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^ that IS pretty pathetic. Martindale? I dunno.. do non-lawyer people do that? I know too many attorneys to ever need to go looking for one.
Shows $175 for me.
Quite possibly the dumbest accessory I have ever seen. I'm sure Kanye will be wearing them soon.
She (like many celebs) benefits from having some good, well-manicured photos and appearances out there to cultivate here image. On the everyday, however, I can see how people would say she's really not that attractive. I watched Ted (the movie wight the talking bear) the other day and was thinking… "Jeez she's kinda beat". She also does not look like she will age well at all.
I was telling myself that, but it just looks so much like this place I was checking out previously. Either way fantastic view… I am very much a luxe tropical beach bum at heart. Cheers, Regis
This place is in either Cabo or Thailand somewhere? I would swear this was a property I considered staying at. Looks so familiar.
^ Had never heard of this before now… very interesting, thank you.
saw that vid on Yoox.. pretty interesting.
@ballmouse It got nice there for the last few minutes though. Some beautiful passes and fluidity from the Spurs.
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