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Went to Nobu Malibu last night for drinks and sushi. Tonight I grilled some broccoli, Sockeye salmon filet and made some cous cous with green pepper, cilantro, olives and garlic. Nothing special about the plating, but flavor was delicious. @mgm9128 that salad looks lovely.
mofos gotta mention anything they can … damn. Wax your eyebrows and get a facial while you're at it.
Need to update my last two weeks of grazing the city… good news for most spots: Bestia, Hinoki, etc. Went to Nobu in Malibu last night for the hell of it. I know the food will never be as good as the prices they charge, but I like chilling there for some reason. Fucking delicious Santa Barbara uni though!
There a lot of good tea time places on Zhonhshan … I miss my local fry bucket place dearly!
btw ESPN… yes please continue to ask LeBron what he thinks about the Brelo verdict in Cleveland. Nothing could be more newsworthy than the thoughts and opinions of a functional illiterate expounding upon social issues and legal doctrines about which he has no clue.
Nope … Rockets going down like a joke.
made me for some reason…. sounds like "No soup for you!"
It wouldn't be the first time a simple question asked turned into a fucking shit show.
Went to the Pingtung Tea House here in LA yesterday. Used one of these cool little tea pots http://www.amazon.com/High-Grade-Teapot-Tea-1000ml/dp/B00IQH1IX2/ref=sr_1_1?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1432071728&sr=1-1
So many good options! You looking for street food in Taipei or restaurant recs in general?I believe you mean macarons, and my goodness one does not go to Taiwan to eat them.
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