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Yeah it is given he's always been in Cleveland, but he seems a good fit in GS and is certainly a good team guy. He was freaking out celebrating a few of Curry's shots. Short aside … my friend and I won some contest/raffle when I was in college and got a private shoot around at the Cavs arena and some other shit (jerseys, locker room tour, ex-players, etc. bullshit). Anyway, it was a private function so the arena was closed except for us. I went into the gift shop and only...
As long as you're not stuck to some fat fucks who can't fit into their own seats and end up co-opting 10-20% of your space… on one side, or worse on both if you're in the middle. It's past the point of being completely ridiculous these days. Alcohol is a must. I always carry-on some red wine or whiskey depending on time of day and what I brought to eat … but 30 minutes in, yeah I'm having a drink for sure. Or perhaps a ganja cookie if I'm taking the LAX red-eye. And who...
^ my goodness that dude is so wasted… picked up some lean at Jack's. Curry saves the day again!
Was out skating in mine this afternoon. "Vans are having a moment" … what does that even mean?
Agreed .. watched this recently. The original is likely better. Overall I didn't think this was that great.
^ lol.
Interesting you mention this. I had never heard of it and was introduced by a bartender just a couple weeks ago. I found it really nice... certainly unique, but I wouldn't say overly piney. Do you drink it often?
Not in person, but the website's S/S lookbook is straight up 90's grunge uni … dude even has on a G'nR shirt. Cool in a retro vibe but I didn't see anything new there.
That sounds delicious.
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