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@Forper jeezus… helluva reply to a suggestion of a v-neck. Not sure where temperature, ties/jackets, personal taste and all that other shit comes from. When and where we are now … white crew neck tees peeking out from unbuttoned dress shirts is very, very uncool. That's it. and Clags is right… there is a middle ground.
Sort of Chinese, sort of Korean… my understanding was "rising/rises out of Asia/'the East'". I've heard people think it's Korean industrial Automotive or something like that… which I suppose would make sense if I were to guess.Could be Killed In Action, but that doesn't seem to be a good name for a car.
Fo'sho! You must be high as fuck right now. So uber clutch … so fucking money. Career numbers and Bird ain't top 10?Certainly makes it tricky. I think it's safe to say however, he's not going to go all Jordan and win 3 more championships.
okay, okay I gotcha. It's not really a ninja sword … I was being a bit silly. I know that's not what it's about.
^ in the second pic, at least on my monitor, trousers do appear olive green which I kind of like. All around it's a bit unconventional, but I tend to appreciate taking a leap now and again.+1. @Forper and get a v-neck undershirt.
^ Cool, thanks. I didn't know about that. I've been working on sharpening more skillfully as of late also.Really? I just thought it would be cool to have a handmade knife. What's so bad about it?
Understood. But no it's not "just" why I'm here…. I often post about the games and sport in general. And to be accurate… I just said LBJ is a douche in that post, but the example is really pretty apropos of his attitude/mindset and not indicative of douchebaggery.He's stated multiple times how much his goal is to make a billion dollars, be a billionaire, basically become the NBA version of Jay-Z. Well while he's talking about all that shit and making commercials about all...
for the Top 10?
lol^ This.
+1. Those are all good… even Williams/Sonoma carries most of the major brands so you can get your hands on them. I think they are even having a pretty substantial sale at the moment.Speaking of artisinal knives however, I've just met a UCLA surgeon through the martial arts leadership team for our general studies and this guy not only teaches shinkendo, he's begun making his own swords and as an outlet, some one-off kitchen knives. Here is one of the early prototypes… as...
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