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awh man, that does make me sad. Ganj brownies on the red eye last night, however, those make me happy… very, very happy at 30,000 feet.
I would literally shrivel up and die to live like this.
Can't remember who it was the other day, but someone noticed the price difference on an RO leather that was close to, or a bit over $1K USD, was only about $470 USD in the Russian ruble equivalent.
I was experiencing and error message to the whole site and could not reach the feedback page to report just five minutes ago.
Well the bitch is blonde then!
^ Well I'm not SO oblivious that I didn't know the last part!
Wait what happened with Hirsh? I'm almost afraid to ask or be sorry that I did.
^ oh plenty of people worry about THAT in LA lol! @arnathor Ice Cube I'm in LA so we don't worry about that here. Just noticed this post was my # 6,420.
F U Booth… my Guild Starfire is all natural.
The slammer? You live in Saudi Arabia or North Korea or something?
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