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Wow… idk that. Now kief sprinkles on chili is something that definitely could work.Where is this free burrito you speak of? They didn't send me one.
I mean yeah … I get that. I'm just kinda surprised that I saw something from Coach and the word "cool" was close by in my mind. That usually doesn't happen.
He thinks he's cool too, as long as he's winning. And no I don't hate the guy… I hate that "as long as I'm winning" type of guy. That could be Newton, LeBron, A-Rod, Djokovic, etc. etc. too many of these assholes to list.It wasn't exactly the same… but, similarly selfish, immature and unfortunately… typical.
^ Agreed … good stuff!
lolwut? You got this at Coach? Hmmm… looks pretty legit. You mind me asking how much?
K I'm just gonna DIY myself some Vans with Lucky Charms marshmallows all the fuck over them … or maybe Thin Mints.
Yeah somebody didn't get to do his sniff my elbow idiot dance and apparently is a little cranky. Must be past his bedtime in NC.
Yes. That Zara thing looks like shit… and as you've mentioned the quality sucks.
Um no I didn't go into a fugue state of anger… I went into a state of "calling total bullshit on your inane story full of complete bullshit" which is pretty much the same as most of your stories. Just post anything … anything at all that lends even the slightest credibility to your assertion that people (even one!) sprinkle chocolate on their chili in Cincinnati. I won't be holding my breath as it will not happen.
lol'd I kinda got lost after "wool 5-zip" … I did not know that.
New Posts  All Forums: