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But how else everybody gonna know you rocking Gucci kicks yo?
hell yeah… I love beef cheeks and all of that looks delicious.
Some of those are nice but I really can't stand anything that is at least Eau de Parfum or better. Fragrances less than that are mostly just alcohol and smell like it. In fact, one of my absolute favorites is only made in Abu Dhabi (and even when I was in town it was hard to track down) but it's pure parfum oil and it is just fantastic. Women f'g love it as well.
Millennial.. awesome.I spent some time in education and in general I found US high school students' writing just atrocious. I think the point you identify is just writing whatever comes to mind as opposed to being able to actually craft a compositional piece of writing. And truly I don't think the point should be lost that the use of computers and electronic devices leads to less and less actual writing with a piece paper and a pen.Not to be too pointed, but in what...
So what do you get with a short-attention-span kid, mentally stunted by an electronic lobotomy whacked out on meow meow?
Seriously cool, but I'd agree with KoY that the jeans are a wee bit snug.
As LD said they get frustrated because it can't just be read in 5 minutes and make complete sense. One must actually think about it and kids these days have been trained by electronics and media to have a very short attention span and a lack of consistent focus. It's fucking scary to see children as young as 3 or 4 in the grocery store with an iPhone stuck in their faces. That cannot be good from a developmental standpoint.And aside from that most people are idiots… I...
See my preceding post.
Something about the tie/shirt combo I'm liking… and yes nice collar. Who's your buddy you're always with in the photos? And does he know he's in your posts?
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