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Fucking cyclists period. I'm so sick of these assholes thinking they own the roads like some special flowers. If you haven't noticed genius, I'm the one surround by safety devices… and metal.
^ I thought that was Michael Phelps.
Except that there isn't a single club in LA you'd get into looking like that. It's srsly like trying to teach a toddler how to wipe his ass.
Fuck'n hell I'm not driving all the way down there! You wanna come to Santa Monica?
Definitely agree with this. I've had some great 3 minute friends during interactions like this… just a short vignette of a relationship. I prefer that to dealing with some dickhead waving around a camera on a stick. … did I miss something? Who is MJK?nvm: I guess we got wine, Tool, and selfie sticks all in one!
Wait what happened to Holdfast?
Pretty ironic comment given the context.
… and as standard practice, the other opposing players all ran off the court with their arms hanging limp like broken chicken wings. Oh wait…
^ Oh damn that is awesome. Osaka is fantastic… I would love to visit that distillery.
^ what the hell… is/was that a real cereal?
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