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Yes indeed… that's why I don't take offense to mild jokes from strangers on the internet. Wow, lighten up….. bud.
Persimmon futures just shot up as well.
http://espn.go.com/espn/story/_/page/instantawesomelombardi150210/this-vince-lombardi-jacket-sell-20000-was-bought-58-cents For you thrifting dudes, I'm sure some will find this interesting.
He's from LA! Why the hell did you think he's Canadian? I mean he's cool… how could he be Canadian?
This I do well… and often.Adam Sandler… ehhhh, not so much.
So basically none of these idiots can afford a working strap.
^ Srsly? I've heard nothing but terrible opinions around town ever since this came out.
Hilarious.Is Bruce Jenner a paid endorser?
Taking a hipster girl for lunch at a vegan place. 3 strikes… yer out!
New Posts  All Forums: