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Hey I'm heavy into the biz man… that's what we're doing in LA. Larry David was also wearing them and waiting for him in the car.
I ran into Jeff Garlin about 10 minutes ago. We were both shopping for tennis rackets while wearing checkerboard Vans slip ons. Naturally he said hi realizing I'm not just cool, but funny.
^ yeah cool, but only if you rock them with some Puma Speed Cats. @Hiamosey Thanks!
He's not a villain… he's just a lucky dumbass surrounded by yes men.
Getting on Facebook was your first mistake.
^ This is the point at which some smartass jumps in and cleverly says… "I see what you did there" right?
Oh you haven't seen anything yet... we're barely getting started!
^ That guy is Nick Wooster but those shades don't look like TF.
This.And also this. What does it mean if you never get sick? I'm afraid to ask if it's connected to low T! Although my super horny sex drive should indicate otherwise.
New Posts  All Forums: