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I prefer the push-button lock like on my Pawar as opposed to the U-shaped one but yeah I hear you… at least they work!
For the record, even a Cincy boy such as myself doesn't often eat that shit! And I can't say I know anyone who has an actual recipe or makes it themselves… however, in addition to cinnamon I believe there is also a small amount of chocolate in the mix. In Cincinnati there is still the Skyline v. Gold Star battle of who's best, who came first.
Hey… it's a big world out there. What's with this proliferation of nut grabbing? I can't say I've ever felt compelled to grab another man's balls… or have my balls grabbed by another man. wtf is with this shit?
Meh.. there are better painkillers.
You mean in order to further confirm that the hottest female athletes play tennis, volleyball or field hockey right?Unless of course you dig fat chicks.
Yes indeed… that's why I don't take offense to mild jokes from strangers on the internet. Wow, lighten up….. bud.
Persimmon futures just shot up as well.
http://espn.go.com/espn/story/_/page/instantawesomelombardi150210/this-vince-lombardi-jacket-sell-20000-was-bought-58-cents For you thrifting dudes, I'm sure some will find this interesting.
New Posts  All Forums: