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not Tom's best pic, but Regis is almost always looking good.
Fabric looks incredible… yeah I want one too!
^ Nice. Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon for me.
That's hilarious.
That's because it fucking sucks. No secret there. They're the Beats headphones of coffee… crazy marketing + dumb consumers = $$$$$$$Stevie Nicks right? Gotta be.
I don't know how helpful this will be, but keeping the dark shades on, putting on the iPod with earbuds and generally just ignoring everyone has been pretty effective for me in the past. As far as the moto/tuk tuk guys go just do not ever make eye contact or look in their direction. Eventually they seem to get the idea and it will begin to wane. I'm a big believer in projecting certain feelings/emotions in certain circumstances while traveling abroad and this has always...
Lol… so true. I've never heard the word "motorbike" so many fucking times as when I was in Vietnam. If you can believe it, actually worse than PP and Cambodia in general. I had multiple similar experiences with sunglasses salesman. At least when propositioned for the motorbike you were probably walking and theoretically could have needed a lift. The sunglasses guys however, take no mind of the fact that you're already wearing sunglasses while they're aggressively trying to...
Who thumbs that shit? It doesn't even make sense.
^ Those are just goofy.
I think I'm gonna steal this little garnish idea for Valentine's Day if you don't mind!
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