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haha yes.This though... you cannot be serious.
Haven't been to Laurel for precisely the reasons you and LD pointed out. SK donuts however, are, agreed.... amazing!
first part... looks good! second part ...
^ So the cat was super pissed off I take it.
Guisados tacos? I haven't been there but have heard good things and have been wanting to try it myself.
Me too... just picked one up last week. Have to post once I get it back.
Yes... like while crossing a busy street. Idiots.
I don't know what qualifies as great but there is one in Westwood on Thursdays, one on the UCLA campus sometimes as well and another in the Hollywood Hills by Yamashiro also on Thursdays I believe.
So you hang out in the Marianas Trench often?
Last time I had it I was in high school, drunk at 1am! Wait now that I think about it we actually won some free coneys at the Reds game a few years back, but even free didn't taste any better. Now Graeter's ice cream otoh is truly something to seek out. Regarded by many foodies as one of the world's best ice creams... really.
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