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It's kinda res ipsa when you use the word "scammer"… lol.
^ that's pretty cool, but I would have preferred the insurance and a new bike. Happened to me once and the replacement cost insurance scored me an upgrade.
Well I read some news story a day or so ago that a police station was locked down and a bomb squad called in over a suspicious object in the station … that later turned out to be an eight-track cassette tape!
So there you go… yes, Kobe IS that way, thus it is he. Westbrook should stick to being a basketball player… impressions clearly aren't his forte.
Does he have Tourette's or something? What is with celebrities and these insufferable affectations? It's so obviously unnatural and histrionic. I've seen this countless times but can't think of any others of the top of my head.There is quite an interesting story on the whole process and how this came about on ESPN somewhere. From what I recall, I believe those rendering are about 75%-85% "done" as it were… I guess they are still tweaking small stuff, but generally speaking...
Not minding that as much as the contrasting buttonhole.
The Imitation Game was pretty cool.
I don't believe Paris Hilton actually "knows" anything to be frank. Does anyone really think she listens to NMH… is this just another Captain Beefheart?
Cue the Johnny Mac quote/outburst.
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