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+1… it seems pretty obvious they are different.
All ya beanie bros looking good last page!
Agreed.. I've always found linen to shrink… and of course it gets wrinkled easily, but I do have linen shorts (got at Bloomie's, I think they are Henry Cottons) and I love them in the summer. They are loose, a little baggy but very comfy when it's hot.
my freebaseballradio stream is not working… damn it.
I'm hoping this is going to be interesting.
1) not true, 2) there was no copyright law back then
Yeah not the "super bad" ones… like coke.
^ What were those grey runners you were looking at a while back? I liked those.
Whatever all of that is it looks great!
No kidding…. I don't think being near the beach has anything to do with it!
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