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That's what you get for eating their shitty yogurt. Srsly who eats that? If you actually like Greek yogurt you would not eat that… it sucks.
Good ol' VB mate?! Damn that brings back memories of my junior year abroad… VB and XXXX (Four "X") fights!Saw the eggnog out last week already! I'm going to try to limit my consumption to 2 weeks this year. That ought to keep me under the 10 gallon nog/2 gallon booze/10 bazillion calories threshold. LOL Damn I loooove egg nog!
People who go to sushi/Japanese/"Asian" restaurants who hold their chopsticks like they're holding a goddamn pencil.Are you srsly incompetent? Have you no idea of the concept of a fulcrum? Isn't the fact that you keep dropping your food while attempting to put it in your mouth indicating to you a serious lack of efficiency and skill in this area? How do you not realize you look like a complete fucking moron with your pencil-hold chopsticks, sticking your face over your...
I just got a vest to go under jackets/blazers/whatever this winter. It does a good job at keeping the core insulated and is slim enough to fit under other outwear as I mentioned. I live in LA so it's perfect… if you're in Minnesota or somewhere cold, I would think not.Don't ask me man. They have become a virtual shitshow at everything lately.I did… twice. 1st order just fuckin disappeared out of my cart and I got screwed missing most of my good deals. Re-ordered what I...
As some well-deserved escapism, I enjoyed Man From U.N.C.L.E. Yeah Cavil is a real looker. I liked Ant Man along the same lines… just a fun diversion.
Ukulele prodigy Jake Shimabukuro
Even if I were a Giants fan I would not wear that. Eli makes Andy Dalton look cool (and yes I'm a life-long Bengals fan).
This part of the fit I'm just not down with! LOLI hope you told them you name was "Mary Christmas" so they had to say it when your coffee was ready.
Was just kidding of course! And MoK is certainly not fat, and infinitely more stylish than most anyone at the mall. Wondering what's the pattern on the shirt? Looks nice. I used to really dislike the shirt peeking out in front of the sweater when this was "a thing" a while back… but mostly because there was too much shirt hanging out and it just looked contrived. You've got just enough to break up the color block between you top and bottom halves, so good deal. How you...
New Posts  All Forums: