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The other night, very, very late, and me in a certain state of mind, this was the absolutely perfect song. Can't say I'm too familiar with it however. Any VU experts care to fill me in?
Anden and Crat looking great!
^ wtf is going on in here?ya fuck them jeans and boots… who does he think he is?
Nice. I actually hadn't recognized your avatar name. sweet
Making me thirsty.
^ I'm by no means a fan of Notre Dame.
Nah man you're missing the point. It's McConaughy and he's so folksy and genuine. I mean JFC he was driving a Lincoln before someone paid him to drive a Lincoln. Now that's integrity.
Just a beautiful afternoon in LA today. Trying out a couple new pairs of shoes… one Asics and one Adidas (not at the same time obviously!). Did about 4 miles strong feeling great the whole way.
Kinda random but I think I have an extra pair of PS in 28… PM me if interested.
Agreed. I passed on all the +J stuff... just doesn't seem worth it.
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