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^ Wow nice suits… not my size unfortunately. Hilarious pix tho!
On another note it looks like the Buckeyes will win an actual fucking game.
idk about that, but srsly, baking pies well is not easy. Depends on the fruit, moisture content, making a really good crust and keeping it crisp on the bottom. Totally random, but interesting fact... a friend of mine is good friends with Kenny G and apparently he makes pies that literally will blow your fucking mind. It's like a thing with his bros to try to get him to bring you a pie because they're so good. Weird huh?
This… not terrible, not fantastic, but picked it up at Ralph's 50% off.
That wasn't a fumble, the guy is a fucking moron… he just put the ball down in the field of play. How long do you have to play football until you understand that the ball must cross the plane of the goal line to be considered a touchdown? Ummm.. like 15-20 minutes? Dude is just a dumbass plain and simple.
Yeah even the pix look pretty shitty with crooked stitching and such.
Baking an actual pie from scratch will take you half a day… and it will probably suck.
^ Nice
I made Brussel sprouts tonight… that's like a mini cabbage right?
Well it's already on so no staying up required. Go Utah! lol
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