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you scared me there for a second!
they only way I can interpret that given I know the knot is that the 1st wrap goes around and the 2nd wrap is the one that goes through. When you do the 1st wrap you kinda have to hold it with a two fingers in a "V" shape (at least it works for me) and then bring the 2nd wrap around and through. Depending how much overlap you want/don't want the 1st wrap will be visible underneath. Hope that helps.
Yes! haha. The jury selection is called void dire. An attorney may dismiss any jurors for cause if they have elicited valid reasons through questioning that they would be biased in their decision making. The attorney also gets a limited number of peremptory challenges (depending on type of suit… I think it's usually two, maybe three) for jurors whom they want to dismiss because they believe the juror will not be beneficial for the client. I'm not a litigator so in...
well PM me if you need someone to break it in for you! I think it looks fantastically funky and obviously a beautiful watch as well.
I didn't say I wasn't drinking! In 45 minutes I'll be at an international beer fest!
a room in a castle.
I just grabbed an Allagash the other day but have yet to try it. Come on weekend!
I have found that the business world in general is just getting more and more unprofessional in the hiring/HR department. I just expect the unexpected and my basic default is that the majority of the people screening for these decisions are just idiots. Good luck bro!
I'm so sorry Bisco… may he rest peacefully. The culprit will meet his maker.. hopefully soon.
Thank you! It really was cool. I will say I don't get too worked up about celebs but it was truly amazing to be in his presence. He is so much like his father (from interviews I've seen and obviously his music). He gave me a hug and was so positive and gentle … I felt irie the whole rest of the night
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