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So you hang out in the Marianas Trench often?
Last time I had it I was in high school, drunk at 1am! Wait now that I think about it we actually won some free coneys at the Reds game a few years back, but even free didn't taste any better. Now Graeter's ice cream otoh is truly something to seek out. Regarded by many foodies as one of the world's best ice creams... really.
Davis and now Boozer... wow big gets for the Lakers.
Being a Cincy native and Reds fan I hate all things sports about Pittsburgh.. but honestly, I do really like PNC and the surrounding areas. The Matress Factory (Warhol) is a definite must-see and The Point, Squirrel Hill is nice. I've always enjoyed my time cheering on the Reds in Pittsburgh haha!I think like many local faves Primanti Bros. is over-rated though. Same as Skyline Chili in Cincy... it's really just not that good.
Somewhere Samuel L. Jackson is not happy.
Trains are certainly better but it's still quite a long time. Wow though, you must really like where you live and the job as well. I'd still rather spend an hour on a decent train and be able to read, sleep or whatever than deal with even 30 minutes of LA traffic! Luckily I keep to the west side of town and am rarely on the highway and never on the 405.
Without being really in shape it's difficult for many people to truly look "good" in tights. The dudes I usually see are so ridiculous... more like 5'6" with 46" waists who otherwise look like the only exercise they do is 12 oz. curls that somehow ended up on a nice road bike decked out in gear.+1 to the cycling shorts under mtb shorts... I've been doing that for years.
Complete shite... the lot of it.Barney's: "Here Russ put this on, pretend to be cool and we'll pay you some money."RW: "Um, ya sounds great."
I too like to enjoy a little nitrous oxide in the afternoon. Nothing like a balloon or two after lunch.
^ because they are tracking you... duh.
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