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This still makes me "WTF?" every time… weird, just fucking weird.
^ agreed 100%! Junipero is very good although we've mentioned it in here only occasionally IIRC. I believe it's distilled by Anchor Brewing Co., the same in San Fran who makes Anchor Steam beer etc.btw… I absolute love Bundy OP Rum and Bundy ginger beer. I lived in Brisbane during my junior year abroad and spent a few days in Bundaberg through the university, living with a local family. We had many dark & stormys and I was lucky enough to be there one day they set the...
Yes. Just make sure you get the good ones with all the extra stitching and shit on the pockets and belt loops and everything.
I was very upset to find that out when I went looking for one of his previous, wicked fits.lol.. probably not quite that bad! but damn I hate those mofos … too many of those assholes in LA, but I suspect it may be worse in NYC.
my goodness
^ lol "shell". What's with that site? They have Nudies on "sale" for $175? Shinola watch $600? So basically everything on sale is twice as expensive as it should be.
They definitely look interesting, but could use some better pix on their site… it's really hard to make out any details from those.
Good old whiskey highball. If it starts warming up again soon I'll have to make the switch over to G&Ts for the summer!
I'm pretty sure the Lakers have done it a couple times this season!
What flick are you referring to?
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