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No, no Accordion… sorry just continuing from previous posts. It's the frustration during this election of trying to discuss politics rationally vs. the fervor of rhetoric employed to win an election. That's why I added generally speaking… I meant the general "you" of the bullshit I've heard from some of those I know.I live in LA and grew up in Ohio … that should put a point on it.
All I know is that being an attorney is both a blessing and a curse … because ultimately I don't care what your answer is, I want to know how you got there. And your logic is fuck all bullshit so God help me from punching you in the face. (generally speaking of course)
@MickeyPunch Oh shit look at me … I thought it was nice anyway and you said you got a good deal … I didn't realize it was Margiela. It must be very nice. Fukn hell you should be stoked!
A couple pix would help, but from what I know you could have done worse. What are you concerned about specifically? (If jcp = JC Penny it's definitely not that.)btw, Berluti is made in France.
Description sounds whack, but it looks cool … so it's shearling lined? For those who want a stylish leather with some warmth it looks legit (I take it that's not your pic tho) btw… by who?Love the details and the vintage gear; solid AF leather … can't make up my mind about the variegated zipper however.
New deck skate fit on the way to the park …. CK Enjoi Vans Blind
^ but he seems cool AF tho. "I was just goin to the shops or sumpfin." "Well…. You're probably not gonna win an Emmy but you'll win a SAG award!" lol He comes off as totally cool with making fun of himself … not a universal trait in Hollyweird.
I think it's more than half actually … but whatever the number, there is a reason the daily newspaper is written at about an 8th grade reading level … grab an issue of The Economist for comparison. You don't win an election by subtly sussing out issue, law and policy to the 20%-ish who can actually understand and debate cogent points … you win it by getting people to froth at the mouth yelling either "Lock Her Up" or "Fuck Donald Trump".What is the quote about democracy?...
The Book of Five Rings Miyamoto Musashi
^ not sure what that "retort" is supposed to mean as I'm not the idiot who said this…..With or without the word "defective" you've in essence described the Presidency in general for what it already is anyway … what's there to discuss really?
New Posts  All Forums: