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Sorry man… that's lame. I guess it depends on the customer service person. I didn't have the original email or anything and just spoke to Maya and there was no problem except that it took about 10 minutes. Apologies to anyone if I got you jazzed and it didn't work!
So we're close! Haha… my first score was 760, but expired so because I thought I might do an JD/MBA I took it again and got 740 on about a week of study. So it's good you know those techniques… I would also recommend to Booth a few things to memorize: 1) prime numbers up to 100, 2) perfect squares up to 25, 3) perfect cubes up to 6 or 7, 4) fractions/percentages from 1/2 > 1/12.Many of the pattern or sequence questions deal with prime numbers and squares/roots and they...
Marc Ribot & Los Cubanos Postizos at UCLA's Royce Hall last night!
Kobe launching 36 foot jumpers. What a ridiculous shot.
Did you use AD/BCE process of elimination on Data Sufficiency? If not, then it was 3x harder than it needed to be. Most good test takers would notice the connection of the answer choices (A & D pertaining to Statement #1, B & C to Statement #2, etc.) and would do this anyway. But for those who didn't know this and then started using this simple technique it blew their f'ing minds! "Wow, it's not as hard as I thought!" Duh… that's what I've been trying to tell you. The new...
To clarify the Karma Loop code IS stackable… it is supposed to work by itself online, but customer service said that if there were any problems to call and they would do it over the phone. I just called the local Boston number from the website and they hooked it up.
I've been wanting a pair of Birky mules for a little while now…. not sure why.
There are tons of techniques from plugging in numbers for variables (if the answers are in algebraic form) to simply using the actual answer choices if they are finite quantities. For instance that geometry question was almost certainly one of these two… either overly complicated because of algebra (in which case you can just make up numbers) or just complicated on purpose in which case you can start with C (as the answers are always ascending or descending), see if it...
Nice super-rapey-into-the-stacks look.
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