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Laksa is the fucking bomb!
So far that has been true… although my great uncle won the lottery 6 or 7 years ago. A little less than $10M I believe. He's getting old… hopefully he remembers me.
Watched this last night. Has anyone seen it? I'm seriously at a loss for words… it's not that I didn't like it, but it's pretty fucking weird.
No… not if you buy better shoes. Those are not good.
^ Yes, and the discussion is pleasantly short and simple…. derivative and boring. Kanye is an assklown. I would never buy anything connected or even remotely connected to him.
^ They always have the most random shit on sale.
I prefer the push-button lock like on my Pawar as opposed to the U-shaped one but yeah I hear you… at least they work!
For the record, even a Cincy boy such as myself doesn't often eat that shit! And I can't say I know anyone who has an actual recipe or makes it themselves… however, in addition to cinnamon I believe there is also a small amount of chocolate in the mix. In Cincinnati there is still the Skyline v. Gold Star battle of who's best, who came first.
Hey… it's a big world out there. What's with this proliferation of nut grabbing? I can't say I've ever felt compelled to grab another man's balls… or have my balls grabbed by another man. wtf is with this shit?
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