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There's a goddamn MMM literally down the street from me and I've never been there. How fucked up is that?
Brad blazes?!?
This applies to about 90% of all films I've ever seen! lol
I like how you included an amount of time. It's the kind of thing you'd expect a 5-10 minute serving would give you the idea and then some guy coughs and says "ok, ok we've seen enough". But hey a whole hour, I guess they got their money's worth.
He probably also swears by wearing a fanny pack to amusement parks in the summer and insists on checking all the weekly grocery circulars for the best price on bananas. It's practical, predictable and it works man… never fuck with functionality.For the record I completely agree with you.
^ no way that will be even remotely watchable… unless, of course, Sasha Grey returns.
^ nice sardines! @mgm9128 what did you do with the cherimoya… just eat? Those things are tasty, but obviously I don't see them around very often. I've only eaten them fresh, but never in any kind of dish/preparation.
I'm not well versed on the Miran history, although I remember that Isachenko prick. Moo I thought you actually welcomed DP92 back… srsly?
True… but after checking the website it just made me think how many people I could prank myself with $10 worth of glitter. I think it's a lot.
"What are you doing you fucking prick?!?" That's some road rage gone bad…. waaaaaaaaaayyyyy bad.
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