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^ that's a pretty good recommendation for the price range. I would do the Orion if it were up to me.
Stephenson said he was undervalued but only picked up $200K per year... but I agree the shorter term contract is more important. And I believe there might be a Larry/Michael dynamic here that Bird is less tolerant of Lance's antics while MJ may see it as something to be harnessed... I dunno just shooting the shit on that.Random side note.... I ran into Donald Sterling in the sales rack at Bloomingdale's on Monday... talked to him for a couple minutes. Truly fucking weird...
I like these as well but I was checking out some of the SA stuff in Bloomie's the other day... is all his stuff made in China?@eazye cool ad bro!
Yeah AA does it... I think WalMart or some other big company does as well.I dunno... but sucking Dov's dick would certainly have helped get you into an AA ad. Then again it was probably a prerequisite.
Ran into Donald Sterling who was perusing the sale rack at Bloomingdale's in Century City on Monday. Talked to him for a couple minutes about law and basketball... dude is way old, super crusty and truly weird.
What's with the gloves? Got some murderin' to do?
prediction… by next week Pharrell will be wearing a pith helmet.
Ridiculous… really why? I practically never wear a shirt while running. i don't see the point in having on some extraneous piece of clothing that will just collect sweat and get in my way.I would say I agree with all of those reasons and add that for me there is a somewhat meditative quality to honing the body's performance and concentrating on breath and rhythm… a good run really clears my head and just makes me feel better overall. With that said, I only did about 3.5...
^ maybe you should just call their 1-800 number. They have always been pleasant and professional with me. And fwiw, your "lawsuit" is a small claims court matter which will cost you more in time and money than simply calling customer service.
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