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You gotta establish that thread, then in 10 or 20 years we can start posting all of our hype-ass beret & cape fits.
It's pretty bad in certain parts of town… plaid shirts and beards everywhere. I don't usually go further east than Beverly Hills so I'm (relatively) safe! lol
LMA is not impressed. lol
Let's see, red shoes…. [[SPOILER]] sorry … too easy. Srsly though, regardless of dress code get different shoes.
^ I like those. I got some MMM GAT mids recently in a similar color. I'm considering when I will be a douche and put yellow laces in and wear them to a Bruins (UCLA) game. lol
whataya mean?
Srsly were you talking about mine? I was quietly embarrassed as it was a rental place (although very nice) and just some food we wrecked together as a crew. I am certainly capable of much better, but again if that was mine, thanks.btw.. all the seafood came from Santa Monica Seafood … which looks like this…it's goddayum ridiculous and delicious!
Wow… sorry to have offended the mayor of the "what did you have for dinner" thread. I wasn't aware there was a subtext title of "only if the food is spectacular or if you've provided full context." btw…if you can read (questionable), I said the food was pretty good, not mediocre. What was implied is that it's a bit over priced. I also did not say the view is spectacular although it is.So, okay, here's the view.and here's from Saturday night cooking at a cottage my friends...
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