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Rick Owens Likes His Runway Shows ‘Big and Dumb’ http://nymag.com/thecut/2014/10/rick-owens-likes-his-runway-shows-big-and-dumb.html quick thought piece… lol
wow… just f'g wow.
Just make sure you show them your tits and everything will be fine… it's Nawlins.
^ Thanks for the pic!
My shopping would be insane if I could read Japanese.
Did you go? I haven't been in a while and you got me thinking I should treat myself to that crazy bear claw soon!
Hmmmm… yeah no shit I hadn't thought of that! What kind of soles could you replace them with… regular rubber? crepe?
Thank you… but been some great photos on here lately! Not my pic but…I should take one for TWAT. Meant to say I really like those.
With the ripple sole? They look really nice but I'm just not sure about the wedge-y-ness of the heel. How do they wear? I would assume they're super comfy.These?
I kinda wanted the blue ones!
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