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but, but… what about bron bron?
I'll be honest sometimes it's just bullshit really. There are certain unwritten "rules" over there just as here, although the fit/approval nexus I believe has a bit more to do with how it reflects the wearer's overall "vibe/mojo". Formal wear has a history and more structure and the variation is more restricted while SW&D is practically wide open, but within certain limits. It's not a perfect analogy, but a bit like classical music v. jazz.I'm half teasing Caustic, but I...
Have a blessed day!
Some of you guys talking about SW&D as if it were some alien life form 10 times removed… really? I don't get what is so difficult about crossing over from one to the other.
^ maybe the Kardashians will chime in and order will be restored.
Hmmmm… had never really thought of it like that. Indeed that is heartbreaking… they were just skiing and she hit her head… died so suddenly. Goddamn that sucks. They've been promo'ing this shit like 6 months before release? Is that really necessary?
Next challenge gonna be post your dank fit whilst standing on a toilet.
Oh yeah that Mismo daypack was a deal as well as the weekender… neither of which I needed. Not really the point though!Wish I knew my size... that's a steal.
Ya I loves me a little brush back chin music, but the dude is hilarious. It's so over the top he has jumped the shark with this shit.
Understatement x billion. He may be one of the most under-rated musicians in history.
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