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Nope… he's the ONLY one!
Based on the fret markers and weird rosette, almost certainly NOT a Gibson.
It completely sucks for Miller… he's a dynamic player and really has some talent so it's a shame to see him out an entire year. Even though I'm a huge tOSU fan, I'll have to admit you're probably right. They would need to go undefeated AND win B1G Champ to get a spot and even with Brax that was still going to be tough.@Connemara from the parallel CFB thread you said "I have no words"… and even if you did, I doubt one of them would have been "Barrett" unless preceded by...
Neo you're joking right? You don't actually use LA public transit do you?!?
Hilarious… but still, no one answered his question! What's up in Colorado? You're not there to see the "doctor" now are you Stitchy?!?
No…and you'd be a filthy rich twat who undoubtedly would not give a shit what a plebe thinks about your tennis practices. I've been playing tennis my entire life and have played on grass courts exactly twice.
Haha, this is me today as well… but I did about 4 miles yesterday afternoon and it's just been beautiful running weather lately here in LA.
Miller out, Bucks done before season even starts.
Liking these.
wow... looks amazing.
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