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How much piss must there be to actually leak through the ceiling? Seems like a lot.
I've never known anyone to do this. And as GF points out you cannot accelerate if necessary. Just sounds dumb.
Yeah it's definitely atypical. I'm just saying he could have done worse, but no recommendations implied.Bourbon thread. OK, I'll have to find that one. The Whisk(e)y thread died. Thanks.
Right. And along with OSU, Clemson, ND, Louisville, Miami, BC and Florida! loland TCU beat a team that was winless in the conference. wow, impressive.
First of all I've been going after FSU all season and not only for the on-field, week after week display of being escape artists as opposed to a clearly great team (don't even get me started on the NCAA bs with Wankston). Who cares? The committee obviously, because FSU has a season of scrape-by wins over mediocre opponents and that OSU won with the 2nd string QB all season and then won the CCG with the 3rd string QB shows much more the strength of a better team going into...
Oh jeezus.. hallelujah. Preaching to the choir bro.
It's called hackneyed fuck-all shite mate… you understand that right?
^ What's with the junbi seogi pose man? "Critique my fit cuz I'm ready to kick your ass!"
^ Fuck I thought I was on the ESPN message board for a second. Why do people say that? "Well played Sir"… "I see what you did there"… "You win the internet". Cleav you seem like a nice guy… don't say that shit.
New Posts  All Forums: