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Those f'ng mofos! I will bring my axe and play whatever suits the occasion.. either escape or arrest music… how's that?
Thanks UN84!
Wonder when it's going online? It's midnight EST now and I don't see anything.
Was thinking the same thing. Does anyone know about the sizing (Plokhov and J+) as compared to Uniqlo's regular stuff?
Winston thinking?!? Hilarious.
I've never heard of anyone defending the viola who isn't himself a violist. I would know because I've played since grade school. And I mean actually played… through college, in conservatory, sat in with professional orchestras etc. I'm not even in the same universe as Sirota.. or even John Cage for that matter, but still kind of made me laugh. All orchestra jokes are basically about the violas sucking it somehow. You never cease to surprise me L'Inc.
Without a doubt they choked on a bag of dicks… but they reviewed the play to make sure Clemson didn't get in on the touchdown pass, but didn't review it on the next rushing play to see if he did? riiiight.If anything this win only reinforces in the pea-brained Winston that there are no consequences for his actions.
You should. I haven't seen it in years, but I remember liking it.
I'm sure when it comes time there will be some weird English sports book over/under on it. Oh he gonna be gooooooood.
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