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So far, so good.
It's a regular sweater and it fits. Looks fine.. what else is there?
Moules frites.
Kwak, Corsendonk Christmas and Framboise lambic.
Had Corsendonk Christmas Ale draught last night at this Belgian place… good stuff.
If you're using the traps that have the lever plate that looks like a fake little slice of cheese this is what you do… take a small piece of bacon or ham and wire it through the holes of the lever plate so it's firmly attached, then put a bit of peanut butter (not too much just enough to get them really hungry and interested) on the meat. The PB will attract them, but once they discover the meat they will go after it trying to remove it from the trap and then… BLAMMO....
Nice man!
and no one to commiserate with Unbelievable the Lakers won. I didn't see the game so perhaps it was more like the Dubs losing, but a "W" without Kobe is hilarious.
Who Dey. Wow that was unexpected.
Fuck all that vegan shit... it's not even food. Give me some beef short ribs, raw oysters, foie gras, blood sausage… whatever.
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