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But for his size and physique Howard is one the biggest whiny, bitch-ass, mama's boys I've ever seen. He is "soft" just as Kobe said… as well as mentally weak.
^ Looks delicious… was that one dinner or three?
how about any of these guys? http://twistedsifter.com/2014/10/world-beard-and-moustache-championships-2014-highlights/
^ too bad they lost though.
Very nice.. I'd like to see the face as well. It's not too common to have re-cased pocket watch movements is it?As far as car/watch branding nightmares, Breitling/Bentley might be the worst… but I really dislike Breitling anyway so not sure if that's saying much.
The unscripted version… is that the one that comes on a cylinder with an extra roll of tape?
In a land of Rick Dunks/Geos, Yohji's and the like it's the Lanvins that are the clown sneakers? Where's my Johnny Mac quote?
Funny because last year I received a $200 gift card to Macy's and I was like "wtf am I going to do with this?". Someone on SF recommended that Macy's had good deals on some bedding or sheets or something. I think I used it to buy filler Christmas presents for the undiscerning. This made me lol more than it should have… good one though. Bow to the great Alfani
Ummmm… noooooo. Where did I say anything about being contenders? A leap to such a conclusion is not only illogical, but asinine in a way to imply I don't know anything about basketball as only someone who is ignorant of the game and the league would say the addition of Randle suddenly makes them contenders. I said irrelevant… the converse of which does not equal contenders. If Nash had survived, Swaggy were healthy and Randle not injured, there would at least be a level of...
Interesting… I've never heard of that planet.
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