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^ not exactly the right thread, but looks good mate. Where you get the nice bones?
Thought you were in Brissie mate @Rais ... or am I mis-remebering? Looking cool as usual!
Preach my brothas! (hilarious and embarrassing)
Thanks for the interest fellas, but when I say "comment" that's a legal term used for an "article/paper". It's 46 pages with 150+ footnotes and citations (some of which are Margiela and Kanye bitching about how he invented leather jogging pants! haha). I don't have a streamlined version. However, if you are interested in fashion as it functions in a low IP regime particularly in the US, one of my professors wrote a book called The Knockoff Economy. Now I strongly disagree...
What's UMC… United Methodist Church?
I like them too. Looking good fellas.
I've gotta pull for the Cards at this point.
Well at least James is still alive so he's got that. More apropos to the thread I tracked down and reconnected with an old friend over the weekend. He was very happy to hear from me and I was happy to hear from him as well so ….
People in LA who walk around like it's always summer. It was 48 degrees at night the other day and I saw more than a few people (dudes) walking around in t-shirt, shorts and flip flops.
I would advise against excitement. The website will be dysfunctional and the stock will run out. Same shit different day.
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