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Pineda… caught… again.
^ crazy. HOU is down 0-2.
Every time I'm down in Santa Monica I want to get on my board. They have a sweet little public park there with bowls and terrain etc. One of these days I'm gonna get down there at 6am just to try it out… and not embarrass myself in front of the little shredders!
wow… good game
ya this is super convenient if you set it up on your computer.
The vast majority of people cannot even identify the 50 States. God forbid you ask them about a foreign country.
not the Joker, son? or not the Joker's son?
last page is full of great fits fellas!
^ +1 I never understood why people acted like that was such a great movie… "omg you have to see it!"
hmmm… I didn't realize that was the "anything in a post with the ; ) icon is homo-erotic" icon.
New Posts  All Forums: