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Welp, that's injuries. You know … just part of the game from a regular basketball tie-up down low. And looks like D-Ron's short term memory resurfaced. Hmmm…. how many minutes does it take to score 5 points? 32 apparently. Wow.
Not sure if this counts as thrift-ING as it's not my area of expertise, but it's about $4K+ of Hermes cashmere hoodie and ties all NWT at 10 cents on the dollar so at least that shit qualifies as thrift-Y. EDIT: tag on the hoodie is 80/20 cashmere and sable… whataya know, learn sumpin' erry day.
In short, yes.. and no. Depends on the wax, but anything you put in your hair will still be in there when s/he runs hands through it. IME the more "agreeable" the wax (less sticky, residue-y), the less effective it is. Always trade offs my man.
hmmmm…. me too… California.
^ that IS pretty pathetic. Martindale? I dunno.. do non-lawyer people do that? I know too many attorneys to ever need to go looking for one.
Shows $175 for me.
Quite possibly the dumbest accessory I have ever seen. I'm sure Kanye will be wearing them soon.
She (like many celebs) benefits from having some good, well-manicured photos and appearances out there to cultivate here image. On the everyday, however, I can see how people would say she's really not that attractive. I watched Ted (the movie wight the talking bear) the other day and was thinking… "Jeez she's kinda beat". She also does not look like she will age well at all.
I was telling myself that, but it just looks so much like this place I was checking out previously. Either way fantastic view… I am very much a luxe tropical beach bum at heart. Cheers, Regis
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