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Exactly. You can look nice, wear nice stuff, just do so quietly. When a co-worker asked me one casual Friday "What sweater is that? I really like it." It was Hermes… I responded, "cardigan". She looked confused.. lol.Has this really been a thing? I've always loved brown suede shoes!
Zenith makes some fantastic and elegant dress watches though… that is just not one of them. I'm not familiar with that model, but that has to be one of the worst Zenith dials I have seen.. too busy, conflicted, too much shit going on. I agree it's fluid, but within reason no?Love the first and last… makes me miss the old Curvex I used to own.
It's kind of a weird inverse slippery slope at least where I am generally in LA. It's so relaxed and as I said so many people just don't give a shit that to not dress better than them would require going to Jos. A. Bank and intentionally dressing badly.I believe in this more generally in that it is more often helpful than harmful overall. Feeling somewhat stuck in the middle I would prefer to err on the side of looking good and being perceived as such as opposed to...
Looks weird… would need to try those on, but all of those distressed versions look like shit anyway.Fall right?
^ ah, well there you go, problem solved!Considering the lack of effort they put into dressing themselves I've just always found that unlikely... perhaps you are correct though. I've got some vintage beaters I wear as well… I'll just throw on the old Hamilton.
They're usually closer to $100 retail, but Trafalgar makes pretty decent belts that can be found around $50 on sale at Bloomie's, Nordy/Rack and the like… just make sure to get the CT, USA stuff, not the shit they began making in China."People?!" what people? I don't disagree with the basic argument of not one-upping the superiors through dress or nicer cars etc., but generally speaking I find this a much more East Coast /European thing and within the law much more of a...
^ perhaps back on with the jacket… looks a bit cold in your office. @chocsosa Sunday Brioni looks fantastic… I love that suit and that shale blue. Good stuff.
Well … most often when I'm in the water I'm surfing and wearing a suit so it's fine. I was thinking more just general swimming in a bathing suit. Because I'm pretty lean and athletic I have very little insulation so I get cold quickly, but thanks for saying I'm whiny... yeah that makes sense.
Hell, I barely get in the water in SoCal… it's chillllllly!
I don't know, but I really want to try that damn ravioli… looks delicious!
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