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^ lol… They were all pretty bad.@idfnl The first picture doesn't even show how terrible this jacket actually is (DG far right). It's not a rider, but has some angled front with a belt and what appears to be a "beaver tail" panel on the back. What a fucking waste of leather …. I actually prefer Drake's stupid "Farewell Mamba" coat… at least it had a purpose, albeit a short-lived one.Actually yes … should have just gone all-in on a cool GSW jacket for the ASG.Westbrook's...
Yes plenty, but as ridiculous as it sounds, chewing all that shit up is work. It would be really difficult for me to "eat" everything I put in there as opposed to "drinking" it all at once… plus it tastes fantastic. As for the chia and/or flax seeds… I used the extractor blade to grind them into powder before adding so I don't think it's quite as "in & out" as you make it seem.Out of curiosity, how does mashing it up in a blender lose the fiber, but mashing it up in my...
Did you see that god-awful yellow leather Draymond was wearing at the slam dunk contest? My goodness.
Beyond awful. Just bullshit samples, atrocious auto-tuned "vocals" and generally speaking a pile of steaming shit. It srsly boggles the mind the disconnect between how he thinks he's some combination of Miles Davis and Picasso and the fact he's actually more like Milli Vanilli (maybe not the best example … that could still be a compliment).Either way he's terrible.
^ Bell is fantastic … unfortunately it's a sad state of affairs culturally these days. Everything fits nicely, but a bit casual for the concert hall IMO.
Over the long term perhaps more endurance and mayyyyyybe injury prevention, but like @venividivicibj I did not find any real benefit. I'm very careful about not over-weighting my abilities, but I've been seeking to get close to max and muscle failure on fewer reps for quite a while now and I much prefer it to lower weight/higher reps.Always fresh with mine. Stuff gets kinda weird if I leave it in the fridge. Although I do sometimes prepare the "mix" ingredients, like...
ASG warmups seemed pretty cool… but the jacket fabric must be somewhat thick as it did not seem to fit/drape many of the players very well. Looks good in this photo though.
^ seems at least like a good start. Who has a pair of nunchaku (nunchucks) signed by Bryce Harper? And it's spring training … you can't just sit around drinking beer all day! Well certainly you could … but that's where the briefcase comes in.
Mine definitely have spinach and avocado! I've been using one of those NutriBlast things lately and I have to say it's pretty fucking sweet actually. Literally the only thing I've ever purchased after seeing a commercial.It's certainly harder to not get sick when around other people in the winter. I have been sick a handful of times in my whole life … like I never get a cold or anything, but when (if) I do it's usually when back home (OH) in the winter and I caught it from...
Not sure how baller they are individually, but as a whole, the entire Jordan collection gifted to Kobe for his retirement seems pretty cool.
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