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Nice, I grabbed some the year before last from ssense as well. I usually wear a 10US or 43 EU so I just size down one I guess being a 9UK. All my Lanvins are 9. I think they are all only in whole sizes now so it's better to err on the size of a half size too large than too small as you always throw an insole in there. What did you get btw? High tops or cap toes? Well I'm sure you'll post a pic when you get them so good luck on the fit.
Whisky highball… lame.
That I know. I guess I didn't recognize because of the fact it was actually buttoned!
I was kinda wondering that as well but I don't know the jacket… why a 3 button?
^ hmmm ok. Don't know those, but just the name alone would make me hate them.
I'm not an honored denizen of this thread, but e-thrift just means when someone scores something (usually on eBay or something) at a "thrifty" price but does so online. And yeah plenty of scores at discounters such as Marshall's, Nordstrom Rack and the like. Did you see those Lanvins a few pages ago dood scored at Marshall's? Perhaps I shall be corrected.So THAT's where an alien's penis is. No wonder when I kicked him between the legs it didn't work.
This and those Pradas kind of brought something to my mind… just wondering out loud, but why do Prada, Gucci, Ferragamo, etc. (like the big names generally… you could add LV) make such lame sneakers? To my recollection that's the first time anyone has ever liked any Pradas and although RFX had a pair of LVs a couple years back that were pretty cool, generally speaking they freaking suck. Why is that? Can't they hire someone to design some decent shoes? idk just seems...
I was watching the game a little bit. I swear it sounded like there were more Pats fans in the stadium than Chargers fans. What's with that? There can't be that many actual MA transplants in SD.
OCD? Anchorman? lol I still don't get it!
^ Why did you 'shop the photo and flip it around? To arrange them in order of height?
New Posts  All Forums: