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Agreed .. watched this recently. The original is likely better. Overall I didn't think this was that great.
^ lol.
Interesting you mention this. I had never heard of it and was introduced by a bartender just a couple weeks ago. I found it really nice... certainly unique, but I wouldn't say overly piney. Do you drink it often?
Not in person, but the website's S/S lookbook is straight up 90's grunge uni … dude even has on a G'nR shirt. Cool in a retro vibe but I didn't see anything new there.
That sounds delicious.
Was watching some YouTube of the 1988 ECF … the Bird v. Wilkins shootout. Just awesome.
Not sure I quite understand the issue, but Zespa maybe?Look like Ann D's … in a good way.
That's pretty similar to what I do and then I use some water, coconut water, soy or almond milk and a couple of ice cubes.
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