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For realz?
I was like that dude in the movie breaking into the bank vault with all the lasers and shit when it comes to the squeaky floors and stairs. I had to figure it out and memorize all the squeaky spots and be able to pull it off in the dark … possibly while somewhat intoxicated. Almost certainly. lol
Dudes doin' like half marathons weekly around here! I don't really go for distance, but my form and speed have been very consistent over 3-4 miles. To the point I can maintain very consistent breathing and gradually get faster the whole way through the route and I'm hauling ass the last half mile. Just absolutely beautiful weather in LA today as well.
So the obvious question … why would you tweet that?
I would start with a briefcase full of drugs and possibly some sunscreen. Aside from that I can't think of anything else you'll need except some spending cash.
Damn some good stuff in the dublab. I remember that when Dilla died it was just fucking chaos … so sudden. Dude was so legit.
^ Yep, pretty much confirms what I said about 8 hours ago.
LOL'd so hard. Yep, it's always the weird looking ones… especially with big foreheads.
So it's like half of a normal game up to that point.
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