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In LA as well ... and most of it is not on sale online. 50% on up to some big discounts on certain items. I picked up a suit last week for about 80-85% off.
No one ever said they were out. Good point and agreed.
Does that Panda joint or that other shitty "Chinese" place mid-Western yokels rave about serve crap like that as well? Never been to either ... can't even remember the name of the other one... I know it must suck however.
haha yes.This though... you cannot be serious.
Haven't been to Laurel for precisely the reasons you and LD pointed out. SK donuts however, are, agreed.... amazing!
first part... looks good! second part ...
^ So the cat was super pissed off I take it.
Guisados tacos? I haven't been there but have heard good things and have been wanting to try it myself.
Me too... just picked one up last week. Have to post once I get it back.
Yes... like while crossing a busy street. Idiots.
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