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Moscow Mule with Stoli Gala Applik and Gosling's Ginger Beer.
Weird, but better than the last one. Kafka-esque freaky, doppelgänger flick.
Oh I was only saying that matter of factly. My apologies @Claghorn if that came off as me being snarky. My intent really was to highlight the fact that @in stitches contributions are *almost!* always very informative, genuine and at minimum worthy of consideration.
I stand corrected.
Clips/Dubs tonight. So I saw the most bizarre thing I've ever seen on a basketball court… so odd I could never have imagined … an in-game, sideline interview with Coach *cough cough* Luke Walton. Really don't like those new Clips units. Curry is a certifiable freak of nature… so sharp this early in the season. What's crazy is that there's absolutely no reason he doesn't just stay in this zone until….. when exactly?
LOL. I did, well put.I think you know by now that if he takes the time to write something like that it's usually pretty on point … and worth the time (2 minutes?).
Ig'nant… it's pronounced ig'nant.She's an insufferable whore.
Really don't know about this one. Modern noir mystery set in a SoCal high school full of drugs. Weird. Like this dude.
You've framed (no pun intended ) the issue correctly… sure tortoise is a bit more elegant, black is sleek and minimal and well… black. It goes with anything. If you don't have a varied collection of shades I'd say go black… if you want something more unique then tortoise. I have about 10 pairs of shades from Peoples, Ford, Persol, Sama etc. and eventually you'll have one of everything.
I can't believe you are going to dis Sir Paul in favor of Skank Mariah. Dafuq mang?!
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