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As LD said they get frustrated because it can't just be read in 5 minutes and make complete sense. One must actually think about it and kids these days have been trained by electronics and media to have a very short attention span and a lack of consistent focus. It's fucking scary to see children as young as 3 or 4 in the grocery store with an iPhone stuck in their faces. That cannot be good from a developmental standpoint.And aside from that most people are idiots… I...
See my preceding post.
Something about the tie/shirt combo I'm liking… and yes nice collar. Who's your buddy you're always with in the photos? And does he know he's in your posts?
So out of curiosity which others are you trying that you like?
^ triples as a **super bad** drugs scale.
… but also what Academic said!
gotcha … so it's only wool and linen.. that's interesting. Thanks!
^ Looks great DC! Deine Fraulein? @in stitches … so curious question… wasn't there a post you made detailing a certain prohibition among particular fabrics together? I remember I was really surprised I hadn't heard of it.. could you explain it again? Thanks!
Jet I didn't know you were a musician! [[SPOILER]]
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