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Love the cape Spoo, great find!
Thank you all, I have noted that I "think" it is camel hair but not certain without label
It is a 36R - 38R depending on preferred fit. It is live on the website now
Thank you, I had thought it was camel hair but I also thought camel hair was less course to touch and this is soft but quite course? Yes I am the vendor as I said, I am also a she not a he
It is an item I am adding for sale on my website so just wanted to be sure of fabric
Im unsure what fabric this is as there are no labels, any ideas? It is quite a course hair like fabric, sorry close up image isn't great. Thanks
Just a few of the Harris Tweed jackets I have just added to my online shop .. I particularly like the first one
Just added many more overcoats & topcoats for sale, more to be added...some real gems!
I wouldn't mind one of those chairs
Wow .. I have a couple of very similar coats..maybe I should contact the auction house and ask for the losers contact details ; )
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