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And nice help from Rose.
Mind boggling ain't it?
Dwight's full-court shot saying "Whatever you can do LeBron, I can do in a more feminine way." (nice "throw" you fucking tool)
Just ordered a bunch of sale shit. Since they opened the LA store it's great ordering online and then just switching it out at the store if it does't fit. Got a +J merino cardi for $40 and a +J dress shirt for $12. Nice.
Yes… a deep, mellow, full-bodied flavor.
No thank you, I'll follow your advice (although I kind of had that feeling anyway!)
So has anyone tried these Zespas? With the favorable exchange rate and VAT-free I'm thinking of grabbing a pair of these for summer beaters (not necessarily this color). Thoughts?
My gosh it's hilarious. Too obviously fake to be disgusting.What movie?
There was a movie with a joke about this although I can't remember. Something about they were trying to hire a hit man to kill somebody and this guy shows up at the hotel ready to piss all over them for some kid of fetish shit. The ad was as you say . I'm not much into murders-for-hire or getting pissed on so I didn't really get the whole thing anyway.EDIT: Horrible Bosses that was it. It's crazy what you can just type into google. Funny movie though.
New Posts  All Forums: