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Already?!? Damn, fuck that.
and the motherfucker eats cod of all things (fish). I mean you've got money and you're eating that shit?!? Well anyway…But I'm already so busy thinking about the children.
Isn't the World Series being played?
^ Thank you @Fueco. I will look into that… I'm trying to get some baseline measurement. I'm not really sure what you mean by heart rate and output however. I'm only thinking of it as an indicator of my level of exertion and exercise I guess. Also, I realize I really dislike the FitBit commercial, and as a result the FitBit itself. Somehow I do not think that was their intention.
I'm wondering how many of you have started (or have been using) some kind of monitor? For distance, heart rate, pace, whatever? I'm not at all familiar with them.
It's important to start the season off on the right foot. On that note, good job Cavs… 1 down, 81 to go. Keep it up.
Isn't Gatorade full of HFCS? Idk because I never drink it, but it recalls a funny recent memory. One of my friend's kids who is insanely health conscious for all of 6 years old saw her younger sister ( 4 y.o.) drinking a Gatorade (might have been Powerade but whatever) given to her by a neighbor. We were at the park playing tennis and the elder girl starts screaming like bloody murder… as if her sister had just raised a jug of muriatic acid to her lips …...
You got something against K-Swiss bro?
No... I would say this is nearly a requirement of civic duty. LA traffic being what it is this happens all the time with some asshole trying to cut end around at a light or some shit similar to what you described. I will run you straight into that parked bus dickhead, try me.That's what I pay them for. If they don't like it… there's the door.
Watching Volquez just mow down the Mets and I see this … http://espn.go.com/mlb/story/_/id/13987854/2015-world-series-edinson-volquez-kansas-city-royals-right-hander-learns-father-death-shortly-game-1-start wow. and This game is fantastic.
New Posts  All Forums: