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Thanksgiving tends to highlight those who cannot cook spaghetti much less turkey, pumpkin pie etc.I've been making Thanksgiving dinners better than your grandmother's since I was in college…. and partially as I result, I don't get people who cannot cook. You need to feed yourself and although I guess it's possible, eating out 100% of the time is just not desirable or practical IMO.I don't even want to know why "Real" is capitalized but whatever it is I'm sure there's a...
This is certainly true … and diminishes to the point where it's more profitable to just rip it off and make whatever it is out of the cheapest materials/means possible a'la Forever 21, ABS, etc knockoff artists.
I don't have anything of substance to add, but I do find this discussion of business models and such very interesting. And of course I'm fascinated with anticipation at what fantastic BBQ joint/clothing operation @jet is going to launch.
^ think it looks fine SV. Yes perhaps a blue t would harmonize a monochromatic look, but I personally don't automatically get gym vibes from a grey t-shirt the same way I don't get auto vibes from any number of items people wear in multiple contexts… like sneakers for instance lol. On another note … Oh my goodness is that a polo shirt!?! Oh fuck Regis you're going to rile up the freaks.
Jim … Harbaugh … is that you? Consider a move to Cleveland. You would look great next to LeDoosh while wearing Whine & Gold.Really? You know I'm a Bruin die-hard but let's be honest … the Rose is scenic and historic, but as an actual stadium it kinda sucks.Same with Dodger … both amazing and legendary, but in need of major upgrades and modern improvements. They started that with Dodger … haven't seen shit at Rose except the new VIP lounge or whatever where I will...
Ya … by Melo! Glad we got Russell though.
Some random Chianti … not bad, considering it's a wine I don't usually prefer. Thinking about cracking this Balvenie DoubleWood 12.
Did a little research on this today and it sounds interesting … considering I got 3 bottles for the price of one (about the same price as a bottle of Jack) it couldn't be terrible. btw… Thank you Ralph's booze sales rack! Re the above … my Weller was Old Weller 107 … not sure if that's the same, different, or same same but different.
^ lol I live in LA and still rock all black in the winter … getting to be about that time to break it out.
@MickeyPunch Oh shit look at me … I thought it was nice anyway and you said you got a good deal … I didn't realize it was Margiela. It must be very nice. Fukn hell you should be stoked!
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