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Why would you make a michelada with Budweiser?! I almost always have one at Dodgers' day games… maybe tomorrow!
+ a billion… I could not agree with you more. I lived there for 3 years. If China takes over Taiwan will cease to exist.
Caustic… ever been to Heirloom in Midway? Pretty neat little town, good restaurant and a nifty tailor at the end of the block called Crittenden. I suppose it's closer to Lexington than Louisville, but worth a day trip.
Since it's been brought up I'm heading to NOLA for the first time in a couple weeks. Any food recs?
Well I must admit though, it's better than Boozer's spray paint job.
OK so at the risk of sounding like an uninformed rube… does it work? Have you guys been using it? What is that Brain Octane shit though. That sounds a little gimmicky.
And "the Greatest Of All Time" ….. oh, wait a minute.
Is this really a thing or you just fucking with us?
Once in a while?! Jeezus how often to smell this guy's shit while you're at work? That would happen to me all of once.
lol… yeah. This time he said "it was the right thing to do".Sorry, you a Sentra aficionado … Renault Alliance? Um, srsly though. Why keep a less fuel-efficient, much less safe vehicle on the road when upgrading would be a complete non-factor?
New Posts  All Forums: