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I second that comment... nice CMT.
I was hesistant to give it a go for some reason, but so far yes, it's excellent. Thank you.This might have something to do with my book as well although I'm only 50 pages in.
This doesn't quite count but it's so weird I had to post. Aaron Eckhart's director brother Jimmy (who is apparently a road raging, psychopathic asshole) puposefully sideswipped my car and tried to run me off the road and then threatened to kick my ass on Wilshire yesterday. What a f'g idiot. I took pix, called the cops and although I didn't get the threat on tape he was still ticketed and will have to pay for the damage to his car. My car was miraculously unscathed save...
^ L2B... I like the top half and the shoes.. especially the tie, jacket, PS combo but I'm not sold on the pants and can't really tell if the shirt is different than the pants (although I believe it is). Jacket seems a bit short as well. Perhaps this wouldn't catch my eye so much if the pants were something other than white.
Depends on the style and the weather where you live. If you need something durable to block the wind and rain they've got that. In LA where I live the lightweight quilted version is perfect for winter and cool nights. They are well made and have many different cuts/fits so they are very versatile. I'm sure this could be said about other brands as well, but they are often on sale and therefore a good deal. At least that's my take. ymmv. I personally love mine although I...
In LA as well ... and most of it is not on sale online. 50% on up to some big discounts on certain items. I picked up a suit last week for about 80-85% off.
No one ever said they were out. Good point and agreed.
Does that Panda joint or that other shitty "Chinese" place mid-Western yokels rave about serve crap like that as well? Never been to either ... can't even remember the name of the other one... I know it must suck however.
haha yes.This though... you cannot be serious.
Haven't been to Laurel for precisely the reasons you and LD pointed out. SK donuts however, are, agreed.... amazing!
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