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An Anthony Bourdain poser… or Anthony Bourdain? lol… what's wrong with Tony?
Yeah… idk. Just noticed them that's all.
It's funny because yeah the pants are pretty cool... especially for 5 bucks! Nice T tho… I gotta work some Rick into my shit.
lol you have stuff from Old Navy? Isn't it like Gap, but even shittier?
By an accident of birth I grew up in Cincinnati and yes I'm a Bengals fan, but this recent stretch has gotten beyond ridiculous. They had a solid D, relatively good consistency on offense, a good back in Gio and plenty of weapons outside such as Green and Sanu. Dalton is an absolute joke. 3 INTS on Thursday, the tie to Carolina a couple weeks back (mostly the D yes, but also failure to punch it in). Losing to the Browns 24-3? You gotta be fucking kidding. Thankfully his...
Thankfully the last one is legal here.
Ya sounds a bit whack, but the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.
oh those crazy New Yorkers!
Save the skin man.
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