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No kidding…. I don't think being near the beach has anything to do with it!
on to Part IV!
Rick x Uggs = Ugh
wish there were a game tonight
new thread.. nice
^ For sure. But LZ and that song have so much money that there is enough to file a copyright infringement claim based on superficial similarity and access and rather than leave it to a judge/jury LZ will settle and the claimants walk away with some serious cheese for their trouble.
Linen shouldn't be itchy.
^ I hope not Frills… that's pretty fugly. At least I never liked the ring on those… just me.
^ My God that's excruciating.
Couldn't get a great pic today but went to a friend's graduation event so I'm rocking a little alma mater spirit tie! (colors in 1st are accurate… 2nd just to show the links.)
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