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I understand that and agree. It's just a sad state of affairs that these people exist like this… with all the money in the world and barely half a brain between them.
Any info on the Union sample sale in LA tomorrow? I went to check the website just to get an idea of what may be floating around over there, but it's down in protest of police brutality. Ok then.
Well that's good to know… do not shit pants.. got it.
Yeah let's see which of these pieces of shit stinks more… lol. Underage drinking (lmao) v. Theft, violating NCAA rules v. being accused of rape… I can see what you mean, it is difficult to decide which side of these pairs I'd prefer to be on.
Ray Rice reinstated and Janay Rice… what an idiot this chick is: "never in my life have I seen abuse, nor have I seen any woman in my family physically abused." Ummm… right, because you had your eyes closed in the elevator? Fuck these people.
Not sure if this account protected, but give it a shot. Most stuff at 50% off http://private.gucci.com/us/category/m/sale
Haha.. and all this time I thought you were Danish!
^ LW looks like something a bohemian Klingon would wear.
I'll admit I'm usually not a fan, but I like this one with the orange tie, shirt and jacket combo. Who makes the tie btw?
^ too bad website is slooooooooow as hell as I really would like a deal on some Docs… all I'm seeing though is about 20% off (that is unless you want polka dotted, plaid something or others with f'g spikes coming out of them).
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