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^ +1 I never understood why people acted like that was such a great movie… "omg you have to see it!"
hmmm… I didn't realize that was the "anything in a post with the ; ) icon is homo-erotic" icon.
missed? Lakers want to keep him and probably will.
Um… no. Not even close. But it certainly must mean something that you thought of that.
this srsly made me laugh! now if the guy you always see using the machine wasting time saw you one day putting your dick in there it may cut down on his use…. then again he might use it more precisely for that reason.
I would prefer skiing to a party almost any day… though sometimes the parties I've been to involve skiing.
If everyone is high and boring you're doing the wrong drugs.
how do you start law school in May?
ZVex… I love his shit.
Peter Lehmann Clancy's 2009 Cabernet/Shiraz/Merlot blend. Very plummy but nice.
New Posts  All Forums: