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Well one thing's fo'sho... muthafukas in here got issues... that's a fact.
Oh sure I'll just tell you the name of the store so all you mofos can scoop the deals!! haha… there were a couple, but since it was the weekend I could not call to confirm the final price before ordering so I don't remember which one off the top of my head, nonetheless… Commercial Centre, Leyon Rais, and Summer … or some shit like that. One of the pages was in French so who the fuck knows. Check it out… if you come up with anything let me know.
Every day there's a new story I thought we had reached the actual depth of stupidity of Jameis WInston … but no, it is seemingly limitless. Case in point his newest (of many) reasons for having stolen crab legs. "Oh no no, I didn't steal the property. I was just the receiver of stolen property which I then used for my personal benefit." Um, yeah good one dumbass. Did your genius lawyer give you that?
I'm not even a Cavs fan, but send that Kelly bitch back to the WNBA.
That's interesting I didn't know there was a chronological version. Just watched the original for the 2nd time a couple weeks ago.
But the difference is pretty substantial … East Dane is $350 and at that price point I would just wait and get some MMM or CP on sale. The French retailer I found would be sub-$200. Like, I'd pay $200 just for some nice beaters but nearing $400 I'd pass. idk… thank you for your thoughts however.
^ No kidding. I want to learn how to build that clock now too!
^ I've always liked those in black for some reason.
"Ehhhh… nothing really. Just sitting around shitting myself into a diaper and then having this chick wipe my ass."
Forgive me for asking the obvious, but how the fuck would you ever come to know either of those things?
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