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^ hmmm ok. Living in LA I guess I can usually find somewhere to try on most stuff… but certainly not all. It kills me having to return things that don't fit…. such a pain in the ass.
Really? Ringspun (if it's the same English brand I'm thinking of) used to make some pretty cool stuff until they hopped on the Affliction/MMA, tribal arm band tattoo idiot train. I have a few of their older pieces, but I haven't seen it around in years. I take it you bought it a while ago?
At least we'll have some gahd-dayum bball today!
I can't really tell what's going on in that screen shot but clearly it indicates someone getting paid to play video games... which in and of itself is just absurd. Basketball and cooking even more so at least have some redeemable qualities. wtf does video game playing do except train future generations of drone monkeys?
^ thanks Skits I'll have to do a run through and see if there are any other places we may hit up. Right now my loose list of LA places to try (a couple of which I've been to but not my guests) is as follows: Santa Monica Seafood for HH and fish purchases, Musha Isakaya (SaMo), Bestia (DTLA), Guisado's (Silver Lake/Echo), Sugarfish (BH), Geoffrey's (Malibu), Hinoki & The Bird (Century) and Pizzeria Mozza (LA). Other places to hit up are Backyard at the W for brunch...
Man there's people now watching other people play video games… srsly wtf is that? Nerd-core ultra some shit….
People who eat rice. Crazy how that works huh?
^ for the record I liked it! The tie that is.
So we had comments for about 4 days and now they're gone?
You have some decent pedals there if they work.. MXR distortion, Ibanez delay, t.c. electronics. Basic setup, kind of beat up but vintage MXRs can bring some cash. The Roland thing is just an A/B footswitch. It might control an option on a keyboard or a clean/distortion A/B on an amp such as Roland Jazz Chorus. In short by itself it's basically worthless.The Crittenden is indeed from Crit Rawlings. I actually know the guy pretty well and he is the epitome of the southern...
New Posts  All Forums: