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haha that's true … fair enough. My girlfriend is Taiwanese, however, she's lived in CA longer than I have. Someone else thought I was Filipino because I study kali.Anyway back to beer… RG is really quite good and not just one of these overnight pop-up breweries. According to my friend they've posted the fastest 2-year growth of any brewery in recent times … but he is part of the marketing department so who knows.It's from Cincinnati, OH so I have no idea what the...
lolwut?!? I did live there (Taipei) for years, but nope. Although I've posted plenty of pix, it's not the first time I've been assumed to be Asian… not sure why. I do a lot of Asian shit tho!
Thanks… it is very much so. Historic actually… it's the old Christian Moerlein brewery… which is now Rhinegeist.
A little brewery tour action. A friend of mine is head of marketing there so it was extra fun ( and sudsy! ) and the beer is very good!
There's so much shit you can make… particularly with leftovers. Aside from chicken I'll grill extra steak, fish or pork chops and prepare that with some veggies such as spinach, broccoli or brussel sprouts. You can supplement that with a batch of fried rice with veggies or cous cous with veggies. I also make a lot of low-fat/low-sodium refried beans to which I add a bunch of stuff (green pepper, onion, black beans, cilantro, garlic & seasonings). Sometimes I'll use the...
Blatt to Lakers? lol idk…. but the Spurs are in town so they're preparing to get destroyed.
Here's some stuff I made and a bead stash I was messing around with during some down time over the holidays.
^ lol jeezus this is crazy … http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/14628604/former-raiders-defensive-end-anthony-wayne-smith-sentenced-life-prison
That shit is hilarious though (obviously unintentionally). He says it started with playing with Ozzy. Yeah man, blame it on Ozzy.
@indesertum both good reads!
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