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Whoever this dude is he's completely fool of shit.
^ yeah yuppie … or massive douche perhaps.
My absolute first thought upon seeing that graphic (and before seeing this) was … "how on earth is KY not included?!"
+1 … gotta agree the Carson guys really are legit. I previously had a substantial order that got fubar'd (because of FedEx mostly… details aren't relevant), the point is they went out of their way to help me on another order to try to make up for the shitty FedEx debacle and they were more than successful. Big thanks to Matt and John both.
Happy Thanksgiving all you turkeys!!
^ In other news… water is wet.
Could use a clearer, more straight-on pic, but from that image nothing jumps out like "why are you wearing those?!?"I will say, however, that my initial feeling is the 714 is not the ideal shape for your face… but not entirely incompatible either.I have some Loree Rodkin Samas and yeah they retail in the $600-$700 range I believe… definitely very nice though.
I can't say scientifically, but because I also practice martial arts I need to maintain high flexibility, especially in the legs, while still building strength and speed… so I find they really help. I stretch daily, use the rollers to relieve knots and static Qi and generally use them to warm up and down.
That sounds cool … may just fire that up tonight!
I'm gonna say no.. like BIG no. The only thing I kinda like is the SC… everything else should be burned.
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