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^ that's every stupid twat everywhere… but yeah I hear you.
With Tommy Lee on drums apparently? I did not know that… have to check it out.This is kind of funny from google search under the wiki headings. On the left it says "Smashing Pumpkins are an American rock band…." on the left "Smashing Pumpkins were an American rock band…."lol
I think this is some famous actor dude.
Actually no I haven't thus my question.
Do you know the approximate prices ranges on these? I know there are a couple companies in Taiwan that make very affordable custom and MTM leathers as well.
And by "simple" do you mean like this…. or like this?
How the fuck do you get locked out of your own place?
It didn't work for me.
^ A couple crazy games tonite! Especially the Wiz and Wall's tribute… pretty heartbreaking to see that interview at the end.
Yeah I think so for sure. But man it's fantastic there! I used to go to Lamington so often. We'd cruise down to Byron Bay, then up to Nimbin to grab some "supplies" (haha) and then into Lamington to hike and camp. OK, that's it I'm coming to visit. When are you free?
New Posts  All Forums: