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Um no… just one not amused by bigoted, stereotypical comments about many of my friends and colleagues.
I need to get my hands on a pair of these somewhere… I'd like to try some on first. Look great.
huh… you're right.
But she's so cute.
Wow… just wow. There are no limits to the depths of stupidity.
Unless you want black or white, I have found it extremely difficult to find quality, waxed cotton laces in various colors. I finally gave up and just went to the Lanvin shop and bought some. Cost $20, but they put them in a little dust bag and wrapped them all up like something important (at least more important than shoelaces!) in the bag so there was that. lol
not Tom's best pic, but Regis is almost always looking good.
Fabric looks incredible… yeah I want one too!
^ Nice. Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon for me.
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