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"Ehhhh… nothing really. Just sitting around shitting myself into a diaper and then having this chick wipe my ass."
Forgive me for asking the obvious, but how the fuck would you ever come to know either of those things?
I had been wanting to watch this for a while… decent flick.
When? Like over the course of the past three days?
And nice help from Rose.
Mind boggling ain't it?
Dwight's full-court shot saying "Whatever you can do LeBron, I can do in a more feminine way." (nice "throw" you fucking tool)
Just ordered a bunch of sale shit. Since they opened the LA store it's great ordering online and then just switching it out at the store if it does't fit. Got a +J merino cardi for $40 and a +J dress shirt for $12. Nice.
Yes… a deep, mellow, full-bodied flavor.
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