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What about cotton/linen shorts? I have this pair from Henry Cottons I got at Bloomingdale's ages ago and have yet to find something as comfy and versatile.
You must not know many Azn girls. I know plenty that couldn't even make instant noodles much less converse intelligently about food/cuisine/gastronomy, whatever-the-fuck you want to call it.btw… ftfy. haha
That's not it. I can't find it either.
Especially if you got that much of a deal on it, I'd agree looks pretty cool.
I'm just amazed this is actually being discussed.
^ Grant Green Somebody drop some DMT in yer coffee?
Agreed… so I'm not crazy. Seems they could have made MUCH better Bond movies with Daniel Craig for sure. Hairdresser comment is hilarious. Thank you. Sometimes I miss the most obvious shit… it's pretty silly. Like in Oldboy I didn't realize…. haha that's another story.I guess there was a reason this was one of the only Hitchcock films I hadn't yet seen… meh.This opening credit however, was interesting.Fargo is definitely fantastic… love that flick!I am considering The...
I don't see why these wouldn't work with chinos and/or jeans… I'm not fond of that particular style however. Just me… ymmv.
Nope! Spring here today and it's been freaking beautiful. Tennis on Thursday, out by the pool today. Fuck that East Coast, northern winter bullshit.
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