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Yeah I finally figured that out…. aren't they cute. And I thought it was impossible to dislike soccer players more than I already do (generally speaking). I've seen terrible Eastern European boy bands with better fashion sense.Cue my Johnny Mac quote… "You cannot be serious". Srsly. Gold and silver, faux tux coat or whatever-the-fuck that is, pegged pants, sweater, etc.?? They all look like shit in varying degrees and that guy is definitely in the running for worst.
^ Which of these things is not like the other? LOL. Who the fuck are these assklowns?
I thought you were kidding… wtf is this shit?
I'm sorry for this inconvenience and disappointment, but the result of the story is pretty goddamn funny. I can just imagine if I had ordered that, taken it out of the box and been like "wtf is this? a jumpsuit?!?" You should post a fit with it before you send it back though!
+1@Superfluous interesting aesthetics, but it just looks clunky… the lugs, the crown… the bezel on the SS model (same? but looks different?) is just atrocious to my eye. Not feeling this one.
Not extraordinary, but an interesting study of Hardy's main character. on the phone… his mistress about to give birth to his love child... Woman: Do you love me? Locke: (sigh, grunt) Uhhhh…. That's a question you're asking probably because of the pain or something. How could I love you? click I'm sure there's something wrong with the fact I find that line so amusing.
^ Ah yes.. the good ol' four pointer. You don't see that much these days… kids. This Grantland mini-feature on Serge Ibaka is really worth a watch. http://grantland.com/son-of-the-congo/ It's an extremely sobering perspective on just how far from his beginnings he has journeyed and how he continues to help hundreds if not thousands of Congolese. What I really wonder is how many young, American players have seen this. There are plenty of guys who've had rough and...
As if this weren't obvious, your first mistake was going to Starbucks. Why on earth would you spend money on such a shitty product?
I usually prefer my goat head with mayo and Sriracha.
Yeah I really want your sofa, but man I gotta move this other sofa to free up some investment capital. Dude's obviously got more problems than buying a goddamn sofa.
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