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One down… one to go.
Man running in the humidity can be just brutal. I've been there, but not lately. I pounded out about 3 miles today just working on form and pace. I'm definitely getting faster.
Sounds weird to say, but gardening is actually really fun. I grew up in a gardening family. (that also sounds weird to say… lol) Nice MoK… looking good.
This is my poolside escape book. Nice, little James Bond-esque kind of read.
http://scores.espn.go.com/espn/otl/story/_/id/13065247/college-athletes-major-programs-benefit-confluence-factors-somes-avoid-criminal-charges This is shocking. I am just stunned and cannot believe this would happen. In other news water is wet.
I'm pissed I will miss the Hermosa Beach show. He's great though if you haven't seen him … and a particularly nice dude as well.
I don't think think so, but at least they teach listening and reading comprehension.
From what I understand he owns them both outright.
Who else is doing Dodger tv play-by-play tonight? Is that Nomar Garciaparra? Jeezus he is fucking terrible. Why do they let these former player hacks on the air?
Thanks for the explanation Einstein. Did you even read the example by which I was referring to "context"? FFS
New Posts  All Forums: