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I got this code from YOOX so I'm posting it here as I will not use it. I don't buy from them often so if it's linked to my account and inoperable I apologize … I really don't know. If not and it works then cheers, enjoy 20% off any non-sale item. btw, of course it says "some products excluded". THX2776529
@perfectstitch You won't want a $300 suit. Try to set it up with Peter as I've recommended. If you do that and do some preplanning it could work and his stuff is definitely going to be far nicer than some quick-fast, fly-by-night bullshit. Try to make it as easy for him as possible. If you show up disorganized and in a rush that 's not cool for him and you'll end up with a rushed product. If you inform him and give him notice and defer to his schedule he will work with...
It's weird I keep hearing these duty complaints I should count my blessings. I've ordered from End among others and all kinds of shit, even values over $200 and haven't had a single charge. I must have a magic mailbox.
Preach brotha! That's the God's truth. (waaaaayyyyy sluttier)
@perfectstitchYeah this. The best quality would come from HKG but you won't be there long enough. There are a couple places in BKK I know you can get decent MTM shirts done just for some beaters at around $35/shirt but realistically you're SOL. Certainly not enough time for anything but shirts. And only one day in Cambodia is a travesty.You need a couple weeks to get suits done properly. You're definitely not doing Chan on this timeframe. The only possibility that could...
No kidding. I couldn't even tell what they were talking about saying he flashed the cameras tucking in his shirt.
Wrong team. I think you'd like the field hockey team a bit better. At least there are more jizz worthy faces.
Even though the timing is off, Garciaparra is SO bad I've had to mute the broadcast and turn on Dodgers 570AM. My lord… please, just shut the fuck up. btw… please vote for anybody on the All Star team. The Royals potentially sending 7 starters is just ridiculous.
That would be extra hilarious… and oh so Cleveland.
Nah looks fine.
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