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I thought it was 4th of July, not Halloween. WTF is going on in here?
I'm surprised I didn't know about this characteristic although after reading this article I'm not sure if I've had escolar depending if it was actually labeled as such. Weird.http://blog.medellitin.com/2008/12/escolar-world-most-dangerous-fish.html
The dude out-Feez'es Monfils! He played a brilliant grass court game… fun to watch.
lol. I don't wear heels often… been trying to cut back, but the lettering looks off. You can probably tell better in person, but lettering is what looks suspect. Not clean, kind of smudgy… looks sparse on the straps and is not aligned on the imprint on the bottom. Don't you agree?
no kidding!
^ don't like that mash.. really seems to rob the original of the power that made it cool… although I was jamming this on KCRW the other dayFor realz?? Yeah man… DJ Shadow… this album especially, one of my faves.
Nadal getting fucking owned by the irie Rasta today.
They just look shitty and fake… kind of like the word "Authentification". lol
Well if reports from the first meeting are to be believed… apparently of all things, basketball.
Any faves to recommend? Not sure why I've never heard of this place, but I'd like to check it out!
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