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Reading these last couple pages has only reminded me of what I already know … I definitely have too many clothes.
Nice … I miss that lush forest … reminds me of Lamington. We are similar build/size … what sizes did you go with specifically jacket and pants? Thanks.
I understand that was the reason given … considering it did not look intentional and guys get hit in the nuts all the time I found it less than convincing. Whatever… Cavs lost so all's well.I think anyone who enjoys basketball is just looking forward to what undoubtedly will be one hell of a series. It's hard to say.
^ lol … well you start with a girl who takes care of herself and avoid it altogether.
Frye head butting Lyles last night… keep it up Cavs. No idea why Lyles was ejected as well.
I spent four years living in Asia … most of it in Taiwan where the shit was invented. Trust me I know more about bubble tea than you care to imagine and the last thing I need in my bubble tea is more sugar.
Nope.Just hit happy hour at SaMo Seafood for dat fritto misto goodness!
It's basically milk tea with a bunch of tapioca shit in the bottom. The tea is fine .. good even if not usually a bit too sweet. The tapioca is just filler … it's not bad, but pretty unremarkable … just gelatinous tapioca/rice balls in your tea.
I had not, but because of your post I checked it out. Good flick.Weird, bizarre, absurd? I'm not sure. It's about a serial killing tire … sort of.This was pretty cool.
^ that's a pretty unusual birthday suit!
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