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Shit … well at least we believe in our team!
LOL not even Florida thinks FSU can win.
Anyone ever read any Thomas Ligotti? Recommendations? Was thinking about Songs of a Dead Dreamer or Noctuary.
Bungles are done until they get rid of the ginger-headed clown and get a real QB. Tied shitty CAR, lucked out in not losing to TB, then embarrassed at home by both division rivals CLE and PIT after basically having the division locked up? They won't make playoffs this year or ever with this joke Dalton.
Don't talk to me about bi-polar… I'm watching the Bengals dude!
^ Welcome. You can post pix directly by clicking the little mountain & sun picture icon in the tool bar. Those Ferragamos look like expensive bowling shoes btw.
idk about all that other shit, but I noticed this the past couple days as well.yo where you at @in stitches?
Their 5-7 record would strongly suggest otherwise.
Don't you mean historic? I thought you were from the future.
Yeah. I bet it does.
New Posts  All Forums: