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@Piobaire's focus on ROI is really what's important. One of my best friends went maybe $150K in loans for his medical degree to get a job that pays him easily 3x that. That makes sense. I did relatively the same to go to a top law school and the best in my field… so yeah that's a good investment. The $30K for cosmetology school, or what may even be more insidious in a way, the $60K-$80K debt someone takes on for a law degree from Brooklyn Law School or California Western...
Everything about this move is so obviously Bron. Look at what he's done with agents, his management team, etc. over the years and the pattern will become obvious.
True … but there is a grain of truth in the fact that the availability of loans helped to speed up the ridiculous increases in the cost of tuition at many schools. The prices are f'g ridiculous. For example, LLM programs are often viewed as cash cows for universities to get tuition from foreign students paying full fare. For the top schools it's in the $60K-$75K range. Unbelievable… and generally speaking the prices just go up across the board.
I was lucky to grab a pair of those but haven't gotten the damn things hemmed yet! Look good though CD.
@Piobaire yeah, I think so. Worked for me too.
Blatt fired … lol. Nice move Bron Bron.
This is almost like the last thing I would picture a bunch of drunks getting blitzed on … cute little bottles of Underberg. You do mean this correct? I've had it occasionally.Not that surprising really. As the article said, if you were planning to move to a foreign country anyway, you could take out loans then just bail with whatever degree you got that may be useful somewhere else. Even if not, in a way it's understandable.
An entire case of beer? My goodness... it would take me a week to drink a case.
Well I'm not even sure really bad covers it. Coincidentally I was listening to Master of Puppets the other day.
lol… idk if it's pho or udon … thus the Franken prefix. Whatever it was lobster broth noodle soup, tasted great.I took a friend somewhere earlier this week and we had bone marrow and it was also his first time having it… he loved it, I always love it. We almost ordered another serving until the guy at the bar (who happened to also be the owner) insisted we partake of their special whiskey luge … Jameson and something else slightly chilled and mixed then poured down the...
New Posts  All Forums: