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Dat Tourette's a bitch eh?
omfg... yes srsly. Who the fuck thinks Kanye knows anything about clothing? Or music for that matter? Or fucking anything… the dude is such a poser, a joke.
I've never lived in PA, but yeah I can't imagine there is. Ironically, cops know very little when it comes to the actual law. Unbelievable.
Even after watching LeVine play here last year I must say that was a bit surprising... not entirely, but a bit. Nice tho my dude!
w…t… f…?
^ noap.
He's been acting since day one.
Piglatin = President Obama. Stitchy did you skip 3rd grade cuz you so smart?
Well idk man. I've only ever seen DJP shoes at Marshall's and Nordstrom's Rack and they are always shitty and not made in Italy IME, though perhaps some are. ymmv
New Posts  All Forums: