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Try getting a hold of LADWP (Los Angeles Dept. Water&Power) when you rower has been off for 24 hours and not a single on elf these assholes can say or do anything useful. Fucking cocksuckers. Claim filed for every single item in my refrigerator regardless if still good or not.
Really like this fabric. Nice cuffs and shoes!
I'd say very little. Not enough to consider a different size at least.
^ Wow congrats. Gotta be cold up there though! Damn, I'm chilly in LA today.
People still eat Domino's? To be fair I heard they recently revamped their entire recipe, but seems to me they should have done that about 20 years ago.
OK.. my bad. But I think it's called "relax bear" for a reason.
Halloween zombie pedo bear.
Because of customs? If so I don't think you would need to worry as I don't think they would even check. Matter of fact a friend of mine who is part of the UAE royal family in Ras-el-K told me it was one of his friends' and family's most trustworthy ways of smuggling cash in, or more likely out to get around carry restrictions. He'd buy a pricey watch, wear it out to his destination, then sell it for cash and take a minor hit that at least to him was worth it. Maybe not...
^ So it's either terrible… or amazing?
… blowing through the jasmine in my mind?
New Posts  All Forums: