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My goodness, D'Angelo Russell got absolutely blasted in the nuts by a direct pass from LBJ during Cavs/Lakers yesterday. It was not pretty and he was down on the court for quite a bit … hope he's ok. (if I knew how to post gifs I would do so! anyone??) Joe Johnson held scoreless in a game for the 1st time in like 12 years last night. Apparently had been the longest current streak at 900-somthing+ games.
@ericgereghty That's a bit more than brief for me and probably far beyond the time you should have spent… although I admire your willingness to provide straight forward advice (despite the fact I think he's fucking with us.)@Forper is the new @DP92 … now slightly less douchey.Mofo you looking too cool sometimes! That's nice.
well… I try to be a good neighbor (most of the time).
wow… that's funny … you ARE one of those dudes! I'm kinda surprised actually. Are Metro and Dakota Rube over there too?
Loser. David West gave up like $11M to sign with SA didn't he?
lol… it's kinda his thing tho.
@Forper jeezus… helluva reply to a suggestion of a v-neck. Not sure where temperature, ties/jackets, personal taste and all that other shit comes from. When and where we are now … white crew neck tees peeking out from unbuttoned dress shirts is very, very uncool. That's it. and Clags is right… there is a middle ground.
Sort of Chinese, sort of Korean… my understanding was "rising/rises out of Asia/'the East'". I've heard people think it's Korean industrial Automotive or something like that… which I suppose would make sense if I were to guess.Could be Killed In Action, but that doesn't seem to be a good name for a car.
Fo'sho! You must be high as fuck right now. So uber clutch … so fucking money. Career numbers and Bird ain't top 10?Certainly makes it tricky. I think it's safe to say however, he's not going to go all Jordan and win 3 more championships.
okay, okay I gotcha. It's not really a ninja sword … I was being a bit silly. I know that's not what it's about.
New Posts  All Forums: