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X post from bracelet thread …. making me happy by making gifts for others who are happy upon receiving them. Here's some stuff I made and a bead stash I was messing around with during some down time over the holidays.
Fuck the resurgent talk of the NL implementing the DH... srsly fuck that.
@Benesyed is that Qasimi from the UAE? I may have known his cousin and have never seen it since he told me about it years ago.. @pravda seems like that fit would benefit from some different shoes or boots.
Ya she could get it … in the fucking face. That chick is so typical, self-obsessed dumb cunt who won't shut up or stop taking pictures of herself.I'm sure too… she probably took out some loans to do it!
lol I can see that. It's actually layered with meaning according to some of Cincy's history and depending on how much of the backstory from the marketing department you want to believe. Not sure who finds this interesting, but I'm going to tell you anyway.So obviously there were a lot of German immigrants to settle in Cincinnati. That area had a small tributary to the Ohio that reminded them of the Rhine River back home and they settled on the other side … thus the area...
I'd say navy sheep in this case. The green isn't bottle green enough for me … prefer it darker.
Victor Wooten at NAMM today. Neither expected nor unexpected, but he's cool so always good. Love to see that guy play.
LeBron sounding like such a dumbass in his post game.
haha that's true … fair enough. My girlfriend is Taiwanese, however, she's lived in CA longer than I have. Someone else thought I was Filipino because I study kali.Anyway back to beer… RG is really quite good and not just one of these overnight pop-up breweries. According to my friend they've posted the fastest 2-year growth of any brewery in recent times … but he is part of the marketing department so who knows.It's from Cincinnati, OH so I have no idea what the...
lolwut?!? I did live there (Taipei) for years, but nope. Although I've posted plenty of pix, it's not the first time I've been assumed to be Asian… not sure why. I do a lot of Asian shit tho!
New Posts  All Forums: