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Hilarious… but still, no one answered his question! What's up in Colorado? You're not there to see the "doctor" now are you Stitchy?!?
No…and you'd be a filthy rich twat who undoubtedly would not give a shit what a plebe thinks about your tennis practices. I've been playing tennis my entire life and have played on grass courts exactly twice.
Haha, this is me today as well… but I did about 4 miles yesterday afternoon and it's just been beautiful running weather lately here in LA.
Miller out, Bucks done before season even starts.
Liking these.
wow... looks amazing.
You were getting awful close to that sandbox behind you.. I really thought you were gonna bite it! Nice footwork!
You should probably ask Metta instead.
I was more just teasing about Beck's coat. Yeah it's Belstaff and I've not tried it but it's probably nice. I mean it looks pretty cool even if not something I could probably wear. The All Saints comment was more my point. I don't know anything about it except that I've seen it at Marshall's and/or TJ Maxx for one tenth of whatever ridiculous price they have listed in store... in addition to the fact that it just sucks anyway.
There's a little clowny good like I'm having fun with a loud tie or GTH pants and then there's just clowny. Not saying that yours is clowny per se but it just doesn't work. You've gone the right dircetion fabric/texture wise with the tie in pairing it with the jacket, but you've got check, some reversed herringbone and houndstooth all in the same go... I don't believe there is any incarnation in which those would all look good together. You need a solid wool or knit tie...
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