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These games all suck.
Oh my feet were frozen. This guy is such a piece of shit.
I did get my hands on some PvW 15 the other day… no bottle for myself, but enough to enjoy at a friend's place.
So it's pretty clear why your uncle weighs 400 lbs.
^ This is Taiwanese. Nice stuff… I know it well. I cracked one of these the other day and it was my first time trying it. Nice, but I wasn't blown away… I'll have to try it again.
So far, so good.
It's a regular sweater and it fits. Looks fine.. what else is there?
Moules frites.
Kwak, Corsendonk Christmas and Framboise lambic.
Had Corsendonk Christmas Ale draught last night at this Belgian place… good stuff.
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