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A couple pix would help, but from what I know you could have done worse. What are you concerned about specifically? (If jcp = JC Penny it's definitely not that.)btw, Berluti is made in France.
Description sounds whack, but it looks cool … so it's shearling lined? For those who want a stylish leather with some warmth it looks legit (I take it that's not your pic tho) btw… by who?Love the details and the vintage gear; solid AF leather … can't make up my mind about the variegated zipper however.
New deck skate fit on the way to the park …. CK Enjoi Vans Blind
^ but he seems cool AF tho. "I was just goin to the shops or sumpfin." "Well…. You're probably not gonna win an Emmy but you'll win a SAG award!" lol He comes off as totally cool with making fun of himself … not a universal trait in Hollyweird.
The Book of Five Rings Miyamoto Musashi
^ Nice, thanks. Glenmorangie 10 and I just ordered a bottle of the Balvenie Doublewood 12… hopefully arrives tomorrow.
^ Since it's an "outfit" as you say, you could start by putting on some shoes.
Yes always. They have the worst customer service of almost any company I know… and even the $25 codes I hassle out of them for repeatedly fucking up don't really make it worthwhile.
Had that for the first time last Christmas … very good stuff!
Only beef or do you do the trifecta?
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