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Kanye is such an utter buffoon it's mind boggling. He's the greatest artist in history … the greatest living artist!! STFU already.
That will work if it's just about 1/4 of a size … you can also put socks over shoe trees and stuff them in a little large and let them stretch.
@Piobaire truffle adventure looks fantastic!
Very cool. Although I think HKG is about the last place on earth I would ever need a leather jacket.
Getting his dick and his ass mixed up is not a good sign for Peyton.
LOL I was thinking the same thing… when is bacon and its grease ever NOT good?!
You've obviously never been here. (and Parker's fit is really nothing of the kind.)Nor have you.Fuck all that! You look great MoK. Happy bday. Looks great, but damn it dude, now I'm gonna have to go up there and check this place out! Good excuse to have lunch at Malibu Seafood.The Huey Lewis version?
Jerry gets his name on back AND front of ASG jersey. lol
I'm fairly certain you are not a teenage lesbian, so it's pretty unlikely. You should be safe.
It is pretty awesome … and versatile. When I used to live in Taipei, sometimes I would go down to one of my fave local places and just watch the guy cook. I'd have a beer and some snacks and just sit there and watch that dude… chopping, dicing, slicing, frying, basting, mixing, tossing anything and everything. So fast and nimble. At least in my neighborhood (and this seems interesting) the 2nd most used tool/utensil after the cleaver??? A ladle. Go figure.
New Posts  All Forums: