that shit up is work. It would be really difficult for me to "eat" everything I put in there as opposed to "drinking" it all at once… plus it tastes fantastic. As for the chia and/or flax seeds… I used the extractor blade to grind them into powder before adding so I don't think it's quite as "in & out" as you make it seem.Out of curiosity, how does mashing it up in a blender lose the fiber, but mashing it up in my...
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