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I'm assuming the majority of those who have orders pending are in the US... correct? Adding to the PayPal list could be helpful in the long run as most of these orders construe implied-in-fact contracts based on the respective records and communications of the parties. TOJ as a result is already in breach of these contracts and collectively the damages are quite large. Am I seriously the only attorney in this thread? There must be someone more versed in civil suits and...
IThis would seem almost certain. There are obviously jackets that have been finished… he's not going to relinquish that profit and be stuck with jackets he cannot sell. And it would seem reasonable to believe he also has the money, but will not spend anything more than necessary as a result of the aforementioned profit.
Without legal action there will be no refunds. You will either get a jacket super late or nothing.
I have also mentioned a couple options in this department and was either ignored or subtly dismissed. At this point I don't understand how anyone believes any significant resolution will be achieved without some kind of legal action. Yes, collectively it is a lot of jackets and a lot of money… I've mentioned that as well.Yes, although civil litigation is not my bag, it's not that difficult when you have access to legal research networks.
maybe you should ask Drew…
Since you've mentioned it this is my opportunity to ask, because I've certainly wondered. WTF is with your avatar? It's pretty unpleasant to look at ya know?
Dude you high?!? I loathe Serena… she's the worst.
"Pay attention" is not what I'd call it. But yeah, I couldn't help checking the article because of the title implying the Dubs had little chance. For the record it was late and I was checking French Open scores because watching tennis on the West coast is impossible.@Neo_Version 7 "Cavs are gonna sweep." lol. Well it is Cleveland in May. It's the first time they've seen the sun in 6 months so maybe their brains are still defrosting.
It's funny you mention that. Against my better judgement, I actually attempted to watch it about a week ago. Turned it off after 35-40 minutes. Nope.Never seen freaking Goonies?!? What's wrong with this kid? Haha. Random story… Chunk (Jeff Cohen) is an entertainment lawyer and I met him recently at an event… he's not at all chunky anymore.
I do this pretty consistently now as I rarely notice the other person actually paying attention to where he is going… usually looking at the phone. It's amazing that people are surprised they run into things when not looking where they are walking. Really?
New Posts  All Forums: