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^ I hope not Frills… that's pretty fugly. At least I never liked the ring on those… just me.
^ My God that's excruciating.
Couldn't get a great pic today but went to a friend's graduation event so I'm rocking a little alma mater spirit tie! (colors in 1st are accurate… 2nd just to show the links.)
That's pretty cool… what a cat!
I've seen that piece before… Louis is fucking great!
Cavs AGAIN?! Ugh… fuck the Cavs and fuck Cleveland.
Great pix Tira. I know Lagos is in the south but how is everything there lately? News we're getting in the States is not good. I hope all is well with you.btw… wtf is this?!White dudes in red shirts? That is actually creepy.
I don't think the yellow shirt is working here, but I'll be damned he certainly looks better than I did at that age!
^ Stitchy is goin full on!
Oh great. Next time I need to secret an iPhone up my ass like that dude on MH370 supposedly did I'll keep that in mind.
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