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ugh… yeah it's very similar… the bottom is different. POS either way.
Is this like a random South Park episode generator?
Although the square is mainly the focus for us (although I don't think it's particularly egregious), my assumption is that his colleague was more taken by the patterned SC and textured pants as being "too different" and in totality the look, to him, appeared "busy". SF v. the masses once again.
Too busy. Sounds like the type of person who thinks Tabasco sauce is "sooooo spicy!" LOL
Because LeBron told them to.
^ I think it's worse. My total haul on this collection… nada.
Guess we'll see … might head over to BevCent if my girl calls me and tells me they have in-store. Online tomorrow though.
OKC getting thunda fucked in LA … nice choke job fellas.
Perhaps. But maybe some ADs aren't manipulative dicks who might just answer an honest question with an honest answer. I happened to pick up some Tom Fords from a somewhat rando retailer a while back and for various reasons I had some reservations. Took them to TF right on Rodeo and Charles (who is now a friend and helps me immensely every time I come in) was more than happy to check them out. He got out an in-store pair of the same glasses, the case, card, packaging,...
Oh gee
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