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^ Well... nuclear radiation basically explains everything!
^ Kenzo was a good guess. I'm surprised it's Brioni… funky jacket.
It's kind of goofy. Wonder if you can order without logo?
Cheers, thank you. He's not super stocky but his calves are ridiculous so yeah he need a straight cut… and price is not prohibitive, but he's kinda in the shallow end of the pool at this point and is looking to keep it around $150 before he starts getting crazy. I was thinking also maybe (as another poster helpfully suggested) APC Rescues and they'll probably be on sale below that or even around $100-ish come Thanksgiving or so. Thanks for the suggestions fellas!
Indeed Halloween is nigh.
lol no. If you'll recall my previous post when I ran into Big Donnie at the Bloomie's sales rack he was with a different side piece who was not Stiv but basically looked exactly the same… a bit better in fact.. she was cute.
A couple days ago I saw Ballmer and Sterling having dinner at The Peninsula in Beverly Hills… that must have been an interesting conversation! Lol I wonder who got the check! Harvey Weinstein was there as well. I've met Harvey (*cough cough* uhhh… Mr. Weinstein) once before, but I am sure he has no idea who I am and would have told me to fuck off had I said hello. He's not the most affable fellow in my experience.
I don't laugh at the Sugarfish mention at all. I like SF, but usually go to the one in BH. I was ignoring that choice because I've already set aside a date to go with some friends a couple weeks from now so I was looking for something different, but not wanting to do Sushi Zo or Sasabune omakase at $100-150 per. But has anyone been to Nagao? I've also heard good things about Kiriko on Sawtelle… in fact my Japanese stylist recommended it.
Can't really tell one way or the other bro. Try to take photos with better lighting… not being backlit standing in front of a window will help for starters.
I certainly got mixed up as I thought I had been to a Hama down in Laguna or OC or somewhere and thought they were the same… they clearly are not the same. Hama DTLA is the place to go.Are there any decently recommended places in Santa Monica/Brentwood that aren't crazy expensive? I've heard about Nagao on San Vicente… any good?Btw… went to Lock & Key last night in K-Town. Good drinks, pretty chill joint.
New Posts  All Forums: