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Can't remember who it was the other day, but someone noticed the price difference on an RO leather that was close to, or a bit over $1K USD, was only about $470 USD in the Russian ruble equivalent.
I was experiencing and error message to the whole site and could not reach the feedback page to report just five minutes ago.
Well the bitch is blonde then!
^ Well I'm not SO oblivious that I didn't know the last part!
Wait what happened with Hirsh? I'm almost afraid to ask or be sorry that I did.
^ oh plenty of people worry about THAT in LA lol! @arnathor Ice Cube I'm in LA so we don't worry about that here. Just noticed this post was my # 6,420.
F U Booth… my Guild Starfire is all natural.
The slammer? You live in Saudi Arabia or North Korea or something?
I didn't know Brad was in Montreal. I'd love to visit Montreal in the winter... eat some amazing food, do some skiing and Quebecois girls.
I saw some of those but they also specifically listed it came with COA and/or provenance. He's a kind of wack extension of the Dali/Magritte hyper-realist/surrealist mode. The mat looks great and the signature is clear and clean so maybe not $700, but for someone who is a fan of his work you can definitely get a few bills for it.
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