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I think this is the same side piece from a couple years ago… seems they've been dating a while. There are plenty of pix of them together… I believe her name is Ricki something.
Nice… October 10th Uniqlo party in LA! Thanks!
Generally speaking it would be the latter… especially if worn with a suit or sport coat. You want a little cuff showing and of course when you extend your arm or reach for something you don't want the cuff riding up your forearm. At the same time, when you take the coat off it should not appear that you have an accordion of fabric running up the length of the sleeve. Casual shirts only worn with chinos or jeans and such, may be a bit shorter perhaps, but we're probably...
Plokhov collab stuff looks interesting. When is the J+ line being re-issued?
Lots of good fits here these last few pages!
Ya.. where's Fang these days?
Oh it's all the media's fault… JFC. These people are truly idiots. "What don't you all get?" srsly?
oh apologies… I must have interrupted your Maroon 5/ Katy Perry/ Fall Out Boy download. Actually it's ok for them to copy because there is no IP protection (Copyright specifically) for anything relative to fashion design. Only trademark may protect logos and the like for the consumer, but as to competitors appropriating others ideas, it's basically a free-for-all.There have been many academic papers written in Fashion/IP law as to the pros and cons of particular...
I'm not sure it has changed THAT much… all the stuff on iTunes and YouTube is just all the popular shite, not-even-music "music" so there is still the need to dig and search. Yes occasionally I'm surprised by what I find on YT and there is some cool, obscure stuff, (and I'm exaggerating a bit.. it's not all shite) but people are still the same, and lazy people listen to lazy music and don't put any time into finding it.
I'll check it out!
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