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Bernie Kosar on the Browns organization: "It makes me want to throw up," Kosar said. "I've had a headache for 15 years," he said. "And it's getting worse." The Browns declined to comment on Kosar's remarks. oh this is good stuff! lol
^ Fantastic… love that album.Please tell me you're not drinking cosmos while listening to this.
This was your prescription right?
That's what a paint job on a lot of those 70's and 80's Gibsons and Fenders also means… shitty wood being hidden underneath. Honestly, I can't imagine wanting any finish in which the wood grain is not visible… save for a '59 Gold Top or some Sea Foam Green vintage Strat.
^ Is that a trick question? That thing is fucking sweet!
^ You started with saying "a lot of people have money". Having money does not equal buying Theory. Furthermore, if these people just buy what's easily available not only are they not actually wealthy, they're idiots as well. Maybe for mall-going yokels who think shopping at J Crew is a a splash out on a big spend, then Theory "appears" to be a luxury brand, but 5 seconds on Google will tell you otherwise. Given the ease of access to information I'd rather order some nice...
About $1,500-ish give or take (NOT the Tribute version which is the new cheapy they've been marketing). And yes George Fullerton & Leo Fender started it after he sold Fender which was never the same. I've been saying this for years, but marketing makes people silly sometimes… G&L has been the real Fender ever since.
I hear you but these aren't straight hums… it's G&L's system of both active/passive splits and parallel to basically give you all the tones of both Jazz and P. I love vintage instruments and I completely love the classic tones you refer too, but any vintage instrument comes with its idiosyncrasies. I pointed this one out because G&L is extremely under-rated particularly when compared to new Fender gear and its a great synthesis of those vintage basses in a completely brand...
It's not about scale length, but thickness, width and taper. In all honesty though, if you want all that and versatility, and you're not getting a sweet vintage Jazz, get the G&L. Kicks the shit out of any new Fender gear by a longshot. (Custom shop debatable)
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